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Lyme borreliosis, clinical and laboratory diagnosis
Kohoutová, Lucie ; Jílek, Petr (advisor) ; Konečná, Klára (referee)
Author: Mgr. Lucie Kohoutová Title: Lyme borreliosis, clinical and laboratory diagnosis University: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove Field of study: Pharmacy Background: We investigated the situation at laboratory and clinical diagnosis in the area of Havlíčkův Brod from 2011 to 2012. We focused on how the suggested laboratory methods were respected in the first half of our paper. Also one of our main interests was the number of patients with positive results of serology and liquor tests. The next aim was to point out how complex was the process of all tests evaluation to neuroborreliosis. The second part of our rigorous work was dedicated to the real state of diagnosis and therapy of the lyme disease in the area that belongs to Havlíčkův Brod's Hospital. Our aim was to verify if the recommended rules of diagnosing and therapy published by Czech Society of Infectology were respected. And of course if there's sufficient knowledge of the disease. Methods: The data were gained from the laboratory of immunology (Department of Collective Laboratories of Havlíčkův Brod's Hospital). Patients were judged in several categories: the result of particular exams (ELISA, westernblot, immunoblot) in time, the sex, the date of sampling (alternatively other samplings), the doctor...
Characteristics of novel protein interactions of gamma-tubulin and their roles with microtubules and in cell division
Kohoutová, Lucie ; Binarová, Pavla (advisor) ; Kubelka, Michal (referee) ; Dráber, Pavel (referee)
Spatial and temporal regulation of microtubule nucleation and dynamics is required for formation of specific microtubular arrays that react to internal and external signals and change accordingly. Microtubules are nucleated from microtubule-organizing centres such as centrosomes in animal cells or spindle pole bodies in fungi. All higher plants lack centrosomes and thus present a model for study of acentrosomal cell division and microtubule nucleation and organization. γ-Tubulin is a conserved protein from tubulin superfamily with a central role in microtubule nucleation. It also regulates microtubule dynamics and organization including mitotic spindle positioning. Moreover, γ-tubulin functions in cell cycle regulation, checkpoints control, regulation of transcription, and coordination of late mitotic events. We aimed to characterize protein interactions of γ-tubulin and their functions in Arabidopsis. We identified Arabidopsis homologue of putative centrososomal protein RanBPM. Our data showed that AtRanBPM is a member of CTLH complexes. Our finding of CTLH complexes in plants confirmed their conservation in eukaryotic cells. We found that NITRILASE1 is a cell cycle regulator in Arabidopsis that is important for maintenance of genome stability and proper cell division. We studied a role of AtTPX2,...
JNK3 MAP-kinase localization in the brain of mice with Alzheimer's disease
Kohoutová, Lucie ; Rathouská, Jana (advisor) ; Herink, Josef (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Biological and Medical Sciences Student: Lucie Kohoutová Supervisor: PharmDr. Jana Rathouská, Ph. D. Specialized supervisor: Dr. Maria Javier Ramirez Title of diploma thesis: JNK3 MAP-kinase localization in the brain of mice with Alzheimer's disease Background: The pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD) is incompletely understood. Discovery of c-Jun N-terminal kinases (JNKs), involved in regulation of gene expression, inflammation, cell proliferation and apoptosis, may contribute to better understanding of AD pathogenesis. JNK3 is a brain-specific JNK isoform involved in apoptosis of mammalian neurons. Precise localization of JNK3 in the brain still remains unclear. JNK3 silencing achieved by gene knockout had directly decreased beta amyloid (Aβ) levels in previous AD models in mice. We performed an immunohistological study to localize JNK3 gene in the mice brain in order to better focus future gene targeting therapy. Methods: A transgenic mice model of AD (Tg2576) has been used to study the expression of JNK3 by western blotting compared to the wild type. In the same brains localization of pJNK3 in astroglia (GFAP), microglia (Ox42), neurons (NeuN), senile plaques (Aβ) or pTau, using immunohistochemistry staining...
Zhe Project: user-generated content from the perspective of quality control and creators' motivation. Case study
Kohoutová, Lucie ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Štechová, Markéta (referee)
This Master degree thesis deals with content quality regulation and motivation to participate in the project - web server dedicated to reviews of restaurants and other culinary venues. The server represents a specific case of user-generated content (UGC) whose content comes from closed community of reviewers chosen among non-professional food lovers by the server's founder. Aim of this thesis is to describe this filtration and regulation process as well as the qualitative criteria applied to reviewers and reviews, both from the point of view of administrators and community members. It uses the theory of reputation systems as well as Carpentier's more dynamic concept of quality as the ever-changing result of democratic negotiations (in the context of community media, as can be to a certain extent). Motivations for participation are explained with Bourdieu's concepts of social and cultural capital and their later derivations. Empirical part of the study is based on qualitative interviews with administrators and 11 community members and following thematical analysis. Interview data are completed with analysis of texts - Scuk guidelines, reviews and other community communication. We found out that the first access filter plays a key role in content regulation, creating like- minded...
Lyme borreliosis
Kohoutová, Lucie ; Jílek, Petr (advisor) ; Křivčíková, Lucie (referee)
Author: Lucie Kohoutova Title: Lyme borreliosis (Diploma thesis) University: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove Field of study: Pharmacy Background: We investigated the presence of Lyme disease in the area of Havlickuv Brod based on laboratory diagnostics of specific or non- specific antibodies in the blood serum and in the liquor. The aim was to define typical laboratory signs of illness and recommend racional methods in diagnosis of Lyme disease. Methods: We used the data from Havlickuv Brod hospital laboratory of immunology. Patients were dividend into the groups according to the results of basic tests (if there were immunoglobulines type M and type G in serum or liquor), sex, age, the day of blood collection, code of diagnosis, patient's doctor and the type of running tests (ELISA, westernblot). These groups were compared. Patients with at least one positive result in basic tests and with any of additional test at the same time were divided in compliance with relations amongst these types of tests. We tried to determine appropriate interval between taking samples during monitoring the dynamics of the disease by contribution- based method. Results: More threatned by Lyme borreliosis are older women and people over the age of fifty- five. The highest number of new...
Comparative analysis of council's magazine Praha 1 and the Pražan magazine
Kohoutová, Lucie ; Kocourková, Lucie (referee) ; Křeček, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis "Comparative analysis of council's magazine Praha 1 and the Pražan magazine" deals with two magazines distributed to citizens of Prague 1st city district - the magazine published by city council and the magazine published by Věci veřejné, political party in opposition. The aim of this thesis is to compare preferred topics and image of townhall leadership and political opposition provided by the magazines in question, by means of the content analysis method. In the first part the terminology, related papers, law context and main problematic features of the council magazines are introduced, followed by description of serials (for which working title "opposition serials" is used) that stand and write against city councils. The following practical part first describes all involved institutions, local actors and the analyzed magazines including their production background. Content analysis of issues published between april 2009 and april 2010 is central to this thesis as it brings answers to the research questions: 1. which topics are the most salient in the analyzed magazines; 2. how often and in which context is portrayed the townhall leadership; 3. how often and in which context is portrayed the townhall opposition; 4. to which extent the magazines cover the same topics and write about each...
Development and application of relationship marketing
Kohoutová, Lucie ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Kolouchová, Daniela (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Development and application of relationship marketing", deals with the historical origin of individual relationship marketing approaches that lead to the creation of long-term and therefore mutually beneficial partnerships with key parties. The author also explains the concept of CRM, the conditions for quality customer relationship management and discusses the different aspects that contribute significantly to the gaining of customer trust and loyalty for the long term. The practical part illustrates the theoretical knowledge on the specific example of Tesco company, what successfully managed to create the Clubcard program, supporting customer loyalty. The practical part was complemented by a survey of 160 university students, with the focus on the frequency of use for the loyalty program and the willingness of a individual to provide personal data.
Home Hospice Care
Dying and death are topics which most people do not wish to talk about. However, at some point they touch every individual and therefore it is necessary, especially in social spheres, to confront these issues. This assignment concentrates on discovering the hurdles which people meet when caring for loved ones who are terminally-ill at home. The goal of this study is not to eliminate all possible hurdles that hamper care of the dying, but rather facilitate knowledge to those who are interested in giving this kind of care. The theoretical part obtains information about hospice care, further detailed characteristics of home hospice care and a focus on the family as the main source of this care. The research part is made up of a qualitative survey and to collect data a partially-prepared interview was used. The people who were interviewed comprised of fifteen relatives of clients from the Tereza Treatment Centre in Prague 10. In view of the goal of this work, as described above, the following research question was used: What hurdles do family members face when offering terminally-ill relatives care during their final stages at home? The answer to this gave the following as hurdles: physically demanding care, disruption of family relationships, inability to ensure continual care for the terminally-ill, financially demanding care, psychological demanding care, inability to give expert health care, limits associated with accommodation and worsening care of hygiene of the terminally-ill. One overall goal of this study was to discover what is actually known about home hospice care. The research showed that it is unsatisfactory. Only three out of fifteen of those questioned were able to characterise this form of care. Home hospice care is a needed part of care for the dying and therefore a bigger emphasis should be made on the spreading and building up of a net of home hospices and also on the removal of hurdles which hamper this care. Either of these cannot be realised without increasing public awareness.

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