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Participation of the Second Generation of Vietnamese in the Czech Republic in Education at Universities
Van, Dominik ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Sycha, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the participation of the second generation of Vietnamese in higher education and its wider context. First, it focuses on the history of Vietnamese migration to the Czech Republic, their ethnic identity and values. It also deals with the differences between family values and values of the majority society and especially the participation of second generation Vietnamese in higher education. The aim of the thesis is to identify selected facts (language and cultural barriers, stereotypes) that they encounter during formal education at universities and to find out what are the views of adult Vietnamese - university students - on differences in their education compared to education of ordinary students who are not members of a national minority. A qualitative-oriented empirical survey, conducted in the form of interviews with student respondents, focuses on analyzing and interpreting the motives of the second generation Vietnamese in the Czech Republic to participate in education, the obstacles they encounter in accessing education, and how to overcome them. Keywords: education, second generation, Vietnamese, universities, values, stereotypes, ethnic identity
Legal standing and powers of mayor in the Czech republic and Schleswig-Holstein (comparison)
Nosek, Miroslav ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Vedral, Josef (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to compare mayoral legislation status and his authority in the Czech Republic and Schleswig - Holstein. Although the main subject of the thesis is legislation status of the mayor each legislation chapter begins with a description of the autonomy constitutional right, municipality organization, and relationship of municipal authorities according to current legislation. The aim of the diploma thesis is to define the status of the mayor and his authority in the rule of law of the Czech Republic and Schleswig - Holstein and then use a comparative method to analyze the legislation differences and identical features. There are several parts of the thesis. In the first part is described legislation status of the mayor and his authority in the Czech Republic. The first chapter deals generally with a municipal and the second chapter is focused on the mayors authority, status, creation of mandate, responsibility and mainly on his competence. In the second part is described mayors legislation status and his authority in Schleswig - Holstein and contains third and fourth chapter. These chapters, as in the previous part, deal firstly with a municipal and secondly with the mayor specifically. In the third part is compared the legislation status of the mayor in the Czech Republic and...
Motivation of Physically Disabled Adults for Vocational Education
Vokurková, Anna ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Vojtko, Tibor (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to compare vocational education and training of persons with disabili- ties and persons without disabilities. Furthermore, the main starting point of the thesis is the outputs of the Czech Statistical Office's Adult Education Survey (2016) and Continuing Voca- tional Training Survey (2015) and two analytical reports of the Cooperation project, which were implemented by the Continuing Education Fund in 2013-2015 and published in 2015. Firstly, I deal with the characteristics of vocational education and training and then I further develop the topic of reasons and obstacles to participation in vocational education and training. Sub- sequently, I tackle the vocational education and training of people with disabilities - I define this group and also describe the system of work rehabilitation and employment. Finally, the focus is shifted on the reasons and obstacles to participation in vocational education and trai- ning. Last but not least, the forms are compared or more precisely the occurrence of reasons and obstacles to participation in vocational education and training for persons with disabilities and persons without disabilities (or rather the entire adult population of the Czech Republic)
Benefits of Reviewing in a Process of Adult Learning and Education
Šebestíková, Markéta ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Sycha, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the process of experiential learning while the main focus is on debriefings. Main objective of this thesis is to summarize important experiential learning and debriefing theories and to analyze the participant's perception and preferences about these approaches through empirical research. The thesis begins with a main experiential learning theories overview, it explains the usage of games in education and presents zone learning concepts. Further attention is paid to debriefings, their important models, principles, techniques and role of lecturer. The last chapter of the thesis consists of a quantitative empirical research, which deals with the perception and preferences of participants regarding experiential learning methods and debriefings. Keywords debriefing, review, experiential learning, experience, adult education
Analysis of Application of the Age-Management Concept in Non-Profit Organizations Engaging in the Protection of Human Rights
Hykeš, Matěj ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Sycha, Martin (referee)
The goal of the thesis is to analyse the possibilities to apply the concept of age management within human-rights focused non-profit organizations in the context of risk factors of the age groups youth, middle age, old age, especially connected to their actual situation on the labour market. Author analyses the possibilities to react on such risks with age management on public, organizational and individual level and explains the connection with key problematics, such as active ageing. Own qualitative research is focusing on how managers of selected organizations approach the areas, which are key in terms of the possibilities to adapt the principles of age management. Key words: age management, ageing of society, ageism, personal management, personal activities, non-profit sector, protection of human rights
Specifics of Employing Ukrainians in the Czech Republic
Jónová, Štěpánka ; Běhounková, Olga (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
The unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is currently among the lowest in the European Union. Lack of labor on the labor market in the Czech Republic is becoming a barrier to the growth of companies and forces employers to look for alternatives and inspiration abroad. One way for Czech employers is to reach out to and hire qualified labor from abroad, in particular to focus on the largest group of foreign employees outside the European Union in our country, the Ukrainians. The aim of this barchelor thesis is to identify the specifics of employing Ukrainians in the Czech Republic using PESTLE analysis. The thesis will be based on statistical data (eg CZSO, Eurostat), legislative modifications of relevant areas and professional literature. Firstly, the migration from Ukraine to the Czech Republic will be characterized and then the current situation in the employment of Ukrainians will be described using PESTLE analysis. Specifically, the thesis will focus on the political, economic, demographic, technological and legislative aspects. The result of this work will be identification of specifics of employment of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic in the context of PESTLE analysis. Key words: Ukrainians, employment of foreigners, labour migration, labour market, unemployment, demography, PESTLE analysis
Evidence in administrative proceedings
Tadičová, Katrin ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Vedral, Josef (referee)
Evidence in administrative proceedings Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the taking of evidence in administrative proceedings, the aim of which is to refute or confirm a decisive fact. Administrative proceedings do not constitute a unified process; they are a diverse range of different types of proceedings rolled into on, in which the taking of evidence may be regulated in different ways. As a rule, general and special administrative proceedings are distinguished. The taking of evidence is considered to be an essential part of the administrative proceedings, but not obligatory one. In some types of proceedings, the taking of evidence is, in principle, excluded, while in others it may play an essential part. The diploma thesis is structured into five parts. The first part of the thesis defines the basic concepts appearing in the process of taking of evidence, as well as the historical development of anchoring the process of taking of evidence in the legal regulations of the Czech Republic since 1928. The next part deals with the principles that apply to the taking of evidence, be it the basic principles of action of administrative bodies or the principles of administrative proceedings themselves. The third part of the thesis deals with general administrative proceedings as regulated by Act No. 500/2004...
Civil service according to the Civil service Act and its changes due to annual systemization
Staněk, Michal ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
The new Civil service Act № 234/2014 Coll. came more than three years ago into full effectiveness. The period before the full effectiveness described the author already in his diploma thesis named Civil service Act - Development and result. Therefore this thesis aims to describe and analyse the idea of Civil service as defined in the Civil service Act and focuses to its changes due to implementation of the annual systemization. Importance in the first part of the thesis is given to general introduction to the Civil service idea according to the Civil service Act. The ongoing novelization tendencies affecting various aspects of the Civil services are described, including the problems with application of passive voting right to the head of departments in the regional governments. The second part of the thesis describes the selected aspects of the change of the Civil service due to change of the systemization according to the § 17 of the Civil service Act. The attention is given to the description and analysis of the legal aspects of the systemization and its consequences to the changes of the Civil service of the head of departments. Introduction to the possibilities of defence against such changes of the Civil service in the framework of administrative law is given, including analysis of the issued...
The Changes of the Content and the Forms of Work as a Result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Kavalcová, Jana ; Sycha, Martin (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
The ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution fundamentally changes the world of work. Recent technological innovations have a significant impact on global economy, all areas of the national economy and on our everyday life. This diploma thesis deals with these impacts on the labour market in connection with the advancing trend of automation and digitization of work. Discussion on the future development of the revolution is in the sphere of expertise highly polarized. Versions that represent a negative view of the issue include image of massive job replacement, lack of talent and the rise of socio-economic and other inequalities. On the other hand, there are concepts that emphasize the positive impact on the labour market. The aim of this diploma thesis is to classify the trends in the working relations through the comparison of these two opinion streams and the systematic arrangement of the arguments presented by them. The final part addresses the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Czech Republic. KEY WORDS the Fourth Industrial Revolution, automation, digitization, future of work, labour market, flexibility at work, new trends in employment
Act on Undertaking de lege lata and de lege ferenda
Štainc, Richard ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Millerová, Ivana (referee)
As the title of the submitted thesis "The Act on Undertaking de lege lata and de lege ferenda" follows, this thesis deals first with the valid Czech law of undertaking. For the purpose of a comprehensive assessment of the legal status of specific legal institutes and selected legal regulations, comparative approaches and historical interpretation were undertaken in the work in numerous places. I have gradually paid attention to current problems or problems that may arise in the future. I therefore dealt with the qustion of the legality of the exhibition of dead human bodies from the point of view of the Czech legislation in force at the time of its realization, as well as the current legal regulations, when for several reasons I came to the conclusion that such exhibition contradicted a number of provisions of the current legislation and there certainly will be no changes in the future. I continued to pay attention to the lawful forms of burial of human mortal remains. Here, as in other places of work, I have pointed out the possibility of conflict of two or more existing legal norms, according to which the participants in legal relations can interpret their rights and obligations differently. The chapter on the preserving of human mortal remains before the funeral addressed some of the...

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