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Analysis of technique and efficiency of running using Nike Air Zoom Alphafly shoes
Veselý, Vít ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Červinka, Pavel (referee)
Title: Analysis of running technique and efficiency when using Nike Air Zoom Alphafly shoes. Objectives: The main goal is to identify possible changes in selected physiological parameters and biomechanics of running when using Nike Air Zoom Alphafly shoes compared to standard running shoes. Methods: A 3D treadmill (H/P Cosmos Gaitway II S, Germany) was used in the analysis of running biomechanics. For the analysis of physiological parameters, the Metalyzer device was used within the spiroergometric examination of the run. The Borg scale was used to analyze the subjective assessment of the load. A paired T-test of Excel software was used to process the results. Results: The results of the work partially show a change in the biomechanics of running. A statistically significant difference was recorded at all speeds (15 km/h, 18 km/h, 21 km/h) in loading rate (p15 = 0,003; p18 = 0,000; p21 = 0,001) and time to impact peak (p15 = 0,017; p18 = 0,022; p21 = 0,003). At a speed of 15 km/h, an additional difference in running cadence (p = 0,044) was noted. The results show a statistically significant change in the economics of running all measured parameters, in oxygen intake converted to kilograms of weight (p = 0,003), minute ventilation (p = 0,000), respiratory rate (p = 0,000), respiratory coefficient (p...
The influence of the current trends on the determinants of sports performance in triathlon
Červenka, Lukáš ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Červinka, Pavel (referee)
Name: The influence of the current trends on the determinants of sports performance in triathlon. Aim: Main aim of the diploma thesis was to find out the influences of current trends in triathlon and how they can influence the determinants of a sports performance and predict in which direction the triathlon will go in the future. Methods: According the historical method by Hroch it was used to determine the historical context. The results were properly interpreted in the context of a problem definition, data collection and analysis based on inductive- deductive reasoning. The research deals with the search, processing, and analysis of data for various types of triathlons within the International Triathlon Union (ITU). The results from several selected triathlon races of the world championship are also analyzed, from the shortest format (super sprint) to the longest, which is a long triathlon (Ironman). The research also included an interview with an employee of the Commission of the International Triathlon Union (triathlon development committee) Outcome: According to the analysis of historical development, triathlon competitions are shortening, and the share of triathlons is rising at the expense of Olympic triathlons. There is no fundamental difference in BMI values between the best super sprint...
About identification of motor predispositions in triathlon
Kovářová, Lenka ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Čepička, Ladislav (referee) ; Zháněl, Jiří (referee)
Title: About identification of motor predispositions in triathlon Aims: The aim of our study was to find and verify appropriate indicators predicting the on-coming performance in a short triathlon and determine their level for the junior category. Methods: In our study, we combined quantitative and qualitative approaches with a predominance of quantitative methods. In the first phase of the research, we used quantitative methods, confirmatory factor analysis for verification of models of predispositions and elaboration of performance standards for individual tests by means of T-points. In the second part of the research, we used the qualitative method (casuistic studies) to validate the test battery and its application in practice. Results: We have compiled a structural model of motor predispositions for short triathlon, which explained 91% of all cross-correlations of seventeen used indicators. Predispositions for triathlon were categorized into five separate groups; for swimming, cycling and running (i.e. according to individual disciplines), and functional and psychological predispositions. Finding a lower limit boundary of performance in the completed tests is considered to be the most important issue for the assessment of future performance in triathlon. As a lower limit we have set the zone...
Nutrition habits analysis in triathlon in elite youth categories
Follprecht, Daniel ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Malá, Lucia (referee)
TITLE OF THESIS: Nutrition habits analysis in triathlon in elite youth categories. OBJECTIVES OF THESIS: The aim of this diploma thesis is to create a seven-day model nutrition plan for elite triathletes aged 15 - 18 based on an analysis of their current eating habits and anthropometric indicators together with verification of the effectiveness of nutritional recomendations after six months of compliance. METHODS USED: In our thesis we used qualitative and quantitative methods. Microsoft Excel was used for the graphical representation of anthropometric indicators and for the analysis of the current diet. Furthermore, the Sportvital-Nutrition program helped us in our work, especially in the analysis of meal plans of the monitored group. RESULTS: We found that the percentage of nutrients ingested by the monitored triathletes is on average 49 : 32 : 19 % (carbohydrates : fats : proteins), which does not correspond to the recomendations in the field of nutrition in endurance sports for youth categories. They do not even meet the correct ratio of fatty acids ingested fats according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Only three triathletes met the recommendations od PUFA intake, five triathletes met the recommendations for MUFA intake and no triathlete met the lower limit for SFA...
Comparison of somatotypes in long and short triathlon
Jordán, Daniel ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Kinkorová, Ivana (referee)
Title: Somatotype Comparison in Short Distance and Long Distance Triathlon Objectives: The goal is to determine the somatotype of triathletes competing in half ironman distance triathlons with triathletes competing in short distance triathlons. Methods: The Heath and Carter method was used for measuring the anthropometric parameters. The gained data were used in specific equations to calculate each of the three somatotype compoments. The anthropometric measurements involved participants of the Czechman Tour races. Results: By gaining appropriate anthropometric data, the average somatotype of triathletes competing in half distance events (2,1 - 4,4 - 2,9) falls into the category of ectomorphic mesomorph, whereas the somatotype of competitors in short distance events (2,1 - 4,4 - 2,9) falls into the category of mesomorphic ectomorphs. Keywords: somatotype, triathlon, body type, the Heath and Carter method
Analysis of postural functions and posture in triathletes aged 10-15 years
Plintová, Ester ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Daďová, Klára (referee)
TITLE OF THESIS: Analysis of postural functions and posture in triathletes aged 10-15 years. OBJECTIVES OF THESIS: The aim of this work is to analyze the condition of the musculoskeletal system and posture in triathletes aged 10-15 years and based on that to create a health compensation program and then verify and be able to objectify the main musculoskeletal problems, recommend and provide remedies. METHODS USED: In my diploma thesis I used in testing the level of motor skills tests tested by CTA for the age group of triathletes 8-15 years and then I compared them according to the table determining the level of assumptions using T-points. I used a ray graph to summarize the average results of the group. I tested the analysis of postural functions and posture using physiotherapeutic tests according to the authors Jaroš and Lomíček, and I used Matthias' test as a supplement. During testing according to Jaroš and Lomíček, I used a plumb line, protractor and grid to make the evaluation as accurate as possible. During the physiotherapy measurements, I took photos and videos, thanks to which I was able to better identify postural defects, however they could not be presented in the diploma thesis. I recorded the individual results in tables. RESULTS: My research showed that regular application of a...
Possibilities and restrictions of the VWI method in the process of technological and information overload monitoring
Kovářová, Lenka ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to assess the capabilities and limitations of the so-called "Virtual Index scales" (Virtual Weight Index, hereinafter referred to as VWI). VWI D. Sieberg defines VWI as an indicator expressing the layout of the user's time between the online space and the real world. From the perspective of information science then you can represent one of the helper methods, setting out the degree of technological information flooding the individual. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the interpretation of the basic concepts and integrated into the broader contextual framework. In the practical part of the work, a qualitative research will be carried out, the basic part of which will represent the test method, supplemented by the "VWI diary". The group of the respondents are eight women aged 30-40 years. Measuring VWI run for a period of 48 hours. The result of the work of the evaluation methodology is to set out, evaluate the methodology, strengths and limitations, and the evaluation of research outputs for the target group. Powered by TCPDF (
Analysis of the current state of training records in triathlon
Smažinka, Dalibor ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Bílý, Milan (referee)
Name: Analysis of the current state of training records in triathlon Objectives: Find out the forms of collection, registration and analysis of training data among contemporary triathletes in Czech Republic. Methods: The method of searching domestic and foreign sources was used in the work to create a longitudinal overview of the forms of collection, registration and analysis of training from history to the present. Subsequently, research was conducted in the form of a questionnaire survey on a sample of triathletes in order to determine the actually used functions of these tools (Survio application, CAWI method). 184 respondents completed the survey (return rate 64.8%); 77.2% of men and 22.8% of women aged 37.2 ± 11.97 years. The research group was selected by purposeful selection among hobby and elite triathletes in Czech Republic (72% of hobby and 28% of elite). Results: The rate of using the electronic form of monitoring and recording data from training and competitions is higher for the elite group of triathletes. (elite 93,8%, hobby 81%). At the same time, this group monitors data in their training more often than in the race and uses the training plan more often than hobby triathletes. The advanced features offered by the applications are used almost identically by both groups. The use of...
Development of Material Based on Hyaluronic Acid s Hydrogels for Myocardial Regeneration
Kovářová, Lenka ; Kubala,, Lukáš (referee) ; Prokš,, Vladimír (referee) ; Pekař, Miloslav (advisor)
The thesis is focused on material development based on hyaluronic acid usable in regenerative medicine, especially for heart tissue regeneration after myocardial infarction. The object of the study is the oxidized form of hyaluronic acid (HA-Ox) and hydroxyphenyl derivative of HA (HA-TA). HA-Ox can be crosslinked with a bifunctional alkoxyamine POA and HA-TA undergoes an enzymatic reaction in the presence of hydrogen peroxide catalysed by horseradish peroxidase leading to gel formation. To describe the materials, chemical and physical properties, gelation kinetics and conditions of crosslinking reactions were studied. Hydrogels were characterized by mechanical and viscoelastic properties, degradability or stability in simulated body fluids. These hydrogels serve as scaffolds for the selected cell type. To promote cell adhesion and viability, an RGD sequence has been bonded to the structure of HA-TA. This resulting material is also compatible with selected applicators. Its viscosity and extrusion force are low enough to allow application with a catheter with a very small internal diameter. The applicability of the material through the supply tube to the hydrogel reservoir of the second SPREADS device showed good homogeneity, cell distribution and viability. Finally, the material was applied in vivo using these devices during a preclinical study.
Compared somatotypes junior triathletes between 1998 and 2018
Jordán, Daniel ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Kinkorová, Ivana (referee)
1 Abstract Title: Somatotype comparison of junior triathletes between years 1998 and 2018 Objectives: The goal is to determine the somatotype of junior triathletes in 2018 and to compare the results with junior triathletes from 1998. Methods: For measuring of the anthropometric parameters was used as a method for somatotype determination by Heath and Carter. The gained data were used in specific equations to calculate each compoment. The anthropometric measurements involved five male junior triathletes and six female junior triathletes of Czech selection from the Youth sports centers. Results: By gaining appropriate anthropometric data, the average somatotype of junior male triathletes was set (1,75 - 3,55 - 4,15) and female junior triathletes (2,29 - 2,98 - 3,88). The average of both groups falls to category ectomorphic mesomorph, while the somatotype of the junior triathletes from 1998 (1,96 - 4,35 - 3,14) belongs to category mesomorphic ectomorph. Keywords: somatotype, triathlon, body type, the Heath-Carter method

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