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Pronatalist population policy in the 1970s in the countries of Eastern block
Chlapec, Dominik ; Kocourková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Fialová, Ludmila (referee)
In the countries of Eastern bloc, the 1970s were the period of the biggest boom of population policies which targeted to increase fertility. This thesis aims to create an overview and to compare these population policies and their most frequent instruments. Among those were family allowances, birth payments, maternity leave and abortion policies. Transversal and cohort indicators were studied in reaction to the implemented policies.
Differences in the structure of mothers and their newborn children born in Czechia in 2014 related to the use of the IVF method
Havelková, Tereza ; Šídlo, Luděk (advisor) ; Kocourková, Jiřina (referee)
Differences in the structure of mothers and their newborn children born in Czechia in 2014 related to the use of the IVF method Abstract The work deals with the evaluation of specific aspects in mothers who became pregnant after the application of in vitro fertilization (IVF) methods in comparison with mothers who did not undergo such treatment. Apart from mothers themselves, the comparative analysis also focuses on newborn children, again distinguishing between those children who were most likely born following IVF treatment and those who were not. The analysis makes use of individual anonymized data of reported health care from the GHIC CR database for mothers who gave birth in 2014 and their newborn children. The introductory part of the work deals with the overview of the development of assisted reproduction, its success rate and the consequences associated with the development of its methods. Subsequently, data for newborn children and their mothers are analyzed on the basis of the sex of the newborn, the birth weight, the frequency of birth, the type of birth, complications of mothers and newborns during hospitalization related to childbirth, the length of hospitalization after birth and costs associated with hospitalization after birth. The aim of the work is to evaluate the resulting structural...
Reproductive ageing and its reflection in obstetrics in Czechia
Waldaufová, Eva ; Šťastná, Anna (advisor) ; Kocourková, Jiřina (referee)
Reproductive ageing and its reflection in obstetrics in Czechia Abstract The aim of this thesis is to explore trends in obstetrics in Czechia in the context of increasing maternal age. The key issue is the rise in the percentage of births performed by caesarean section. The first part of the work sums up the current knowledge of fertility development and describes the selected effects of fertility postponement, health risks, especially of caesarean sections. Subsequently, the evolution of fertility in Czechia between 1989 and 2018 and the development in the proportion of births by caesarean section from 1994 to 2018 are analysed. The incidence of caesarean section births is examined based on individual anonymous data from the National Health Information System in 2018. It considers the age of the mothers and other characteristics of the mothers and newborns in Czechia. The odds of giving birth by caesarean section are estimated using the binary logistical regression method. It turns out that in recent years the growth of births executed by caesarean section has stopped, although the age of mothers and the use of assisted reproduction methods continues to grow. Reproductive ageing is reflected in the increase in caesarean section births, but at the same time its occurrence is influenced by a number of other...
Evaluation of China's population policy
Jodlová, Adéla ; Kocourková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Kalibová, Květa (referee)
Evaluation of China's population policy Abstract This thesis discusses China's population policy and its aim is to evaluate various programs and analyze their effectiveness. The methodological part describes the base of data and indicators by which the influence of population policy can be measured. The literary review is followed by an analytical part that deals with the development of fertility in the context of population policies, postponing marriage and changing reproductive plans, which are crucial for future policy development. The effectiveness of these programs in China is assessed by comparing the effectiveness of policies in Vietnam and Japan, as well as using selected indicators. An integral part of the thesis is an analysis of the consequences of policies and an outline of possible future development. Based on the results of the analysis, China's population policy has been effective as it has achieved its goal of reducing fertility. On the other hand, the one-child policy has caused many negative consequences, which the new universal two-child policy introduced in 2016 aims to reduce. Key words: population policy, one-child policy, universal two-child policy, reproduction plans, effectiveness of programs, negative consequences
Swedish model of family policy as an inspiration for Czechia
Lenz, Patrik ; Kocourková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee)
Swedish model of family policy as an inspiration for Czechia Abstract The aim of this diploma thesis is to compare the development and current setting of Swedish and Czech family policy. The reason for the comparison of the state systems in the area of family support is the potential inspiration in the measures or direction of Swedish family policy in Czechia. Like the Czech model, the Swedish model of family policy is based on financial compensation for families. In addition, it provides government services (e.g. an extensive network of quality childcare centers) and the conceptuality in which Czech family policy lags. Demographic indicators examine the fertility of women in selected states in the context of family policy development. Selected indicators of female fertility show the influence of family policy in Czechia and Sweden. Besides other things the thesis deals with attitudes and opinions of inhabitants within the family values. These views were analysed based on the respondents' answers in the longitudinal research The European Values Study (EVS). Following the example of Sweden, support for the harmonization of maternity and working life or the involvement of fathers in childcare should be initially increased. Keywords: family policy, fertility, Sweden, Czechia Number of characters: 117 737
The effect of education on reproductive behaviour in low-fertility settings in Slovakia after 1992
Fekiačová, Eva ; Kocourková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Kalibová, Květa (referee)
Vzťah medzi realizovanou reprodukciou a najvyšším dosiahnutým vzdelaním je v súčasnosti jeden z hlavných faktorov reprodukčného správania. V postmoderných spoločnostiach je všeobecne spájaný s negatívnym efektom vyššej vzdelanostnej úrovne na počet narodených detí. Úroveň vzdelania neovplyvňuje len konečnú plodnosť žien, či čas vstupu do materstva. Rovnako vplýva aj na preferencie jedinca, normatívne orientácie a vývoj hodnôt. Spojitosť vzdelania a reprodukcie sa dá uchopiť vo viacerých rovinách. Predkladaná práca preto poukazuje na postojové rozdiely medzi jedincami jednotlivých vzdelanostných kategórií a ponúka na príklade Slovenska v období po roku 1992 analytické i teoretické vysvetlenie vývoja a diferencie reprodukčného správania. Kľúčové slová: vzdelanie, plodnosť, reprodukcia
Impact of economic development on fertility in Czechia after 2000
Benešová, Valentýna ; Šťastná, Anna (advisor) ; Kocourková, Jiřina (referee)
Impact of economic development on fertility in Czechia after 2000 Abstract The aim of this thesis is to explore the development of fertility in Czechia at the level of regions and districts and to compare it with the development of economy after 2000. The first part of the thesis summarizes the knowledge of fertility development and possible economic and other influences that affect it. Subsequently the development of unemployment and the development of fertility were analyzed, just like their relations in the Czech Republic between 2002-2017. The thesis is focused on the regional differentiation of the selected indicators. Most of the analysis was made at the level of the NUTS 3 of the Czechia. Hereby it can be confirmed that the economic development in the Czech Republic was very likely one of the important factors that also influenced the development of fertility. For a more detailed examination of patterns of reproductive behavior and unemployment a cluster analysis was made for territorial units at the level LAU 1. In this analysis the main indicators were included as well as their changes after 2008. This method managed to define several areas with identical fertility and unemployment characteristics. Key words: fertility, unemployment, economic development, Czechia, regional differentiation
Childlesness as way of life style
Kolářová, Karolína ; Kocourková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Šťastná, Anna (referee)
This thesis focuses on childlesness in lifestyle concept. The aim of the thesis is to characterize the lifestyle of childless respondents. The work describes the various lifestyle related factors and reproductive plans. Comprehensive analysis is processed using logistic regression and determines how much a given factors affects repro- ductive plans and ultimate childlessness. Key words: childlesness, life style, fertility, reproductive behaviour 1
The status of women on the labour market and motherhood
Machová, Monika ; Kocourková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Velková, Alice (referee)
The status of women on the labour market and motherhood The main objective of this thesis is to analyse the position of women in the labour market in selected countries representing different models of family policy. The analysed countries are the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. As first step, there are introduced conditions for the reconciliation of work and family life in selected countries and in the context of legislative of European Union. As second step, there are analyzed the level of fertility and the position of women in the labour market. There are also examined impacts of reconciliation of work and family not only on reducing the impact of parenthood on women's employment, but also on the level of fertility. The last part of this thesis deals with the evaluation of the respondent's opinions from International Social Survey Programme 2012 by average scores and binary logistic regression. Topics of analysed questions are the employment of mothers with young children and the division of roles in the family. The results confirmed that in countries with better conditions for the reconciliation of work and family there are smaller impacts of parenthood on women's employment also there are higher fertility rates. In the Czech Republic, there are most...

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