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Integration of disabled people in the Czech Republic and EU countries
Eitlerová, Anna ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Štangová, Věra (referee) ; Vysokajová, Margerita (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with a concurrent trend in approach to the integration of disabled people. It reflects the common evolution of the social progress in attitude to disabled people, it expands this topic with a question how the legislation of selected European countries (United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany) mirrors the social progress on narrowly specified field of legal regulation of education. Integration of disabled people like effort to fight against social exclusion is on the other hand very broad and multidimensional problematic on that account this thesis is focused on inclusive education which represents the modern course not only for European legislation but also for international community. The next reason for this is that absolving of educational process or education itself creates essential assumptions for integration into the society. The aim of diploma thesis is to analyse the situation in the field of integration of disabled people in Czech Republic de lege lata as well, to gather the information about legal regulations of inclusive education of different social politics and to suggest the options of Czech legislation in future.
Social aspects of ageing regarding homeless people in connection with systemic measures taken in the city of Prague
Pěnkava, Pavel ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee) ; Vágnerová, Marie (referee)
Homelessness is a socio-pathological phenomenon, caused by the inability of an individual to deal with crisis situations and leading to the lost of relationships but also the material environment. As a result of the above, the social exclusion of the individuals gradually becomes unchangeable. Here, Pěnkava (2013) describes the vertical decline within the social stratification, which brings a deep frustration and in a number of cases leads to resignation on the efforts to deal efficiently with the unfavorable situation. The causes of such collapse are multifactorial and hence, in order to solve them there is cooperation on the level of multidisciplinary teams needed. However, numerous issues are currently being solved by social workers only, who in many cases are forced to replace experts in fields such as law, psychology, pedagogy of leisure time, geriatry or medicine. The central theme of the dissertation is dealing with the possibilities and limitations of people without home in old age living in the Capital City of Prague. Considering the factors of age, the diversity in satisfying their needs and the associated risks involved, is this a specific group of people that is, moreover, at immediate risk to their lives and health. As a consequence, the dignity of these people is being hurt not only...
Maternity and Parenthood through the view of Labour Law and Social Security Law
Filipová, Lucie ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee)
Maternity and Parenthood through the view of Labour Law and Social Security Law Abstract This theses deals with the social event of pregnancy, maternity and parenthood in the wider labour and social contexts. The aim of this theses is to analyse the individual stages of the employee's working life based on the birth of the child. Attention is paid to the maternity and parental leave, with particular reference the limited possibilities termination of employment during their drawing. In this context, the different types of financial benefits belonging to parents taking care of children, whose purpose is to compensate for the loss of income or dampening of gainful activities resulting from the necessary personal care of a child. The theses also deals with the interconnection of individual institutes of labour law and social security law in terms of employee's participation in the system of sickness, pension and public health insurance, taking into account the specific conditions of participation of insured persons in these systems while they are taking maternity and parental leave, or receiving sickness insurance or state social support benefits. The attention is also paid to the financial security of parents in the event of loss of employment through the unemployment benefits, describing in detail the system...
The development of the French pension system
Zajíček, Tomáš ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Munková, Gabriela (referee)
The thesis deals with the pension system evolution in France. Its main objective is to provide the detailed description concerning the development of the French social security system especially focused on the social security for elderly people. The contemporary pension system is the result of the long evolution lasting for centuries. Despite the fact that it is also based on obligatory participation, a lot of differences can be found by comparison to the other European countries. The system in France consists of several independent systems that are governed by different rules. This plurality finds its principal origin in the Napoleonic era when the first pension schemes for some specific professions have been settled. The variability of pension benefits for different groups of insured persons was the main cause why the concept of one uniform scheme for social insurance has failed after WW2. The first decades after establishing the universal (but not uniform) social security system were characterized by the economic growth and by the exceptionally favourable demographic situation. The difficulties appeared in 70s when the slowdown of the economic growth had a negative impact on labour market. Governments seemed to be preparing the deep system reform to solve the social system revenue decline...
The principle of solidarity and its impact on the Czech social security system
Bohuněk, Metoděj ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Lang, Roman (referee)
66 The principle of solidarity and its impact on the Czech social security system Abstract This thesis studies and describes the application of the social solidarity principle in the social security law, which is an elementary principle in this field. It is a widely discussed topic, as the extent of its application directly impacts the standard of living for most people. It is the care for the needy that determines the cultural character of given society. The thesis consists of the general part and the special part. In the general part, the social solidarity principle is defined, as well as other principles: the contradictory principle of equivalence, the justice principle and the subsidiarity principle. The general part also deals with the philosophical and historical context of solidarity that stems from the Jewish-Christian roots of the European culture. In the modern era, it focuses on the evolution of the conception of solidarity and solidarity principle in the area of the Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. It shows that the current state of the social security system builds on the rich intellectual past of Czech economists and lawyers. Moreover, there are inspiring people and ideas in this area nowadays. It is a never-ending task to keep looking for the best among them. The special part analyses the...
Forced Labour in the Czech Republic
Aldorf, Lukáš ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee) ; Stránský, Jaroslav (referee)
Forced Labour in the Czech Republic Abstract The submitted dissertation thesis examines so far neglected issue of forced labour in the Czech Republic in its complexity, i.e. both its lawful (e.g. work performed by imprisoned persons) and unlawful forms. It seeks to discover whether the present law (and extra-legal regulation) on this topic is sufficient. For this purpose it examines not only the corresponding law across individual branches of law, but also its place in the historical and moral- philosophical context. In the first parts, the submitted thesis deals with the existence of free will as a precondition of considering a work freely chosen and with the existence and content of objective morality as a precondition of considering anything morally right. Special attention is dedicated to forced labour during Protectorate and communist regime in Czechoslovakia. The core parts of the submitted thesis consist of an analysis of corresponding international, European and national law. The attention shifts from first international conventions dealing with this issue adopted by International Labour Organisation to rich case law of the European Court of Human Rights and finally to Czech legal order where e.g. transfer of an employee to alternative work without his or her consent, transfer of employees' rights,...
Neviditelný problém: rovnost a diskriminace v praxi
Skálová, Helena ; Fialová, Eva ; Koldinská, Kristina ; Sokačová, Linda ; Štěpánková, Martina
Sborník textů autorského kolektivu k problematice rovnosti a diskriminace v ČR
Social assistance for seniors
Trnková, Šárka ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Munková, Gabriela (referee)
1 "Social assistance for seniors" Abstract The rigorous thesis aims at the theme of social services and care allowance in connection to care towards specific social services clients who are the elderly. The aging of population is the very actual topic not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The Czech population grows. However, the growth within the group of elderly is considerable compared to others. According to the forecasts, the population will still be getting older, and that will result in a greater need for care of the elderly. The rigorous thesis consists of six parts. The first chapter deals with the aging and old age, including the ageism phenomenon, and outlines social assistance for the elderly as a part of the social security system of the Czech Republic. The second chapter aims at social services not only from the view of users (the elderly) but also of social services providers. The author has tried to analyse the potential difficulties of social work. The system of social services financing is also mentioned. The third chapter describes care allowance, eligibility for it, its control, and use. The rigorous thesis identifies deficiencies in the legal framework and outlines the de lege ferenda solution; both are crucial for the work. The fourth chapter includes demographical and...
Social care for the elderly
Třešňáková, Martina ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Munková, Gabriela (referee)
Social care for the elderly Abstract The thesis deals with the issue of social care in the Czech Republic with regard to persons in retirement age. The main aim of this diploma thesis was to summarize the basic facts about this care and to provide the reader with a clear list of possible improvements or alternatives of social care for the elderly in various social security areas. In the introductory part, the paper first examines whether there is a need to address this topic and whether the Czech population is really getting old. These hypotheses have been confirmed on the basis of statistical data. This analysis also showed that resolving aging in the Czech Republic can solve support for family care. This form of care is the cheapest and easiest form of care in the Czech cultural and social environment. For this reason, the second chapter examines specifically family care in the Czech Republic. It deals first with the advantages and disadvantages of family care, then mentions the issue of gender imbalance in providing this care and the contemporary phenomenon of the sandwich generation. In one subchapter, the work mentions also the disproportionation of the old-age pension benefit of a family care provider where this care is provided for more than 15 years, and how this benefit could be proportionally...
Legislation of the women's position on labor market
Jehnová, Veronika ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
Legislation of the women's position on labor market Abstract The aim of this thesis called "Legislation of the women's situation on labor market" is to describe not only current situation but also historic progression of women's position in employment relations. It is focused on the regulation of equal treatment and the prohibition of discrimination in international law, European law and Czech law and also on special working conditions of women, which are established for protection of female employees during pregnancy and maternity. I also try to acquaint readers with judicial decisions in this area. Women's situation on labor market was not always great and they had to fought for better position. Traditional arrangement where house keeping and raising kids is naturally considered as women's responsibility is still common in most families. That is why lots of women have to learn how to coordinate mother's role and their job. My thesis is divided into five chapters. First chapter is dedicated to evolution of women's position in society and on labor market from 19th century to the period after Velvet revolution in 1989. Second and third chapters are focused on equal treatment and the prohibition of discrimination. While the purpose of the second chapter is to define these expressions, the third chapter serves...

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