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Drugs in socialist Czechoslovakia
Kolář, Jan ; Pullmann, Michal (advisor) ; Nožina, Miroslav (referee) ; Vaněk, Miroslav (referee)
The issue of drugs and drug addiction is one of the greatest unresolved (and probably unresolvable) problems of mankind. This topic encountered a rocket rise in the Czech environment especially after the Velvet Revolution. The problem itself, nevertheless, germinated in the times of Communist dictatorship. For ideological reasons, however, it has long been trivialized, concealed, or attributed to the "decadent West" and to its affiliated domestic "elements". Serious drug-related debates took place in the Normalization period almost exclusively on the pages of professional publications and magazines kept from the eyes of ordinary citizen. The topic of drug addiction began to penetrate the public space without the old ideological templates in the second half of the 1980s, in connection with liberalization after the inauguration of M.S. Gorbachev into the leader of Communists in the Soviet Union. Regardless of the "wishes and complaints" of the Communist establishment, a subculture of young drug addicts emerged in Czechoslovakia, which had its values, hierarchies, symbols and its problems too. In the 1980s, several tens of thousands of people were involved, and if we add several hundreds of thousands elderly people who abused psychotropic medications, we find out how a major problem it was in the...
Evaluation of the Financial Situation in the Company and Proposals to its improvement
Straková, Veronika ; Kolář, Jan (referee) ; Fojtů, Kateřina (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to evaluate the financial health of selected company XY. in the period 2012-2016. From the available financial records, the relevant indicators will be calculated according to the theoretical part. The last part, the design part, will outline possible options for improving the situation, with indicators that will have negative results.
Forest species determination from satellite data
Launer, Michal ; Kolář, Jan (advisor) ; Brodský, Lukáš (referee)
Forest species determination from satellite data Abstract This thesis examines the species composition of forests from satellite images using the pixel classification. The research was done on 24 forest locations in The Ustecký Region, The Karlovarský Region, The Plzeňský Region and The Central Bohemian Region in the Czech Republic. In this thesis, data from the Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 satellites from summer season and the Random Forest Classifier method were used. The layer of species composition of forests from map portal LhpoMap was used as reference data. The method of work consisted of a broad literature search to select the most favourable classifier and to choose the most advantageous input parameter values to achieve the highest overall accuracy of the classification. The practical part was focused on creating a software classification process. The accuracy of the individual image values was verified using matrix errors. Based on the literature search, the Random Forest classifier was used to classify the images. Parameter values were used for the Gini criterion, 500 decision trees, and the other parameters were left with default values. The entire classification process was performed in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro software using Python programming language with the help of the sklearn.ensemble module...
Skin surface water temperatures determination in selected lakes and reservoirs from satellite data
Formánek, Tomáš ; Kolář, Jan (advisor) ; Brodský, Lukáš (referee)
LAKE SURFACE TEMPERATURE DETERMINED BY SATELLITE IMAGES Abstract The aim of this master thesis is to create a method to determine surface temperature of water in lake Osoyoos (LSWT - Lake Surface Water Temperature). It is necessary to know this temperature in order to make easier decisions in a paradigm of global warming processes. Thanks to LSWT it is possible to make a timeline visualisation of temperature development in years. The first chapter deals with a physical definition of how to get thermal information - the basis of remote thermal sensing is measuring of radiance intensity and it's transformation to brightness temperature. This radiation is not only influenced by atmospheric properties but also by local climatic and meteorological conditions, but it is also influenced by the relief. The thesis seeks to create a method for calculating surface temperature of lake Osoyoos located at Canadian-American border. This calculation is based on data provided by ASTER using a split-window method. The method works with the differences in bands of sensing in order to remove atmospheric influences. This thesis contains several charts, graphs and pictures. The final result of this paper is a map of distribution of lake surface water temperatures. Keywords: Thermal remote sensing, land surface temperature, ASTER, TIR

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