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Consumer Society and Representation of Happiness in Advertising
Žatečka, Lukáš ; Šrám, Kristián (advisor) ; Kolomoiets, Maksym (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with advertising representation of happiness in the context of consumer society theory. The aim of this work is to find out what possibilities of interpretation of happiness are in connection with consumer products, which mediate advertisements to their viewers. TV and online advertisements related to the environment of the Czech Republic are examined. The first part of the thesis deals with theoretical basis for themes of consumer society, advertising and happiness. Consumer society is conceptualized as hedonically oriented and established in the materialistic concept of the world. Advertising is seen as the main ideological tool of consumer society that is used to transform values. The happiness is seen from both perspectives, the hedonic and eudaimonic. Due to the abstract nature of happiness, constitutive elements of happiness are derived from expert discourse and serve as a conceptual framework and a default category for analysis. The default categories are social relationships, productive activity and health. The qualitative based empirical part subsequently processed the representation in advertising. The sample consists of 24 ads. The qualitative content analysis method is used for work with data. In the analysis, the central motives are identified for each default...
Intersubjectivity of economic knowledge: Ukraine and Czechia
Kolomoiets, Maksym ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Blokker, Paulus Albertus (referee)
Topic of work is an intersubjectivity of economic knowledge. Work is descriving the process, how is intersubjective economic knowledge may be manifested and legitimized in speech by lay individuals. In general, knowledge is presented as created, redacted and legitimized during the process of speech as an ongoing activity, intersubjective symbols are used as tools to proclaim itself. In the theoretical part, broad overview of sociological theories of knowledge are presented, and the research question was conceptualized by the terms of constructivist approach of Berger and Luckmann. Lay knowledge was manifested as mix of referring four modes of reasoning: economical rationality, societal rationality, habitual and doxic knowledge, discourses. Overemphasizing one of the mods leads to reducing the legitimity of manifestation, the process of balancing between modes is described. In addition, paper proposes suggestion of differences in intersubjective knowledge between Ukraine and Czechs, and discusses the possibilities of further research.

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