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Visual Memory of Fragmented Scenes - Role of Detail and Extrapolation
Koppová, Kateřina ; Lukavský, Jiří (advisor) ; Kulišťák, Petr (referee)
Every day we are exposed to huge amounts of visual stimuli (scenes). However, i tis not yet clear how accurately these scenes are stored and remembered, and what is the role of detail relative to the memory for the whole image. More specifically, to what extent the details are remembered and to what extent we extrapolate the unseen content from the presented details. We used fragmented scenes (broken to 4x4 grids) to investigate this question. Fragmented scenes were composed of three different theme categories (indoor, natural, man-made), each with different number of presented patches (3, 5 and 8). Our main research question is, whether there is any relationship between the number of presented patches and the ability to recognize which patches were presented and which were not (but still patches from the same photograph). In analysis we focus on Signal Detection Theory characteristics, mainly memory sensitivity (d') and bias. We run two experiments and in both the highest scores for (d') were for 3 patches (Exp.1: d'(n3) = 0,67; Exp.2: d'(n3) = 0,66) with bias towards negative answers (Exp.1: c(n3) = 0,27; Exp.2: c(n3) = 0,16). For 5 and 8 patches the (d') was lower (Exp.1: d'(n5) = 0,35; d'(n8) = 0,34; Exp.2: d'(n5) = 0,39; d'(n8) = 0,41) and in the same time bias was towards positive answers...
Joint custody - its assumptions, strengths and potential weaknesses in the light of psychology
Koppová, Kateřina ; Šturma, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with joint custody in relation to its assumptions, strengths and potential weaknesses in the light of psychology. The theoretical part provides insight into the context of the form of contemporary family, with the issue of divorce and its impact on all involved individuals and with different forms of parenting. The legislative grounding of post divorce child care and its possible forms in the Czech legal order is also covered. The psychological assumptions of joint custody of both the parents and the child are emphasized to a great extent. On the basis of these findings are drawn possible strengths and weaknesses of joint custody. Last but not least are presented different approaches to joint custody among a few selected countries. The final part of this thesis is designed as qualitative research project focusing on the evaluation of joint custody from the perspective of individuals who have personal experience with this post-divorce arrangement. Keywords: joint custody, children, divorce, post-divorce arrangement, psychological impacts

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1 Koppová, Klára
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