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Intercultural foundations of law on the example of a comparison of ownership
Kolín, Ondřej ; Kühn, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Wintr, Jan (referee)
Ondřej Kolín Resumé: The name of this thesis could be translated as "Comparison of ownership as an example of Intercultural basis of law. " As you can see it is quite a long name and it needs clarification. During reading Leopold Pospíšil's book Antropology of law I was very surprised of how effective and sophisticated Kapauku Papuan's law of land ownership is. In my first work, that was created as a thesis at Faculty of humanities, Charles University, I compared their system of law with system of law in Czech Republic. What really interested me back then was total clarity of their land law - it has fourteen categories of land and each of them contains not only description of the land itself (i.e. jungle, field, road etc.) but also whole legal regulation concerning the land. It is truly fascinating characteristic and I was wondering whether our law, Czech law, has something similar to that. I have been difficult to compare two totally different systems of law but in the end of the day it turned out that Czech law has indeed some land categories that works similarly. It is a forest in the first place, ponds and rivers, and roads where the function is a bit compromised however. After this discovery I was wondering about the law itself. My question was:"Are there some other similarities between our law and...

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