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Electrochemical Study of Selected Pyrene Derivatives as Precursors to Organic Semiconductors
Koláčná, Lucie ; Tobrman, T. ; Ludvík, Jiří
A series of 9 precursors for pyrene based biodegradable organic (semi)conductors having tetrasubstituted double bond as a central organic core and photo- or redox active centers attached at this core were electrochemically investigated in order to determine the influence of individual parts of the molecule on the redox properties, to describe the location of the reduction center and to understand the structure - redox activity relationship of the mentioned compounds.
Hodnocení vlivu doplňkových závlah s přídavkem bioaditiv v kulturách zeleniny
Koláčná, Lucie
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of the bioaditivs on the pepper (Capsicum annuum). For a given experiment were selected products based on bacteria strains , exactly : Azospirillum brasilense K2012 242/9 , Azospirillum largimobile B41 K2012, K2009 Leuconostoc mesenteroides 25/4 , Pseudomonas chlororaphis K2009 13/4, Pseudomonas lundensis K2009 9/4-B and algal bio-preparation R49S/2011 companies Rawat . Furthermore, the variant treated with arbuscular fungi , the inoculum was composed of Glomus intraradices BEG140, Glomus claroideum BEG210 , Glomus microaggregatum BEG56, Glomus intraradices S7, Glomus versiforme a saprophytic fungus Trichoderma harzianum. Next experiment contained a variant treated with phenyl and seven untreated control variant. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of the additives, namely the action of bacterial additives on the yield and nutritional parameters. The entire experiment was carried out in the Slovak village Závod. The results were analyzed statistically using programme STATISTICA 12. Based on the obtained results, it is evident that the variant algae + bacteria was found to increase revenues , compared to control treatment. The highest yield was achieved in the variations of Mycorrhiza + Trichoderma. The nutritional parameters were determined total antioxidant capacity in fruits, vitamin C and dry matter content . High levels of vitamin C were achieved in variants Phenyl 7, at least variants Algae + bacteria between these variants was statistically significant difference of almost 50 %. Total antioxidant capacity was clearly highest in control untreatment variant. Among the variants and Algae Control + bacteria was 37 %. In determining the content of dry matter was found that a minimum content of dry matter showed variant Algae + bacteria, 4.75%.

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