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Subjective perception of life quality in Písek's retirement community
The topic of this bachelor thesis is a subjective perception of life quality of senior citizens in Písek's retirement community. When the age is higher, a quality life has its importance. In most of the time, the quality of life has a link with preparedness for aging. An important factor is a level of an autonomy and vastness of changes, which connect with the aging. Health condition is also important, because it plays major role in limiting the senior citizens. Theoretical part is focused on factors, which have impact on life quality. This thesis mention terms like age, aging, types of age and changes happening during aging. The changes can have physical, mental or social background. The aim of the practical part of this thesis is to find out how the senior citizens in Písek's retirement community perceive a quality of life. The research was made via SEIQoL method. Complementary method is represented by semi-structured interview. Three men and five women, all of them in different age and living in Písek's retirement community, were chosen for the interview. Each of the respondents live in Písek's retirement community for a different period of time. The research reveals a fact, that most of the senior citizens have same or similar life goals. They are satisfied with the goals. The quality of life index was in six cases higher than 70 %. Partial aim of the thesis was to find out reasons why and in which cases the senior citizens do not meet high quality life. Eventually I found out, that the reasons for not fulfilling the life goals of senior citizens are different in each case so the question cannot be conclusively answered.
Regulation and Disorders of Mammalian Cytochrome c Oxidase
Kovářová, Nikola ; Houštěk, Josef (advisor) ; Stibůrek, Lukáš (referee) ; Kalous, Martin (referee)
Cytochrome c oxidase (COX) represents the terminal enzyme complex of respiratory chain metabolic pathway and it occurs as monomer, dimer or as a part of respiratory supercomplexes in the inner mitochondrial membrane. COX assembly process is complicated, highly regulated and depends on many ancillary proteins. Mutations in COX subunits, which are encoded by mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, or in genes encoding its assembly proteins are frequent cause of very severe mitochondrial disorders. SURF1 assembly protein participates in the first steps of COX assembly, but its exact function is not yet clarified. In humans, mutations of SURF1 gene lead to severe COX defect and fatal neurodegenerative disorder, Leigh syndrome. Knockout of SURF1 gene in mouse causes isolated COX defect as well, but less pronounced and without involvement of CNS. The aim of the thesis was detailed analysis of disturbed COX biogenesis in a condition of SURF1 gene mutations or SURF1 gene knockout, from assembly of COX monomer to interaction of COX into supercomplexes, and to the impact of isolated COX defect on other OXPHOS complexes. Mutations of SURF1 gene in patient's fibroblasts led to marked accumulation of COX assembly intermediates and to a defect in formation of functional COX monomer, which was preferentially built into an...

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