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Možnosti použití vybraných kvasinkových kmenů při výrobě nízkoalkoholického piva
Kovář, Pavel
In my bachelor thesis with the topic 'Possibilities of the use of chosen yeast strains in the production of low-alcoholic beer' I was mainly dealing with genetically modified yeast strains with a limited ability to produce ethanol. Furthermore, I described other methods of the production of low-alcoholic beer. The thesis includes information about the structure of the yeast cell and a description of metabolism, form the perspective of the most significant nutrients, and the production of ethanol. The propagation of yeast cultures and their storage were also mentioned. The ingredients needed for the produc-tion of beer with a focus on the characteristics important in the production of low-alcoholic beers.
Možnosti modifikace receptur pro výrobu nealkoholického piva
Kovář, Pavel
In this work, I focused on linking the benefits of using special yeasts with limited alcohol production and improving the sensory profile using selected malts. Three worts were prepared from different basic malt, Pilsen, Vienna and Munich. The worts were always fermented with two strains of yeast Saccharomycodes ludwigii, DSM 70550 and DSM 70551. Each beer was analyzed on a FermentoFlash instrument, where the alcohol content was determined. Furthermore, the pH of each beer was measured. Subsequently, a real achievable degree of beer fermentation was determined using a conventional bottom-fermenting brewery yeast strain and, at the same time, the alcohol content was determined after the complete fermentation of the beer by a conventional bottom-fermenting brewery yeast strain. All fermented beers of Saccharomycodes ludwigii were also subjected to sensory analysis. Finally, all obtained data were statistically evaluated.
Comparison of selected traits at conspecific plants in disturbed and stressed environments localized within industrial waste deposits and their surroundings in landscape
Glier, Adam ; Kovář, Pavel (advisor) ; Štefánek, Michal (referee)
This study is oriented on the assessment of selected traits at conspecific plant which spontaneously colonize interior space within abandoned industrial area and/or deposits, and those ones occurred in adjacent vicinity. The work continues in previous studies concentrated on abandoned mine tailing containments where some important outputs consist of differences in plant adaptive strategies, growth rate, phenology, body size, ways of dispersal, ecophysiological or genetic parameters (Bryndová et Kovář 2004, Mrázek 2004, Zákravský et al. 2004, Jarolímová 2004, Kovář et al. 2004, Jiráčková et Dostál 2004, Kovář et Herben 2004, Dostál et Kovář 2013, Štefánek 2015, Urbanová et al. 2017). A part of the study includes the significance of small and large genomes at both types of habitats within defined phylogenetic framework. In other words - testing of the hypothesis: There is functional significance of small versus large genomes of plant species by comparing their occurrence in unreclaimed toxic deposits (landscape islands) with their populations from neighbouring habitats (large scale level). Key words unreclaimed industrial deposits in landscape, abandoned mine tailings, genome size, flow cytometry, conspecific taxons, plant traits, colonization, succession, disturbance, stress, restoration ecology,...
Functional parameters of biocorridors built in fragmented cultural landscapes due to facilitation of the organism's mobility
Vaškovský, Adam ; Kovář, Pavel (advisor) ; Vojta, Jaroslav (referee)
Human caused landscape fragmentation, accompanied by loss of habitat connectivity, is currently a significant global threat to biodiversity conservation. One possible way to address this problem is to identify, establish and maintain wildlife corridors that connect isolated habitat patches to allow the movement and spread of organisms through the environment. This study based on literature review addresses the identification of relevant factors supporting functionality of wildlife corridors in various scale levels for different species or groups of organisms. Key words: biocorridor, ecoduct, barrier, landscape fragmentation, connectivity, dispersal of organisms, mobility, corridor functionality, landscape ecology
Is the role of myrmecochory in primary succession on industrial deposits in landscape determined by trophic ant relationships: nectaries/aphids/plant seeds? (a case of legume plants)
Klárová, Magdaléna ; Kovář, Pavel (advisor) ; Štefánek, Michal (referee)
The role of ants in primary vegetation succession is well-known. Ants bring into extreme habitat organic compounds and dispers seeds. However, there is a gap in the knowledge which factors influnce motivation of ants to disperse seeds. One of may hypotheses could be the existence of relationship between myrmecochory and trophic interaction of ants with EFN or aphids. Goal of the bachelor theses is to describe some factors, which could be important for research of relationship between myrmecochory and trophic interaction.
Phytodiversity in old fields of different age and management history on agricultural land adjacent to Czech villages in Romanian Banat area
Veselý, Adam ; Kovář, Pavel (advisor) ; Tichý, Tomáš (referee)
The main aim of this thesis was to identify the main factors influencing development and diversity of vegetation on old fields around village Svatá Helena in Romania. I evaluated the influence of age of an old field, its management (mowing, pasture, burning and fallowing), soil chemical properties, topography and surrounding vegetation. Using phytosociological relevés I collected data about species composition and coverage of species of the old field vegetation. With the assistance of local inhabitants I found out the age of the old fields and the type of applied management. I performed chemical analysis of soil properties, determined amount of available phosphorus, total carbon and nitrogen and pH. I also performed floristic survey of surrounding vegetation. The data showed a unimodal trend in plant diversity during succession. The maximal diversity was recorded on 12 years old old fields. The diversity was also influenced by C/N ratio of soils. Growing C/N ratio had a negative effect on plant diversity. Analysis also showed some interesting connections between soil properties and topographic factors. Organic C and N in soils were rising with age of old field, rate of accumulation is higher on slopes. The results showed that soil chemical properties have the highest influence on species...
Biotopes associated with migration corridor valley of the Tichá Orlice river (Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic)
Rejzek, Tomáš ; Kovář, Pavel (advisor) ; Černý, Tomáš (referee)
Biotopes associated with railway corridor in valley of the river Tichá Orlice (Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic) ABSTRACT Expansion, invasion or decline of plant species caused by environmental changes belong to the most important phenomenons associated with vegetation cover development. In spite of their often initiation by human activities the above mentioned processes continue then spontaneously and uncontrollably. This study is concentrated to the effect of these mechanisms on the biotope structure along the Tichá Orlice River (Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic) - in its lowland landscape segment of the canyon character where the second axis of the valley (river flow is the first one) is created by railway line more than 150 years of local history. The case study has the general aim: to treat the present and/or future impact of described trends to plant biota and the degree of its influencing. My diploma thesis investigates functional impact and mutual interaction of the two main migration pathways of exotic species - the T.Orlice river and the railway corridor. It presents qualitative and quantitative changes in plant components of local (semi)natural biotopes by mean of interrelationships among selected ecological groups of species (neophytes, expansive species, and ephemeroids). At the same time, this...

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