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New Bounds for Combinatorial Problems and Quasi-Gray Codes
Das, Debarati ; Koucký, Michal (advisor) ; Vassilevska Williams, Virginia (referee) ; Porat, Ely (referee)
This thesis consists of two parts. In part I, a group of combinatorial problems pertaining to strings, boolean matrices and graphs is studied. For given two strings x and y, their edit distance is the minimum number of character insertions, deletions and substitutions required to convert x into y. In this thesis we provide an algorithm that computes a constant approximation of edit distance in truly sub-quadratic time. Based on the provided ideas, we construct a separate sub- quadratic time algorithm that can find an occurrence of a pattern P in a given text T while allowing a few edit errors. Afterwards we study the boolean matrix multiplication (BMM) problem where given two boolean matrices, the aim is to find their product over boolean semi-ring. For this problem, we present two combinatorial models and show in these models BMM requires Ω(n3 /2O( √ log n) ) and Ω(n7/3 /2O( √ log n) ) work respectively. Furthermore, we also give a construction of a sparse sub-graph that preserves the distance between a designated source and any other vertex as long as the total weight increment of all the edges is bounded by some constant. In part II, we study the efficient construction of quasi-Gray codes. We give a construction of space optimal quasi-Gray codes over odd sized alphabets with read complexity 4...
Nursing process in a woman diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction of the fetus.
Vavrousová, Lucie ; Endlicherová, Jana (advisor) ; Koucký, Michal (referee)
Intrauterine growth retardation represents the great risk for proper development of the fetus. An early diagnosis which is determined by several ultrasound bioemtrics of the fetus in relation to gestational age is very important. It i salso important to distinguish the terms IUGR and SGA. The term SGA denotes the fetus whose weight is bellow the reference limit in relation to gestational age. This limit is usually less than 10th percentile. The term IUGR indicates the pathological proces that affects the growth and development of the fetus. A number of factors are know to lead to intrauterine growth retardation by the mother and the fetus. In theoretical part I will focus on definition, classification, etiology, prevalence, right diagnosis and therapy. Shortly I will mention the management of the IUGR fetus chilbirth. In practical part I will present a case history of a woman with the severe intrauterine growth retardation of the fetus who was admitted to a high-risk pregnancy ward. The pregnancy was terminated by a ceaserean section for pathological flow. Part of the practical part i salso the elaboration of a nursering plan based on the nursering plan according to Gordon. Keywords: nursing proces, midwife, intrauterine growth restriction of the fetus, fetal hypoxia, placental insufficiency
Birth trauma prevention during spontaneous and operative delivery
Plevová, Barbora ; Koucký, Michal (advisor) ; Vitásková, Hana (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to define prevention procedures which are part of the antenatal and perinatal care and precedes birth trauma. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is focused on the most important risk factors for the birth injuries and the sum of particular types. These types of injuries are divided into a sections by body part and type of tissue. The thesis also looks into postnatal examination of newborn and nursing care which is specific for newborn with birth trauma. The practical part consists of case report of the newborn with brachial plexus injury of the left arm. This case study describes the course of childbirth and the condition of the newborn. Case study includes nursing care plan which is created according to Virginie Henderson's nursing model. Based on the findings, the thesis concludes with recommendation on the practice of prevention of birth trauma including description of preventive procedures as a part of antenatal and perinatal care. Key words: birth trauma, newborn infant, childbirth, shoulder dystocia, operative delivery, prevention, brachial plexus injury
Data structure behavior with variable cache size
Král, Karel ; Koucký, Michal (advisor) ; Mareš, Martin (referee)
Cache-oblivious algorithms are well understood when the cache size remains constant. Recently variable cache sizes have been considered. We are motivated by programs running in pseudo-parallel and competing for a single cache. This thesis studies the underlying cache model and gives a generalization of two models considered in the literature. We give a new cache model called the "depth model" where pages are accessed by page depths in an LRU cache instead of their ad- dresses. This model allows us to construct cache-oblivious algorithms that cause a certain number of cache misses prescribed by an arbitrary function computable without causing a cache miss. Finally we prove that two algorithms satisfying the regularity property running in pseudo-parallel cause asymptotically the same number of cache misses as their serial computations provided that the cache is satisfying the tall-cache assumption.
Bounds on existence of odd and unique expanders
Hlásek, Filip ; Koucký, Michal (advisor) ; Šámal, Robert (referee)
We study the existence of expander graphs with a focus on odd and unique expanders. The main goal is to describe configurations of arguments for which there is no infinite family of expanders. The most imporant result is that for every graph there is a nonempty subset of at most half of its vertices, such that every other vertex is connected at least twice to the subset or not connected to the subset at all. It follows that certain classes of unique expanders cannot exist. On the other hand we present some configurations for which there are families of expanders. Powered by TCPDF (
Progesterone influence on the maternal immune system in pregnancy
Škvorová, Anna ; Koucký, Michal (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee)
Pregnancy represents a major challenge to the maternal immune system. From an immunological point of view, a fetus is a semi-allograft. The mechanisms providing immunological paradox of fetal tolerance are still not well known and require further research. A complex network of immuno-endocrine interactions ensures fetal growth and development within the maternal uterus. The hormone playing an indispensable role in pregnancy is progesterone. The aim of this thesis is to summarize current knowledge of the effects of progesterone on the immune system in pregnancy and its mechanisms. Progesterone can affect target cells via the classical nuclear progesterone receptors, which act as transcription factors, or it can act using a variety of other ways, including non-genomic rapid signaling. Progesterone optimizes conditions for successful establishment and maintenance of pregnancy, changes the amount, localization and characteristics of immune cells and production of cytokines. It reduces the antigen-presenting capacity of dendritic cells, monocytes, and macrophages, suppresses NK cell cytotoxicity, supports the proliferation of uterine NK and dendritic cells, affects B cells and induces the formation of T regulatory cells and their recruitment into the fetal-maternal interface. The wide range of...
Online Ramsey Theory
Dvořák, Pavel ; Valla, Tomáš (advisor) ; Koucký, Michal (referee)
An online Ramsey game is a game between Builder and Painter, alternating in turns. In each round Builder draws an edge and Painter colors it either red or blue. Builder wins if after some round there is a monochromatic copy of the fixed graph H, otherwise Painter is the winner. In this thesis we investigate the computational complexity of the related decision problem and we show that it is PSPACE-complete. Moreover, we study a version of the game when Builder can draw only planar graphs and a generalization of the game for hypergraphs. We found a new class of graphs unavoidable on planar graphs. We provide a result showing that Builder wins the online Ramsey game on 3-uniform hyperforests when the goal graph H is 1-degenerate. 1
The Online Labeling Problem
Bulánek, Jan ; Koucký, Michal (advisor) ; Brodal, Gerth (referee) ; Iacono, John (referee)
A sorted array is a fundamental algorithmic concept. Its on-line variant gives rise to the online labeling problem. In the online labeling problem we are given an array of size m and a stream of n integers from the universe {1, ..., r} coming in an arbitrary order. Our task is to maintain all received items in the array in sorted order. The inserted items do not have to be stored consecutively in the array. Since the final order of the items is not known until we see all the items, moves of already inserted items are allowed but should be minimized. We present two algorithms which together provide an optimal solution for almost all values of m as a function of n. We provide tight lower bounds for almost all ranges of m. We introduce a notion of the limited universe and prove lower bounds also in that setting. Some of our lower bounds also apply to randomized algorithms. Powered by TCPDF (
Functional Data Stuctures and Algorithms
Straka, Milan ; Dvořák, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Koucký, Michal (referee) ; Brodal, Gerth (referee)
Title: Functional Data Structures and Algorithms Author: Milan Straka Institute: Computer Science Institute of Charles University Supervisor of the doctoral thesis: doc. Mgr. Zdeněk Dvořák, Ph.D, Computer Science Institute of Charles University Abstract: Functional programming is a well established programming paradigm and is becoming increasingly popular, even in industrial and commercial appli- cations. Data structures used in functional languages are principally persistent, that is, they preserve previous versions of themselves when modified. The goal of this work is to broaden the theory of persistent data structures and devise efficient implementations of data structures to be used in functional languages. Arrays are without any question the most frequently used data structure. Despite being conceptually very simple, no persistent array with constant time access operation exists. We describe a simplified implementation of a fully per- sistent array with asymptotically optimal amortized complexity Θ(log log n) and especially a nearly optimal worst-case implementation. Additionally, we show how to effectively perform a garbage collection on a persistent array. The most efficient data structures are not necessarily based on asymptotically best structures. On that account, we also focus on data structure...
The relationship between selected inflammation markers and markers of the endothelial dysfunction to preterm labor and fetal inflammatory response
Koucký, Michal ; Hájek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Krofta, Ladislav (referee) ; Živný, Jan (referee)
The doctoral dissertacion is focused on the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of preterm labor. In the first part, we describe the current view on pathophysiology of preterm labor. In the second part, we evaluated the relationship of specific markers of inflammation and endothelial dysfunction to preterm birth and fetal inflammatory response. The most important findings of our study was that we found decreased levels of MMP-2 and decreased levels of sRAGE in women with preterm labor in comparison with the control group of pregnant women. Similarly, we found decreased levels of MMP-2 in women with subsequent diagnosed fetal inflammatory response. sRAGE is currently ranked among patttern recognition receptors. In the case of sRAGE we followed the results of our pilot project, it can be assumed that the its low level are connected with tissue damage. We confirmed that it can play an important role in the pathogenesis of preterm labor. We assume abnormal regulatory mechanisms of the production of MMP-2. In both cases, however, further studies are required to elucidate the functional significance of our results.

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