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Repealing NAFTA: The impact on international trade with focus on Mexico
Kolář, Daniel ; Semerák, Vilém (advisor) ; Cazachevici, Alina (referee)
The North American Free Trade Agreement came into force in 1994 after long and emotive discussions. When Donald Trump became the US president in 2016, its future became uncertain, which motivates this paper to attempt to quantify the impact of its repeal. To do that, it uses a standard GTAP general equilibrium model and models an increase of intra-NAFTA tariffs to the derived MFN rates. It finds that NAFTA repeal would notably reduce intra-NAFTA trade and have a modest but negative impact on countries' welfare. NAFTA repeal is estimated to decrease Canadian GDP by 0.48%, US GDP by 0.39% and Mexican GDP by 0.06%. It would severely damage US-Mexico value chains and increase income inequality in Mexico by hurting unskilled workers more. Additional simulations are performed to control for variation in sectoral MFN rates and to observe the sensitivity of results to the choice of closure. The only positive of NAFTA repeal is that it might mitigate regional economic disparities in Mexico by damaging sectors concentrating their production near the US-Mexico border. 1
Lexical elements of National Socialist language and their lexicographic treatment
Kolář, Daniel ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Hejhalová, Věra (referee)
This thesis deals with lexical elements of National Socialist language and its aim is to study their lexicographic treatment. The theoretical part first of all sketches the elementary historical connection among language, lexicography and the political regime and it explains the effect of the politics on language through three historical examples, among which the language of the Third Reich is the most important one. As far as the language of the Third Reich is concerned, the attitudes of the NSDAP to language and language maintenance are further explained. The theoretical part is concluded by characterization and overview of the most important lexicographic projects which were implemented during the National Socialism. The practical part focuses on the contemporary lexicographic treatment of certain chosen lexemes which were mostly used during the period of National Socialism. This treatment is mostly based on the comparison of their past and their contemporary meanings and their representation in the contemporary discourse. The various types of discourse are analyzed by the corpus methods developed at the Institute of German Language in Mannheim.
Komplexní zhodnocení současného stavu a péče o maloplošná zvláště chráněná území CHKO Poodří
Kolář, Daniel
ABSTRACT Daniel Kolář Title: Complementary evaluation of the current state and care of small-scale protected area of the PLA Poodří This thesis deals with assessment and evaluation of state and care of 15 structurally diverse small scale specially protected landscape areas (SPLA) under the PLA Poodří authority, applying the Methodology of Evaluation of Small-scale Specially Protected Landscape Areas (Svátek and Buček 2005). In terms of the final evaluation, the current state of the SPLAs has been defined as good in the case of 10 SPLAs as average in the case of 4 SPLAs and has been defined as bad in the case of 1 SPLAs . The assessed care has been defined as good in the case of 9 SPLAs, as average in the case of 5 SPLAs, and as poor in one case (it is a comparative evaluation of an area which was excluded from the list of SPLAs of the PLA Poodří a year ago). The thesis deals with and suggests partial measures and remedies concerning preservation or improvement of the state and care of the protected areas in question. In the conclusion, the thesis assesses and evaluates the complementary analysis of the state and care of small-scale SPLA administrated by PLA Poodří.

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12 KOLÁŘ, David
12 Kolář, David
1 Kolář, Dominik
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