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The TV series Black Mirror as a substantial creation of British TV production
Kopecká, Barbora ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
Thesis: The TV series Black Mirror as a substantial creation of British TV production Abstract: ENG The thesis deals with the analysis of the British TV anthology Black Mirror. It examines the program in terms of authorship, processing method, theme, genre, and impact on society. The aim is to determine the basic characteristics of the Black Mirror and to point out its uniqueness in the context of current trends in television content. In individual chapters, it focuses on the role of authorship, the definition of the genre and the definition of the main topic. The program is also subjected to a narrative and stylistic analysis that examines the way the story is constructed, the narrative structure, the work with the characters, the environment and the style. Furthermore this thesis also want to examine the the extent to which the topics of Black Mirror correspond to reality. The result of this research offers a complex picture of Black Mirror, including a comparison with selected British television programs.
The effect of intensity of voluntary isometric contraction on rheological characteristics of skeletal muscle tissue in vivo, in situ
Kopecká, Barbora ; Bittner, Václav (advisor) ; Jelen, Karel (referee)
Title: The effect of intensity of voluntary isometric contraction on rheological characteristics of skeletal muscle tissue in vivo, in situ Objectives: The main aim of this study is to determine the effect of intensity of isometric voluntary contraction of skeletal muscle on its viscoelastic characteristics. The work also aims to contribute to the verification of myotonometer as an objective diagnostic instrument and compares it to known methods for evaluation of muscle tone, or its partial characteristics. Methods: We used myotonometer - utility model 29456 for evaluation of changes of stiffness and viscous behavior of skeletal muscle in vivo, in situ in 20 healthy volunteers. The values were compared during 0%, 20%, 35% and 50% of maximal strength of isometric contraction of finger flexors, controlled by hand-held dynamometer. Results: We concluded that both stiffness and viscous behavior of skeletal muscle increases with higher intensity of isometric voluntary contraction. Keywords: myotonometer, skeletal muscle, viscous behavior, stiffness, muscle tone
A Draft of a Corporate Financial Plan
Kopecká, Barbora ; Velička, Michal (referee) ; Karas, Michal (advisor)
This master´s thesis is focused on the proposal of a financial plan for the company FLÍDR s.r.o. In order to compile the financial plan, this thesis consists of a strategic and financial analysis of years 2013–2017. Afterwards, a financial plan is proposed in an optimistic and pessimistic variation, including balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement for years 2018–2020.
Legal regulation of job agencies and agency employment
Kopecká, Barbora ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Bělina, Miroslav (referee)
The thesis discusses current regulation of employment agencies. In a greater detail it deals also with the legal regulation of the institute of agency employment, as a form of recruitment, which falls within the exclusive competence of the employment agencies. After outlining the development of legislation follows an introduction of the main international and Community sources of law, which affect the current national legislation the most.. The thesis also describes the public aspects of the current legal regulation of employment agencies, which includes issuing licenses for employment mediation, depending on the creation of employment agencies, conditions for its issue, as well as the reasons for termination of employment agencies. Furthermore, the legislation as well as the consequent process of issuing licenses is evaluated. The following part is devoted to agency employment. Relationships created in this type of employment are discussed in detail. The thesis seeks to highlight the shortcomings which must the subjects of relationship deal with, such as inadequate compensation of damages and confusion about law to be used on a contractual relationship. The conclusion discusses how the employment agencies abide the law and how the state authorities undertake the control competencies.
Case study of the physiotherapy treatment of patient with radicular syndrome S1 diagnosis
Kopecká, Barbora ; Neuwirthová, Svatava (advisor) ; Voráčová, Helena (referee)
Title: Case study of the physiotherapy treatment of patient with radicular syndrome S1 diagnosis Objectives: The aim of this thesis is a summary of the knowledge about radicular syndrome S1 especially for the needs of a physiotherapist, and their practical application presented in a case study of patient with such diagnosis. Methods: The thesis consists of two parts. General part summarizes the knowledge about radicular syndrome S1 based on the available literature. I focus on anatomical and kinesiological features, etiology and clinical picture of the disease, and further on possibilities of treatment, particularly physiotherapeutical ones. Special part is a case study of a patient with this diagnose. It covers her anamnesis and initial examination, then it describes all physiotherapeutical units undergone, and concludes with control examination and evaluation of the effect of the treatment. Keywords: radicular syndrome S1, back pain, deep stabilizing system, physiotherapy, case study
Alkohol in livestyle of the highschool students
Kopecká, Barbora ; Blatnická, Jindra (advisor) ; Jurásková, Dana (referee)
This diploma paper of work is divided into a theoretical and empirical part. In the teoretical part sof the work, I directed my attention at the problem of alkohol consumption in our society, the influence of alkohol consumption on the personality, mental and psychological qualities of man, the influence of alkohol on people from sociological, psychological of view. The empirical part of the work contains an analysis of my own research project which was done using a method of questionnaire analysis and the komplex study of the fines. On the basis of the facto found, sample of youthsaged . The results of the research are summarised and evaluated.
Vliv kolonialismu na demografický a ekonomický rozvoj Chile
Kopecká, Barbora
The objective of this diploma thesis is to describe effects of colonialism on the demographic and economic development in Chile. The theoretical part deals with description of pre-colonialism, during colonialism and situation after colonialism of Chile and the main events during each period. It also stresses the impacts of colonialism on the demographic, economic, cultural and political development of the country. The practical part of this work is then oriented on analysis, which deal partly with the economic prosperity during colonialism, with the main analysis concentrating on the post colonial era to present time. The conclusion evaluates positive and negative impacts of colonialism on present development of Chile.
Evaluation of the Economic Impact of Employees Fluctuation in the FLÍDR s.r.o.
Kopecká, Barbora ; Bašta, Josef (referee) ; Hornungová, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with employee fluctuation. Mainly it is the evaluation of employee fluctuation in the FLÍDR s.r.o. company and its impacts on the company economy within five years studied. The thesis also analyses possible causations and consequences of the fluctuation, on which are based in the end suggestions of possible measures and recommendations for improvement of employee satisfaction and for reduction of fluctuation in the company.
Valuation of family business Pekařství Kopecký s.r.o.
Kopecká, Barbora ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Zeman, Karel (referee)
This thesis presents a comprehensive valuation of small manufacturing business. The thesis includes strategic and financial analysis, prediction of value generators, developing a financial plan and valuation.
Design and typography of Wedding Prints
Kopecká, Barbora ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Bubeníček, Jan (referee)
In this thesis I describe the design of three sets of wedding prints. Every set is created within its own unique visual identity and consists of several different types of prints. In the theoretical part of the thesis I define key terms, analyze the factors influencing the design and I describe the process of creating a publication. In the practical part I design three sets of prints for the bachelor's project GetWed - a company specializing in wedding invitations and prints. Before the design itself I analyze the competition in the field and in the Czech republic. The output is a product with an unique design that respects the rules of publication-creating and meets the requirements of the Czech market.

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