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Longitudinal study of syllable structure acquisition in the mother tongue
Koppová, Martina ; Volín, Jan (advisor) ; Černá, Martina (referee)
The thesis presents an overview of the layers on which speech develo- pment can be studied and a brief account of the main theoretical branches within these layers. It accounts for the periodization of a child's speech development according to Czech and foreign authors. In the thesis, a syllable is introduced as a phonological unit. Attention is also paid to the related layer of phonotactics; important works concerning the phonotactics of child's speech are mentioned. The target of the experimental part is a longitudinal case study of a child acqui- ring Czech as her mother tongue. For the purpose of the study, a corpus of the child's utterances in her natural environment between the ages of 7 to 27 months was built. The utterances have been analyzed with respect to the frequency of occurrence of different syllable types, with closed syllables and syllables with con- sonant clusters in the center of interest. The found consonant clusters and their reductions have been further analyzed with respect to the findings of the phono- tactic studies mentioned in the theoretical part, in order to confirm or dismiss their relevance for Czech. Most importantly, two theories have been checked, the frames theory commenting on the combinatory potential of the front/middle/back vowels and coronal/labial/dorsal...
Parametric synthesis and perceptual verification of Czech trills
Koppová, Martina ; Skarnitzl, Radek (advisor) ; Machač, Pavel (referee)
There is a parametric description of American English sounds suitable for parametric synthesis using high-level parametres in the HLSyn system, upon which the Stevens and Bickley system was created as the type of synthesis based on Denis Klatt's formant synthesis and combining the aspects of formant and articulatory synthesis. The aim of this work was to create a parametric description of Czech vibrants, i. e. /r/ and /ř/, synthesize these sounds and examine whether they are considered natural or not in a perception test. The perception test has shown that it is possible to synthesize the simple vibrant /r/ without any problems; the synthesis was based on modification of sounded alveolar explosive parametres and the modification was perceived as natural. However, the fricative vibrant /ř/ proved to be too complicated to be synthesized and even though we tried to follow its development according to real data it was still perceived as unnatural.

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