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Heterogeneity in forest vegetation monitoring with remote sensing
Kolešová, Petra ; Kolář, Jan (advisor) ; Potůčková, Markéta (referee)
Heterogeneity in forest vegetation monitoring with remote sensing Abtract The main aim of this diploma thesis is to examine the suitability of various classification approaches for forest vegetation categorization using Landsat 8 satellite imagery. Two satellite images acquired during vegetative period (8th March, 27th July 2013) were chosen. The overall goal of the study is to explore the potential of using statistical methods to obtain information about forest heterogeneity in a given territory. Chosen study sites are defined by administrative boundaries of selected municipalities from South and Central Bohemia located within following municipalities with extended powers - Blatná, Milevsko, Písek, Příbram and Sedlčany. Supervised and unsupervised classifications were used based on obtained training areas and orthophoto. The definition of chosen classes (coniferous forests, mixed forests, ecotones, structurally homogeneous deciduous forests and structurally heterogeneous deciduous forests) was identical with the categories used in "Project MT 11425-5/2010 The Mapping of Natural Zoonoses Focal Points, Transferable on Humans in the Czech Republic and Their Changes Affected by the Modification of Climate". Due to large amount of training datasets obtained from field survey, ortophoto and spectral analysis,...
Evalution of forest vegetation in National park Šumava by using remote sensing data
Kolešová, Petra ; Štych, Přemysl (advisor) ; Součková, Jana (referee)
EVALUATION OF FOREST VEGETATION IN NATIONAL PARK ŠUMAVA BY USING REMOTE SENSING DATA Abstract: The goal of this work was to evaluate the changes of forest land cover in NP Šumava. It include health, species specification and also the evaluation of the landscape type changes per time by using satellite high- and very-high resolution screening between 1995 - 2010. In background research, the importance of remote-land-search in general and specially in forestry was analysed. Furter more, the theoretical background for used methods was described, f.e. classification, "tresholding" or the NDVI and LAI vegetation index Metod . The last one was used for tree healthiness detection and different forest species composition was classified. In practical part the detailed procedure of classification and the creation of the vegetation indexes has been described. In epilogue the achieved result were evaluated, discussed and compared with subject publications. Key Words: Repote Sensing, Forests, Classification, Vegetation Index, Spruce Bark Beetle, National Park Šumava

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4 Kolesová, Petra
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