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International Legal Aspects of State Failure
Kostínek, Lukáš ; Faix, Martin (advisor) ; Honusková, Věra (referee)
International Legal Aspects of State Failure The phenomenon of failed states is one of the great issues in our contemporary world. International public law does not take it into consideration and still, it exists. Whether the phenomenon is designated as a collapse of a state, collapse of a state authority, state failure, or as a collapsed, failed, failing state or otherwise, there is nowadays much more attention attached to it from the ranks of statesmen and representatives of international organizations. That is why I chose to deal with this issue. The content of this work is structured from the most general topic regarding this issue, which means from general definition of the term, characteristics of a failed state as a phenomenon in expert, not only legal, discussion and it's difference from similiar phenomenons towards particular aspects arising from public international law and summarization of a situation in some of real failed or failing states. In second chapter, there is a general characterization of the phenomenon itself, mostly from the factual perspective with use of mostly international law and political science literature. There is also defined, which approach has been taken regarding the issue. In third chapter, the work is dedicated purely to international law aspects of state...

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