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Iron fertilization of the Southern ocean
Přibylová, Petra ; Koblížek, Michal (advisor) ; Nedbalová, Linda (referee)
This thesis summarizes the current knowledge of the effect of iron on the growth of plankton in relation to lowering the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Iron is a limiting factor for phytoplankton growth in large parts of the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean. This thesis is focused on the Southern ocean, where it chronologically describes natural and artificial experiments, where the objective was to uncover the possibilities of artificial iron fertilization of the ocean. The iron fertilization experiments were based on supplying the upper layer of the ocean with an iron solution, which resulted in an increase in phytoplankton growth and chlorophyll concentration. The reaction of plankton to a natural iron input via upwelling was also observed. In these cases an increase of phytoplankton and chlorophyll was observed. Nowadays, the lively discussed possibility of large-scale fertilization is restricted by the United Nations due to insufficient knowledge and concerns of geoengineering.
Koblížek, Michal ; Blažková, Vendula (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The thesis deals with the project documentation of the contruction of an accommodation facility. The hotel capacity is 28 beds and 44 seats at the restaurant. The contruction consists of four floors. The entrance with the reception, the lobby bar and the garage with six parking systems for twelve parking slots are located in the first floor. The second floor includes the restaurant and two conference rooms. The third and the fourth floor consist of fourteen rooms for guests, two of the rooms are adapted to people with limited mobility. The building is contructed of masonry system and it has flat roof. The project was designed in the Auto Cad program.
Quality of Services in WAN
Koblížek, Michal ; Heriban, Pavel (referee) ; Šťastný, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is inquire into direct traffic in computer network based on TCP/IP protocol. In the finish we can direct packets, that network traffic will behave by our rules. We will use only free software for this solution – this solution is based on FreeBSD system, PF packet firewall and queue framework ALTQ. Part of this thesis make examples queuing include fullversion scripts that are in elektronic appendix. The thesis was developed in research project MSM 0021630529 Intelligent Systems in Automation.
High standard detached house
Koblížek, Michal ; Horáčková, Michaela (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is a proposal of a family house with two upper floors and an underground floor in Trubějov. The proposal is made on the level of project documentation for a realization of the construction. The family house is situated on the plot no. 259/10 under the cadastre authority of Trubějov. The construction system of the walls is POROTHERM, which is based on concrete strips and roofed with a flat roof. The ceiling construction consists of prefabricated ceiling panels Spiroll. The entrance to the house is situated on the north-east side. The floor plan of the house has a L-shape, which is floor-wise stepped in rectangles. The project was made using the computer programme AutoCad.
Xantofylový cyklus u rostlin a zelených řas: jeho role ve fotosyntetickém aparátu
Masojídek, Jiří ; Kopecký, Jiří ; Koblížek, Michal ; Torzillo, G.
Light-induced conversion of violaxanthin to zeaxanthin, the so-called xanthophyll cycle serves as a major, short-term light acclimation mechanism in higher plants. The role of xanthophylls in thermal dissipation of surplus excitation energy was deduced from the linear relationship between zeaxanthin formation and the magnitude of nonphotochemical quenching. We have studied the role of the xanthophyll cycle in the adaptation of several species of green algae (Chlorella, Scenedesmus, Haematococcus, Chlorococcum, Spongiochloris) to high irradiance. The xanthophyll cycle was found functional in all tested organisms; however its contribution to nonphotochemical quenching is not as significant as in higher plants. We assume that algae rely on other dissipation mechanism(s), which operate along with the xanthophyll cycle-dependent quenching

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