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Poisonings with macromycetes in period 2001-2016
Komínková, Lucie ; Jahodář, Luděk (advisor) ; Karlíčková, Jana (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis was to process an overview of previously known knowledge about acute mushroom poisonings. Thesis draws mainly from foreign literature. Provides basic information about mushrooms, their toxins and syndromes that cause. Beside the general information, one part of the thesis is devoted to the cases and studies from around the world. They describe individual clinical cases of mushroom poisoning or deal with their epidemiological situation mostly between the years 2001 - 2016. Obtained information is processed into overview tables. Thesis is particularly focused on the situation of macromycete poisonings in the Czech Republic and contains data from specialised facilities. The most intoxications occurs after ingestion of the edible fungi species. The most common intoxications by mushrooms containing toxins are after ingestion A. phalloides, A. pantherina and Psilocybe. The most frequent reported symptoms are gastrointestinal. According to the severity, mushroom poisonings are classified as less dangerous with onset of symptoms within 6 hours and life-threatening with the onset of symptoms after more than 6 hours. Mushroom poisonings should be considered in the differential diagnosis of gastrointestinal problems. Key words: macromycetes, mushroom poisonings, mushroom...
Green management as the current trend in accommodation services
Komínková, Lucie ; Oberhel, Martin (advisor) ; Hajdíková, Taťána (referee)
The purpose of this work is to analyze the issue of Green Management and to carry out research on the accommodation used by Green management and to find out how customers perceive this accommodation. OASA Autocamp was selected for research in this work. Research explores how customers perceive this accommodation and how satisfied they are with it. This thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, Green management is analyzed as such and briefly explained the procedures of marketing research. The practical part is focused on the research itself, where the goal of the thesis and its research questions are defined and the results of the whole research and its interpretation are presented. In conclusion, the recommendations are based on the results of the research.

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