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Scala Programming Language and Its Use for Data Analysis
Kohout, Tomáš ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Zendulka, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with comparing the Scala programming language with other commonly used languages for data analysis. These languages are evaluated on the basis of the following categories: data manipulation and visualization, machine learning and concurent processing capabilities. The evaluation then shows the strengths and weaknesses of Scala. The strengths will be demonstrated on application for email categorization.
Physical properties of meteorites and their role in planetology
Kohout, Tomáš ; Kobr, Miroslav (advisor) ; Petrovský, Eduard (referee) ; Funaki, Minora (referee)
Physical properties of meteorites and their role in planetology Tomáš Kohout Together with cosmic spherules, interplanetary dust particles and lunar samples returned by Apollo and Luna missions, meteorites are the only source of extraterrestrial material on Earth. They represent samples of various space bodies from asteroids to other planets. Some are remains of parent bodies, which completely disintegrated during giant collisions and no longer exist in the Solar System. The physical properties of meteorites, especially their magnetic susceptibility, bulk and grain density and porosity, have wide applications in meteorite research such as meteorite classification, studies of their origin, level of terrestrial weathering, shock history and in the estimation of the physical appearance oťtheir parent bodies - asteroids. For example, the comparison of a meteorite's density, porosity or magnetic susceptibility to that of a compositionally similar asteroid may reveal its internal structure. For such purposes, an expanded database of meteorite physical properties was compiled with new measurements done in meteorite collections across Europe using a mobile laboratory facility. However, the scale problem may bring discrepancies in the comparison of asteroid and meteorite properties. Due to inhomogenity, the physical...
Prerequisites for building magnetometer out of carbon nanotubes for geological applications
Mazanec, Martin ; Kletetschka, Günther (advisor) ; Kohout, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis is the first step in a long-therm project with object to built magnetometer from carbon nanotubes. At the beginning of the thesis is introduction to magnetism and its basic physical characteristics, brief description of the Earth's magnetic field, some magnetic minerals and material behavior in a magnetic filed. All this in a geological context. In the second part I focus on the measurment of the magnetic field, especially on some specific device. The third part deals with the allotrope of carbon - graphene structures. It offers a brief overview of thein properties, one chapter about the productiona and possible use. In discussion I try to combine these parts with a specific purpose, which is the uso of carbon nanotubes in measuring the rock magnetism. We present a simplified funcion principle of the discussed device, the first steps of construction and inicial measurment.
Modeling of meteorite impact
Takáč, Marian ; Kletetschka, Günther (advisor) ; Kohout, Tomáš (referee)
In Febuary 2013, in spectacular light and sound accompaintmen a meteorite hit the Russian Federation. Small fragment which landed in populated areas caused together with blust wave damage. The largest part broke the ice crust on the lake in outskirts of Chebarkul. The circular shaped hole gave rise to various conspiracy theories. About half of the year after impact the meteorite was lifted and conspiracy theories boken. The event immediately raised interest in the issue of the impacts of meteorites and phenomena associated with them. Processes when the meteor is passing trough atmosphere, impact craters, their origin and characteristics, computer models, types of meteorites and their origin. Or just a mystery of the hole in the ice crust of the lake Chebarkul. Science has got answers for such toppics. This paper is just trying to summarize them.
Possibilities of SinuTrain software in programming of CNC machine tools
Kohout, Tomáš ; Sliwková, Petra (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
This thesis illustrates the potential use of software SinuTrain for programming CNC machine tools on the component Sugar Bowl. First of all, Sinumerik 840D control system - ShopTurn is briefly positioned among other control systems. Subsequently, the technological preparation of production is processed for the two alternatives. The first one is production version from the rod blank 160 mm and the second one is production variant from a pre-cast. NC programs are created for the production of components of both technological options of Sugar Bowl in the software SinuTrain 6.3 - 6.4 V Open ShopTurn. The variants of technological solutions are compared with each other in the technical-economic evaluation. The pre-cast variant is better for manufacturing more than 50 pieces of the Sugar Bowls.
Rapid prototyping methods suitable for foundry technology
Kohout, Tomáš ; Kuzma, Zbyněk (referee) ; Horáček, Milan (advisor)
Rapid Prototyping is an essential part of the modern foundry. The aim of this bachelor thesis is an overview of technologies Rapid Prototyping and its application in the rapid production of prototype castings. Furthermore, this work addresses the most important applications in the foundry industry.
Development of aplications in Ruby language
This work is engaged in a script language Ruby and its enlargement Ruby on Rails for developing web aplications. It is attended to features of Ruby language in different examples. It illustrates bindings between Ruby and Ruby on Rails framework. It describes techniques and procedures for developing aplications in this language. Furthermore it is focused on development tools and suitable environments for a production in Ruby (Ruby on Rails). It tries to compare Ruby with the other programming languages and it sums up the facilities of programmers in Ruby. Part of this work is a project of concrete aplication in Ruby language {--} web server of sudoku with complete documentation, developing schemes (UML) and complete source codes.

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