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Determining the tax burden on a natural person
Novotná, Petra ; Kocourková, Gabriela (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The aim of bachelor thesis is the determination of the tax burden for individuals and subsequent recovery of part of the tax to the budget of the municipality in which the natural person has permanent residence. This is a description of the tax system of the Czech Republic and data processing, whose source is the Czech Statistical Office. For convenience, the issue of the data is processed into a graphs.
Investment Construction in the Frame of the Regional Development
Mužík, Martin ; Kocourková, Gabriela (referee) ; Hrabincová, Dagmar (advisor)
This thesis describes the origins and developement of The European union. The caracteristics of its organizational structure are discussed as well, followed by a summary of the developement of the structural policy of the EU and its effects on regions within EU member states. A description of how the structural policy of Czech Republic developed, both before and after admission to the EU, will conclude the theoretical portion of this thesis. Empirical section of the thesis focuses on the Pavlov Archeological Park project, which was predominantly financed through The European Fund of Regional Development.
Financing of a construction contract from the perspective of the investor
Kratochvílová, Tereza ; Chovancová,, Jitka (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
The main objektiv of this bachelor thesis is specification of the problematics of financial management of the construction order from investor´s point of view. The theoretical part deals with building order, construction market participants and financial sources of the building order. The practical part describes the company's private contract, financial sources description and final assessment of construction processt.
The offer price of construction works
Jurásková, Diana ; Štukavec,, Milan (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the compilation of the offer price of the subcontracted prefabricated structure of the warehouse with administration. The theoretical part describes the process and pricing of the construction works. The practical part deals with the creation of a specific price offer, including optimalization and evaluation of actual costs, which in turn shows whether the offer was effective. The aim of this work is introduction and more insight at the issue pricing of prefabricated skeleton and practical sample of development of the final offer, including the optimalization solution.
Analysis of Financing of Development Strategies of Selected Municipalities
Janusová, Barbora ; Kocourková, Gabriela (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is oriented at financing development starategies of district Brno- Černovice. Public administration structure, territorial state administration, territorial self- government are defined in the theoretical part. Municipal budget and its content, municipal budget assembly process are clarified too. Theoretical part also contains grants, bank loans and invesment financing. The practical part characterizes selected publical commission Reconstruction of the sports complex and analyzes the funding possibilities. Based on this analysis are designed alternative solutions of financing, the inflence of selected publical commission on regional development is reviewed after the analysis.
The evaluation of investment activity in the municipality
Jakubíček, Radim ; Kolář,, Petr (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the investment activities in a municipality and mainly with its evaluation. There is the public administration in the Czech Republic described. It is accompanied with potential financial sources and the subsidy system of the Czech Republic and the European Union. The thesis briefly deals with the basic criteria for the evaluation of investment project. The second part of the thesis describes a specific municipality, analyses its current financial situation and its financial situation in the past three years. There is also a specific investment project described and its benefit assessed according to the time of payback.
Optimization of housing finance
Bortlová, Nicol ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis deals with optimization of housing finance. The goal is to find the optimal way of financing the construction of family house for fictional married couple. The terms such as housing, financial sources, mortgage loan, building savings are defined. The following part compares advantageousness of the calculations of the mortgage loans made by individual banking institutions. Secondly, it inquires if it is possible to finance the construction of house from a loan from building savings. At the end of the thesis the optimal way of financing the housing is evaluated.
Hrdličková, Lucie ; Hromádka, Vít (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the financing and management of investment activities in the municipality. Describes the public administration of the Czech Republic and possible sources of municipal financing, including subsidy programs. It analyzes the EU and CR subsidy policies. The thesis analyzes a specific municipality, including a financial site, characterizes the investment project in the municipality and assesses its management.
Evaluation of economic efficiency of business project
Burianová, Denisa ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
The thesis concems about investments and their effectiveness. The goal of the thesis is to find out whether it is worth to make the investment. The project deals with the reconstruction of a public cultural house in which three new apartments are build into. Cost of reconstruction, rental rates will be quantified and then mortage loan will be determined. This information wil be used for further calculations and the result will be an evaluation of the investment. The result of this work is to determine if the investment is really effective.
Creating of Business Plan
Vojenčáková, Paulína ; Kocourková, Gabriela (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The content of the thesis is a proposal for a business plan. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part is described the business intention briefly characterized business plan. The business plan is presented in a practical part and deals in detail with market analysis, marketing plan, business size, placement, personnel resources and financial plan. As part of the business plan, a marketing survey, financial plan and financial analysis are set out. Based on these factors, the profitability of the enterprise and the reality of the business plan are determined at the end of the work.

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