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Srovnání stavby a vybraných vlastností sibiřského modřínu a borovice lesní
Kopecký, Petr
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to compare the macroscopic and microscopic structure and some mechanical and physical properties of the wood of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Siberian larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb.). The wood was used to make samples with dimensions of 20×20×30 mm and they were used for the measurements of individual properties. The properties selected for establishment were density at a moisture content of 0% and 12%, the average tree-ring width, the average latewood width and percentage, the fibre saturation point, the maximum moisture, total swelling in all three basic directions and the total volumetric swelling, the swelling coefficient, and the compression strength parallel to the grain as well as the modulus of elasticity.
Penzion v systému dřevostavby
Kopecký, Petr
This thesis deals with the design of a two-storey building in a frame wooden building system. The first floor is designed as a restaurant and its associated premises, the second floor is used for accommodation of people. Part of this work is the volume, layout and construction of the house and the drawing documentation of the building in the specified range. Part of this work is also the fire safety solution of the building, including technical fire protection report and fire safety drawings. The theoretical part describes the design of the guest house, there are calculations necessary for making the fire safety solution, and last but not least, it describes its own fire safety solution.
The hydrogen bus
Kopecký, Petr ; Březina, Michal (referee) ; Štětina, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of hydrogen buses, their concept, properties, practical application and economics of operation. It also discusses safety and hydrogen infrastructure, in particular hydrogen production, storage and use, while mentioning future options. Various technical solutions are evaluated with regard to the specifics of buses. It thus offers a general overview of the topic of hydrogen buses and related infrastructure.
Eco-literature in Taiwan and its Influence on Civil Society (Analysis of Liu Kexiang and Wu Mingyi's Literary Work)
Krámská, Pavlína ; Lomová, Olga (advisor) ; Dluhošová, Táňa (referee) ; Kopecký, Petr (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the fictional and non-fictional literary works of two Taiwanese eco-environmental writers Liu Kexiang and Wu Mingyi in the context of the transformation of interpersonal sphere. Eco-environmental literature represents a significant literary trend that has been pursued in Taiwan at the end of the 20th century. It develops Taiwanese literary tradition in a new way through the reflection of Western and Eastern theories in the domestic context and Taiwanese cultural specifics from the perspective of natural history and scientific knowledge. The first part of the thesis summarizes academic discussions on the topic of eco- environmental literature. This is characterized by the initial insufficient theoretical basis of Taiwanese environmental studies, the desire to maintain this trend beyond purely literary criticism, the assumption of Western environmental discourse theories, and the involvement of writers themselves in theoretical discussions and the gradual shift to ecocriticism. It also puts it in a historical context and explores its dominant topics. The analytical part of the thesis is based on the theory of modernity of British sociologist Anthony Giddens. It analyzes works based on the sources of modernity, which are time-space distanciation, disembedding of...
Development Strategy of Small Company
Nácovský, Tomáš ; Kopecký, Petr (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
Thesis is focused on analysis of current state of selected company and its environment. Using strategic analysis, the competitive advantage and place on market is determined. Strategic goals of company and its vision are designed in accordance with its development and it encompasses individual functional strategies together with schedule of implementation.
Vliv přesného setí na kvalitu založení porostu a výnos ozimé pšenice
Kopecký, Petr
The Master thesis contains literary review and practical evaluation of the field research by two technologies of seeding. The first part of the literary review describes seeding of the wheat. Next part mentions the issues density and the competitiveness of the crop stand. Following chapters describes the seeding to the line and the precision seeding. Next chapter describes equipment for the precision drilling. Practical part of the thesis describes the research started 2014 in the school research station in Žabčice. In the research were used the varieties of the winter wheat Bohemia and Tobac. They were drilled by the pneumatic seeding-machine and by the seeding-machine prototype Farmet for the precision drilling of cereal. In the research was also evaluated the influence of the seed quantity, seeded in 4 variations from 1 up to 4 million grains for hectare.
Functional generator
Kopecký, Petr ; Dostál, Tomáš (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
Functional generators are equipments that provide electrical signals of variable parameters. They are classified by various criterions – by the type of produced signal or according to the type of self realization of generator. This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of realization generators with harmonic, triangular and rectangular signals. It focus on the project of generator in compliance with gained experience and knowledge. The practical part of the thesis is focused on realization of the generator. The function of the generator is checked during the measurements.
Automatization of EM field measurement by Narda NBM-550
Kopecký, Petr ; Bártík, Hynek (referee) ; Nováček, Zdeněk (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the measurement of electromagnetic fields by the meter NARDA NBM 550. The aim of the paper is to introduce the possibilities of measurement of the electromagnetic field by this device, to study the feasibility of communication with computer, to create control program and to check its functionality. A description of the electromagnetic field properties is followed by the identification of the device main functions. Additionally, the operating program is described together with the draft of measuring workplace with its realization. The results of probationary measurements are presented in the end of the thesis.

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