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Experimental investigation of electric arc behavior during cutting of stainless steel
Kavka, Tetyana ; Mašláni, Alan ; Konrád, Miloš ; Tossens, S.
The present work is devoted to experimental investigation of electric arc behaviour during cutting of stainless steel. The goal of this work is to define influence of arc voltage fluctuations and anode attachment behaviour on the cutting performance. In most cases the anode attachment was verz luminous and was observed far from the main arc column close to the plate top. The cut material exhibited stronger surface roughness at the anode attachment location. The measured voltage traces showed a so-called restrike mode of oscillations of different frequencies and amplitudes.
Interakce částic s plazmatem při plazmové gasifikaci
Hlína, Michal ; Hrabovský, Milan ; Kopecký, Vladimír ; Konrád, Miloš
The kinetics of high temperature gasification in plasma flow is analyzed on the basis of solution of equations of heat transfer from plasma to particles through their surface as well as the gas sheath that is created by newly produced gas and the modified Arrhenius equation describing volatilization process. The equation for the rate of gasification is deduced.
Zplyňování dřeva v plazmatu a produkce plynu s nízkým obsahem dehtů
Hlína, Michal ; Hrabovský, Milan ; Kopecký, Vladimír ; Konrád, Miloš ; Kavka, Tetyana ; Skoblja, S.
Tar content in gas produced by the gasification of biomass always plays an important role because high tar content disables some potentialities of the further treatment of the produced gas. There is a strong effort to produce gas with low tar content from this point of view. High concentrations of hydrogen and carbon monoxide also advance possibilities of the usage of the produced gas. Experiments were carried out in a reactor for plasma gasification equipped with hybrid gas-water stabilized DC torch. They confirmed that the reactor is absolutely suitable for this purpose mainly due to extremely low flow of plasma composed of argon, hydrogen and oxygen and its high inner temperature. The measurements of the tar content, using wood as a treated material, were based on SPE method and the determination of benzene and toluene in a gas phase revealed really low concentrations of tar, mostly below 10 mg/Nm3.
Effect of Gas Flow on Plasma Jet Generated by Hybrid H2O-Ar Torch
Kavka, Tetyana ; Kopecký, Vladimír ; Hrabovský, Milan ; Sember, Viktor ; Konrád, Miloš
This paper present results of experimental investigation of effect of argon plasma gas flow rate on characteristics of plasma jet in a H2O-Ar DC arc plasma torch.Two different diagnostics technics optical spectroscopy and enthalpy probe have been applied to study plasma jet under atmospheric pressure.Changes inplasma temperature, velocity and composition for different flow rates of argo.
Study of Anode Attachment Behavior and Its Influence on Plasma Jet in Water-Argon Plasma Torch
Chumak, Oleksiy ; Hrabovský, Milan ; Kopecký, Vladimír ; Konrád, Miloš
In this paper behavior of anode attachment and its effect on plasma jet in dc water-argon plasma torch was studied.Dependence of plasma jet deflection on argon flow rate and on arc current was investigated.Effect of arc current and plasma gas flow rate on position of anode attachment and on arc voltage fluctuations were studied and processes that control the position was discussed.
Instability in thermal plasma jet generated by water plasma torch
Hrabovský, Milan ; Konrád, Miloš ; Kopecký, Vladimír ; Macura, Pavel
Fluctuations and flow instabilities in thermal plasma jet generated in dc arc plasma torch were investigated by optical system with fast response photodiodes. The coherent oscillations were revealed that are produced due to hydrodynamic instability of plasma flow close to the exit nozzle of the torch.Properties of the these oscillations are investigated.

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