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Valuation of the internal project using real options methodology
Kopkáně, Heřman Bc. ; Scholleová, Hana (advisor) ; Juppa, Martin (referee)
Práce se zabývá stanovením hodnoty projektu pro účely přijetí investičního rozhodnutí. Jedná se o interní projekt implementace metodiky activity based costing (ABC/M) v konkrétní společnosti. Pro stanovení hodnoty je využita metodologie reálných opcí. V první části práce je uveden kontext investičního rozhodování a reálných opcí a dále základní principy ABC. V druhé části práce jsou nastíněny přínosy ABC a je proveden výpočet hodnoty projektu na základě definovaného modelu.
Ondová, Michaela ; Scholleová, Hana (advisor) ; Kopkáně, Heřman (referee)
The thesis aims to apply the theoretical approach of IPOs and financial services firm valuation on the Czech subsidiary of KBC: ČSOB. The theoretical part reviews the process of IPO with typical features of IPOs, and the pricing of IPO is discussed with the focus on theory of banks valuation. The empirical part of the thesis provides a financial analysis of the ČSOB, business plan and the valuation of the bank as of 30 September 2010 with the price of the actual IPO. This part aims at practical application of the theory of IPO and valuation. Al in all, the aim of the thesis is to apply theoretical knowledge of the IPOs on the practical case of ČSOB. Various analyses such as of KBC, ČSOB, Czech banking market, development of IPOs in CEE are used in order to apply and determine the reasons for the IPO, its timing, price and potential structure of investors.
Financial Evaluation of Investment in Public Railway Transportation
Horák, Jan ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Kopkáně, Heřman (referee)
This thesis analysis the current situation on the Czech railways a consequently financially evaluates patterned investment of private sector in this field. It is composed of the Theoretical and Applied part. In the Theoretical part we summarize the contemporary methodological appliance used for investment evaluations. It is an overview of main approaches to the evaluation and the methods of particular variables quantification. The Applied part describes the current situation in the Czech railway public transportation, identifies its key properties and shows general perspective of possible investments. Then using the theoretical caucus we evaluate a fictive business intention in this field.
Bussiness plan - Tower Café
Gašparík, Michal ; Schönfeld, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kopkáně, Heřman (referee)
This thesis deals with the establishment of a business plan for coffee-bar at a specific place in St. Henry's Tower, and then evaluates whether and under what conditions the project is profitable and viable. The first part deals with the theoretical basis, namely the nature, purpose, principles of treatment and the structure of the business plan. In the practice part I use the acquired knowledge of theory and work experience. The structure of the business plan contains a general description of the company, displacement of key personalities and address personnel issues, products, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis and competitive analysis, marketing objectives, marketing mix, the definition of the components with the help of the model 4C, production and operational plan. The financial plan in addition to the necessary financial statements, cost-benefit analysis includes an analysis of critical point. Based on the information provided, this business plan can serve to any particular candidate, who would like to try to take in the facility and the industry.
Strategic analysis
Krupičková, Zuzana ; Krause, Josef (advisor) ; Kopkáně, Heřman (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with strategic analysis of selected company. The work has two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part introduces the basic concepts of strategy, including the commonly used methods. The practical part applies the methods of strategic analysis, described in the theoretical part. On the basis of particular analysies startegic recommendations are proposed.
Low-cost air transport development in Prague
Drenčak, Ľubomír ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Kopkáně, Heřman (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the topic of low-cost air transportation in the region of capital city Prague and issue of its future development. It offers closer understanding of characteristic features of aviation industry and identifies factors that positively affect its growth. Furthermore, a judgement on new international airport construction project near Prague is presented. Theoretical part describes basic knowledge about airports, their typology and operation strategies and continues with market power analysis, which greatly influence level of competition among neighbouring airports. Explanation of different airline carrier types is also a subject of this part.The beginning of practical part studies past trends of air transportation and its particular segments at Ruzyně airport and defines catchment area belonging to the airport. Latter part then continues with mathematical model for predictions on future low-cost air transport volumes. Lastly, the work contains 3 different scenarios about possible overall traffic at planned Vodochody airport.
Financial analysis of SOR Libchavy spol. s r.o.
Červenák, Drahomír ; Kopkáně, Heřman (advisor) ; Tyll, Ladislav (referee)
The main objective of this work is to analyse financial health of the company SOR Libchavy spol. s r.o. during the time period from 2003 to 2008 and to describe development of financial indicators. The thesis consists of three main parts. The methodological part contains a description of the methods used in this analysis. The second part deals with characteristic of the company SOR Libchavy spol. s r.o. and in the third, practical part there are the results of the analysis described. The results of some indicators are compared with the average values in a branch. Based on the observed state of the financial health of business we try to predict the future economic development of the company.
Financial analysis OLMA, a.s.
Kodetová, Lucie ; Kopkáně, Heřman (advisor) ; Macková, Věra (referee)
Bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the financial health of the company OLMA,a.s., which produces dairy products. Work is made for the period 2002-2007.
Financial analysis of company Tatra, a.s.
Roškotová, Hana ; Kopkáně, Heřman (advisor) ; Havlan, Jan (referee)
Bachelor work treats of financial situation of Tatra, a. s. in a period of years 2003 - 2007. It is divided into two main parts, theoretical and practical. Theoretical part describes the indicators used later in the practical part. Conclusion of bachelor's work summarises records of financial analysis and describes prediction of development of Tatra, a. s. in the future.
Financial analysis of the company OTMA - Sloko, s.r.o.
Kováčik, Matej ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Kopkáně, Heřman (referee)
The goal of my bachelor thesis with name "Financial analysis of the company OTMA - Sloko, s.r.o." is to evaluate in the view of external analyst its financial health, the position in the marketplace and the future progress and routing of the company. For this purpose I use all available sources for me, namely balance of an account (2003-2007) and annual register. The company OTMA - Sloko, s.r.o. is a division of big czech food-company HAMÉ which produce durable and chilled foodstuff. Generally we can evaluate the result of financial analysis of the company OTMA - Sloko, s.r.o. positively. It is essencial to see the final results in wider contexts, i.e. in the view of external economic background and the global situation in the marketplace of food industry.

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