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Militia during the The American War of Independence
Uhrová, Dominika ; Koura, Jan (advisor) ; Perutka, Lukáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis will deal with the issue of militia during the American War of Independence. It will introduce some important personalities and commanders associated with the activities of the militia, as well as outline the important military campaigns in which militia participated. This theme will be set in the broader context of the history of militia in American society. Finally, I will focus on the position of the militia after the war and its anchoring in the American legal system. In this section, attention will be paid to the Constitution of the United States of America, the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and to The Militia Act of 1792. Finally, I will evaluate the importance of militia in the formation of the United States of America and try to answer the question of whether the United States of America would have existed without the existence of the militia. Key words: The American War of Independence; militia; United states of America
Relationships of Czechoslovakia and Egypt in era of Antonín Novotný
Kubr, Jan ; Rychlík, Jan (advisor) ; Koura, Jan (referee)
(in English): The topic of this thesis is the attempt about summary of the important meetings, deals and development of the relationships between the Czechoslovakia and Egypt between the years 1955-1967. The time period of this thesis is bounded by these years because the relationships, were not common before year 1955, meanwhile the political career of Antonín Novotný was coming to its end in 1967. Novotný stopped to be the 1st secretary of ÚV KSČ in January 1968 and he abdicated on his presidency in March 1968. Except the relationships of the Czechoslovakia and Egypt I had been trying to describe the relationships between Egypt and the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Soviet Union and with the another states, which had significant influence on the development of region and influenced the relationships between the Czechoslovakia and Egypt too. The sources of my thesis are mainly the archive materials, especially from the Archive of the foreign department and also National archive, where is stored archive of Antonín Novotný and another funds of the Political bureau and Bureau of the Central committee of the KSČ. Thesis had been written in the chronological development of the relationships, it is not written thematically. Main objective of my thesis was to find out if there was a...
The U. S. Foreign Policy and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
Křížek, Filip ; Horčička, Václav (advisor) ; Koura, Jan (referee)
The subject of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is widely known and has the public attention. Still it is not processed enough by the historians. The end of the 1980's, as a period of withrdraw of the Soviet soldiers, draws more attention. Even the person of Jimmy Carter does not draw that much attention as the personality of his successor Ronald Reagan. The author will concentrate on the steps that were taken consequently after the Soviet incursion by the leading policy makers of the USA headed by president Carter. The author will analyse the indirect American involvement in the conflict and its influence on the relations of the superpowers and the condiotions in the administrative of the president of the USA. The author will also make an effort to show the continuity with the previous foreign policy of USA, Afghanistan and Soviet Union.
Political and Cultural Influence of the USA on Italy in years 1945-1948
Pekařová, Karolína Daniella ; Koura, Jan (advisor) ; Pešta, Mikuláš (referee)
(in English) This diploma thesis deals with the influence of the United States of America on Italy during the years 1945 and 1948. One of the factors that played an important role in this issue was the Cold War, since it had an immense impact on American foreign policy as well as the changing relationship between Italy and the USA. With regard to American foreign policy, Italy was not really in the centre of its attention after the Second World War. This, however, changed after the relationship between the USSR and USA had deteriorated in 1946 and 1947, which brought a shift in the American stance towards the Apennine peninsula. The strength of the Communist party of Italy was a major cause for concern to the American administration worrying about the spread of communism in Western Europe. The thesis puts special emphasis on 'the Propaganda Battle' led by the American administration, namely the Ambassador in Rome James Dunn, and the newly established CIA. This 'battle' is viewed especially from a cultural perspective, as the communist propaganda campaigns focused mainly on film industry, the radio and newspapers. Key words (in English) Italy, the United States of America, 1948, Communist Party of Italy, Marshall plan, CIA
Soviet Union and the Komintern in the History of the KSČ, 1929--39
Hruška, Marek ; Horčička, Václav (advisor) ; Koura, Jan (referee)
In this bachelor thesis I deal with the role played by the Soviet Union and Comintern in the history of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (CPC). For a better understanding of this issue, I chose a time period beginning in 1929, the year of Klement Gottwald's appointment as General Secretary of the Central Comittee of the CPC and ending in 1939, the end of the independent Czech-Slovak Republic. Nevertheless, I do not avoid explaining some of the events that took place before that time. I mean, the establishment of the CPC, the brief history of the Comintern, and the relations between the Comintern and the CPC just before Gottwald's entry into the post of General Secretary. I think that by comparing some differences between the CPC before and after 1929, I will get a better explanation of the causes and consequences of these changes. For the examination of the period 1929-1939, I choose several events, during which the working of the CPC, Soviet Union and Comintern has intersected the most. I am referring to the year 1929 during which the V. meeting of the CPC took place and Klement Gottwald gave his first speech in Rudolfinum, the Bolshevism of the CPC, the rise of the Nazis in Germany, and the reaction of the Communist Party to it, the 1935 Czechoslovak-Soviet Treaty, the Spanish Civil War, the...
A Stance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Suez Crisis of 1956
Dolejší, Ondřej ; Koura, Jan (advisor) ; Horčička, Václav (referee)
This master's thesis focuses on the development of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization between 1955 and 1956. One of its main aims is to analyze the impact the crisis had on the members of NATO, especially on the relations between Great Britain and France and between Great Britain and the United States. Therefore, the author of the thesis concentrates on various disagreements within NATO and their possible impact on how the organization reacted during the crisis. The author will also examine the development in the Middle East and the role of NATO members outside clearly defined boundaries of the organization. The research will be placed in broader context of the Cold War and political development in the Middle East. To find answers for all the research inquiries, structural changes within the organization and the development in the economically key area of defense capability are also examined in the thesis.
Analysis of the activities of Allgemeine-SS in Lower Austria in the years 1932 - 1945
Zumr, Jan ; Horčička, Václav (advisor) ; Koura, Jan (referee) ; Veselý, Martin (referee)
The dissertation deals with the research of a role played by the SS, respectively Allgemeine-SS, in Lower Austria and Reichsgau Lower Danube since its creation in the early 1930s to the end of the Second World War. The dissertation's purpose is to analyse SS activities, structure and staff. Its history showed a number of identical features with the history of the SS in other Austrian Bundesländer and in Germany itself, but at the same time local specifics appeared. In Lower Austria / Lower Danube, the SS had the second highest or even the highest number of members in entire Austria, depending on a particular year. However, conversion to per capita it was exactly the opposite. In comparison with the situation in "the old empire", the SS also showed below average numbers of SS men. This fact consisted in geographic character and population social structure of the country whose predominantly Catholic-conservative inhabitants living in the lowland countryside showed greater resistance to entry into the SS than Evangelicals or Catholics living in the mountains. The situation was specific in South Moravia and the south-eastern corner of Bohemia which were connected to Lower Danube in October 1938. There were, as in the entire former Czechoslovak borderlands, a number of Allgemeine-SS members per capita...
"The Year of the Hangman". The Impact of the American War of Independence on Political and Economic Situation on the British Isles in 1777
Hoďák, Václav ; Koura, Jan (advisor) ; Soukup, Jaromír (referee)
The author attempts to analyse how the impact of the American War of Independence influenced the political and economic situation on British Isles in 1777. The main aim is to record the changing atmosphere on British Isles throughout the year 1777 with an emphasis on the varying situations after the battle at Saratoga and understanding the whole conflict amongst the British politicians. One of the author's aims will be an analysis of the british international trade between the years 1773-1782. To achieve diploma's aim, the author will answer four basic research questions. The author will analyse primary sources and modern day scientific literature related to the given topic while not forgetting to place the whole given period into a complicated contemporary context. Keywords Great Britain, The American War of Independence, the Year of the Hangman, lord Frederick North, The British Isles, International Trade of Great Britain in 18th Century, 1777, Battle of Saratoga 1777
Czechoslovakia and the Development of Sino-Soviet Relations in the 1950s and 1960s
Crhák, Ondřej ; Koura, Jan (advisor) ; Horčička, Václav (referee)
This thesis discusses the role of Czechoslovakia within the framework of the Chinese- Soviet split. Based on the analysis of archival sources, it explores Czechoslovak proceedings within the given issue at the diplomatic level as well as the Communist Party level. Its aim is to confirm or disprove the statement that Czechoslovakia was a so-called small player in this dispute and acted more independently on the USSR policy . It focuses on mutual Czechoslovak-Chinese relations and their development in the given period, i.e. 1950-1969. It analyzes the progress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia from its viewpoint at international conferences of Communist and workers' organizations, but also at Party sessions. The thesis also describes the Chinese-Soviet split in the Third World and its influence on Czechoslovak policy. Last but not least, the thesis focuses on the factors that influenced the formation of the Czechoslovak attitude on this issue. The thesis studies given range of issues with the help of archival sources of Czech provenance and foreign materials available in electronic form.
Relationship between Czehoslovakia and Cuba During the Prague Spring
Machala, Jan ; Soukup, Jaromír (advisor) ; Koura, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis is an attempt at an analysis of Czechoslovak-Cuban relations in the 1960s. Both countries underwent dynamic changes which, among other things, influenced the development of their relations. Cuba gradually started to focus on countries which belonged to the so-called Eastern Bloc after the revolutionary government consolidated its power in 1959. Czechoslovakia played an integral part in this process as an intermediary. However, during the 1960s, mutual contacts were curtailed as a result of strained relations. The author of this thesis tries to analyse the cultural, economic and political changes between the two countries in order to discover if and how they were influenced by the more "relaxed" atmosphere in Czechoslovakia, which began to manifest itself in the late 1960s and especially in 1967 and 1968. The author also pays attention to the internal affairs of both countries because foreign policy is heavily influenced by domestic policy.

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