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Reintegration of people after alcohol treatment into daily life
Tůmová, Kateřina ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with an issue of treatment of alcohol dependence and the process of social inclusion of people who have undergone this process. The thesis provides an overview of services and other forms of assistance that are targeted at this group. Attention is paid mainly to the current set-up of the services and assistance system to identify strong and weak aspects of the system. The work is based on a qualitative research. The research was conducted throught expert interviews and interviews with users of these services. Theoretical basis of the work is the ethiology of addiction, which offers various explanations of the origin and persistence of the problem of alcohol dependence. The work also uses the findings of the life course perspective, which allows to map the life trajectories of the interviewees, including the recognition of key events in their lives affecting the emergence and development of addicton. The last theoretical starting point of the work is the concept of social inclusion.
Current Problems of Czech Medical Assessment Service and Suggestions for Possible Solution
Macháčková, Zuzana ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to identify all current problems of The Medical Assessment Service and to suggest possible changes and recommendations that could make the system more effective. In the theoretical part is used the concept of the welfare state and points out its crisis of efficiency. Furthermore, the development of the field of Assessment Medicine and its current form was described. In the analytical part was selected an analysis of the information content of documents, which helped to identify all problems and their gradual development. The analysis was also used to propose changes and recommendations. An expert interview was conducted to substantiate the results of the analysis.
The creation and enforcement of psychiatric care reform in the Czech republic
Pluhař, Filip ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to find and describe important moments that led to the enforcement of the psychiatric care reform. This reform was adopted 24 years after the fall of the communism. Until then, all attempts to change the psychiatric care system had failed. This healthcare segment has long been underfinanced and mainly institutional care prevails. Often, aftercare is not ensured, so it is very difficult for a person who is released from care to be involved in normal life. Also, stigmatization of people with mental illness prevails. Here, reform represents a solution to these and many other problems that the current psychiatry has. This research should answer the question why this strategy was successfully enforced and what was behind it. Using the theory of three currents and interviews with important actors, it discusses the various events and circumstances which have been used by the policy promoters to successfully achieve the approval of the reform. It examines the different motives of actors, their function and roles in the creation and promotion of the reform. The causes of enforcement are sought both in the Ministry of Health itself and in the EU or interest organizations outside the traditional institutions. The thesis can answer the question whether in this case it was the usual...
The Construction of Concept of Families with Three od More Children in Czech Politic Discourse from 2007 up to the Present
Matoušová, Daniela ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
First, the thesis describes two theories: theory of social construction of target populations and framing theory. These theories will be then used in analytical part of the thesis. After that, demographic changes regarding Czech families and their living conditions are described. In next section, the thesis delineates legislative changes regarding families with children from 2007 up to the present (2018). The analytical part identifies three frames, which (besides other things) include social construction of families with more children. In the end, it describes influence of economic crisis (2008) on this construction.
eGovernment from the perspective of interest groups.
Šrámková, Adéla ; Kotherová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis called eGovernment from the perspective of interest groups engages with the current topic of the usage of eGovernment in the Czech Republic. The main goal of the thesis is to identify the main benefits and drawbacks of used eGovernment services from the perspective of selected interest groups. Supportive goals of the thesis are to identify interest groups that can view this issue differentially and characterize the actual status of eGovernment in the Czech Republic. A part of this thesis also focuses on the comparison of eGovernment status among the Visegrad Group countries. Benefits and drawbacks of eGovernment are identified by multiple methods, mainly by quantitative pre-research and qualitative research performed by the author of this thesis in the form of questionnaires and interviews with the representatives of selected interest groups. Prior to both types of research, the author conducted SWOT analyses of eGovernment services is conducted from the perspective of all selected interested groups. Furthermore, the thesis contains the analysis of settled Czech case-law that relates to eGovernment. At the basis of the research, the main benefits and drawbacks of eGovernment services are identified. At the end of the thesis, the potential solutions to the identified...
Gender as a factor affecting health
Šenková, Eva ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the relation of gender and health. Attitudes and behavioral manifestations associated with the male or female roles of individual personalities in society are one of the factors that affect human health and the length of life. The thesis maps the situation in the Czech Republic - whether there is a policy aimed at reducing gender inequalities in the use of health services, and whether differences between women and men in needs and in attitudes to their health are reflected. The thesis is based on the theory of implementation focusing on the identification of barriers to successful implementation, the concept of health determinants and gender mainstreaming. Qualitative and quantitative research methods were applied. The primary data was collected through both expert interviews and written comments of experts. Among the secondary data, strategic public policy documents and published statistics were key. It has been found that the Czech Republic adopted strategic goals in relation to gender inequalities, but there is no adequate action to achieve them. Several barriers have also been identified that can make it difficult or impossible to meet those strategic goals. These barriers were divided into two main groups: subjective and objective barriers.
The Quality of Care Provided in Children's Groups from the Caretaking People
Zahradníčková, Lucie ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the quality of early childhood care in children's group focused on caretaking people. The children's group came into being in 2014 and they are the centre of attention and obscurities when it comes to their quality. It highlights the importance of a quality early childhood care and introduces the best-known indicators of a quality care relating to caretaking people which is also used as a base of the qualitative research. In terms of these indicators the qualification of the staff and their working conditions are studied in six chosen children's group. The semi-structured interviews, uninvolved observation and the analysis of the primary data lead to following summary: the common barrier while providing a care which is also influencing the quality is insufficient qualification of caretaking people and also their working conditions. Subjective emotions about the insufficiency of the qualification rise from the function of a children's group which is very unclear and there is no framework which the caretaking people should be following. The thesis formulate the recommendations of a creation of such a framework which should be inspired by the legislative relating to kindergartens and being inspired by mentioned indicators, detailed observation of their real function or...
Preventive politics of children's mental health problems in schools
Dománková, Hana ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on prevention and promotion in children's mental health on primary schools. Through mixed research design it explores institutional setting and current state of implementation of preventive and promoting activities at schools. It also gives a few "good practice" examples from other countries. The theoretical basis is drawn from public policy and health policy concepts - from public policy there is used the policy cycle framework, the governance concept and street-level bureaucracy theory. From health policy, this thesis uses the public health concept and primary prevention. The results show that meanwhile the issue of children's mental health prevention and promotion is taken very seriously on international level of governance and similar attitude was shown in schools themselves when questioned, the situation is different on the national level of governance. In particular, there is no explicit policy targeting this issue which leads to many inhomogeneous, fragmented activities on street-level (in schools) which then makes it very hard to evaluate, whether they have or have not the desired impact on children's mental health.

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