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Regulation of adiponectin and its isoforms production in human obesity
Kováčová, Zuzana ; Štich, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hainer, Vojtěch (referee) ; Kazdová, Ludmila (referee) ; Rossmeisl, Martin (referee)
It is apparent that the imbalance in energy intake and expenditure coming hand-to-hand with the "westernisation" of our lifestyle leads to an elevated number of overweight and obese individuals that are commonly in a greater risk of developing chronic complications (e.g. insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases) with increased mortality. The development of obesity-related complications closely relate with dysfunction of adipose tissue leading to the peripheral insulin resistance and metabolic disruption of insulin sensitive organs (e.g. muscle, liver) subsequently inducing whole body insulin resistance. Since adipose tissue is the biggest endocrine organ in the human body producing many hormones influencing functions of adipose tissue itself or other organs, alteration of their spectrum has been revealed as one of the possible inductors or contributors disturbing body energy homeostasis. Adipose tissue serves as a major site for storage of surplus nutritions, however, long-term positive energy imbalance and high dose calorie intake lead not only to expansion of fat mass but mainly to the pathological changes of the tissue. In states of obesity, adipose tissue is under constant metabolic stress, resulting in the activation of the stress and inflammatory response. It leads to...
Website concept
Kováčová, Zuzana ; Vladárová, Tatiana (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
My bachelor’s thesis concerns with describing of principles and rules of correct design of web sites in view of user’s accessibility and usability. These principles and rules are used in creating of a web site for the travel agency TV Tours. The web site is created by means of XHML, PHP and CSS. MySQL is used as a database server. The database is located on the web server APACHE.
The Use of Means of Artificial Intelligence for the Decision Making Support in the Firm
Kováčová, Zuzana ; Beko, Ĺuboš (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (advisor)
This Master's thesis deals with using the theory of fuzzy logic in building up a model of suppliers evaluation of Heidelberg Slovakia company. Using the model the company will obtain an image about the efficiency and reliability of its suppliers. The information can be used to decision making support in supply chain management.
Moravian-Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra of Ostrava, Černá louka
Kováčová, Zuzana ; Drobniak, Gabriel (referee) ; Gürtler,, Ivan (advisor)
Ostrava as a minig town, Ostrava as a black city. The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava as Black Pearl. Object Philharmonic has a raw lump of coal situated at Black Meadow site, the former heap. The building is a single mass laceration and shaped by the action of time, relative motion and contact materials are to each other and breaking moves. Tectonics of the facade symbolize brutality material, the piece of coal. On its surface has many different faces, edges, ridges and grooves. It is divided into layers of solid material, opaque and transparent gloss of the opening to the surroundings, providing visual contact with the interior and its interaction with the exterior. Inside, as the energy in coal is burning up, tuned in warm orange tones. It has the power to evoke heat of building, especially at night when during concert. Urban solving a broader relationship Philharmonic building is situated in the area of Black Meadow. The site is in close contact with cents and direct linkage to Masaryk Square. Philharmonic with its position linking a group of cultural objects, which are oriented in Theatre Street. The line begins at the Music Gallery Square, Philharmonic continues to object, bandstand, puppet shows to the theater of Antonin Dvorak. The building is oriented with its longitudinal axis in the direction northeast - southwest. The orientation of the main facade of the north side and is oriented to the Music of the square.

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