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The integration of children from Orphanages to Elementary school
Havlíčková, Kristýna ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Sedláčková, Daniela (referee)
The topic of my Diploma thesis is the integration of children from Orphanages to Elementary school. The theoretical part of this work is focused on the description of the Orphanage as an institution and the life in this institution from many aspects. As I think the most important part of the theoretical work are information which refer to the integration of children from the Orphanages to the classes of primary school and work of these kids within a primary school. The practical part is taken in a qualitative way as an analysis of inteviews with individual pupils from the Orphanages who attend the first and the second grade of the primary school which are aimed to the integration of these people to the collective in the primary school and on their subjective opinions. The work is finished with the syntesis of theorecital and practical work and the interpretation of results which have been found in the research. In the end there is also presented an overlap of topics which related to the disscused problematic.
Stigmatization of Roma Children at Primary Schools in Rokycany and its Impact on the Individual
Antonová, Magdalena ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis titled "Stigmatization of Roma Children at Primary Schools in Rokycany and its Impact on the Individual" describes potential impact of stigmatization on Roma children. The thesis aims to describe teachers' approach to the Roma children at primary schools. Theoretical part of the thesis presents a short introduction to the Goffman's definition of stigma, Roma ethnicity, Roma people in the Czech Republic and their education, following up with an introduction to the personality of a teacher and an individual approach. Practical part of the thesis is dedicated to semi-structured interviews of Roma children and their personal experience with stigmatization at elementary schools in Rokycany. KEYWORDS stigmatization, Roma people, Roma children, education of Roma children, stigmatization of Roma children, Roma minority
Ethical aspects of social pedagogical work
Fraňková, Pavla ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on ethical aspects of social-pedagogical work of workers in helping professions and has theoretical-empirical character. The aim of the thesis is to explore the ethical dimension of socio-pedagogical work and to find out which tools are used by helping professionals in decision making and in coping with ethical dilemmas considering ethical codes and principles. The theoretical part deals in individual chapters with the topic of socio- pedagogical work, professional ethics and also describes the role of the worker in helping professions and his relationship with the client. The professional values are examined based on analyses of codes of ethics and in the final chapters of the theoretical part the diploma thesis focuses on ethically problematic areas and related ethical dilemmas encoured by workers in helping professions. The empirical part offers by analysing the semi-structured interviews with workers an extension of the theoretical knowledge of the ethical aspects of social- pedagogical work on the dimension of the experience of the workers in the helping professions themselves and presents their strategies in solving and processing ethically dilemmatic situations. The main findings of the research are that social-pedagogical workers perceive the ethical aspect as a...
Contemporaneity and the Problem of Self-education
Hradilová, Tereza ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
The aim of this theoretical and empirical thesis is to analyse the term of self-education and related issue, which are further developed in theory and philosophy of education, psychology and sociology. In the first part the thesis concentrates on theoretical concepts of self-education and their development in selected historical periods. The thesis accentuates a contemporary understanding of self-education and its aspects influencing the concept and practice of self- education in current society. Through several case studies in the empirical part, the thesis attempts to demonstrate personal, educational and experiential diversity backgrounding the contemporary concept of self-education. In conclusion, some options as well as difficulties of an individual self-education in contemporary society will be reflected. Key words: self-education, self-knowledge, historical perspective, psychological perspective, contemporary society, family, free time, procrastination, self-development books, case studies
Socio-educational Influence and System of Assistance in the Roma Community Enviroment
Beňák, David ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Havlík, Radomír (referee) ; Kudry, Jan (referee)
The work focuses on the models of work with ethnic minorities and especially the process of social inclusion of Roma through the social pedagogy. The dissertation consists of two parts: The first part examines the theoretical approaches. The social education plays a key role in an effective process of social inclusion of the Roma. Other disciplines also offer specific inputs in the work with minorities, which cannot be overlooked; nevertheless, there is no definite model to replicate. Roma inclusion is a process that is influenced by many variables. The key factor is the mutual relations with the Non-Roma population and their historical development. Although the integration process has been ongoing for more than 20 years, we are still looking for an answer to the success of Roma inclusion projects and activities. The key question, then, is how do the project implementers perceive the key moments that make their project and its activities successful. Thus, the research focuses to identify specific approaches, activities, inclusion principles. The survey shows that the social and cultural context, that is Roma-specific, perhaps generates certain preconditions that make pro-Roma projects successful. Emphasis on individual approach and complexity at the same time makes the assistance in the process of...
School prevention and high-risk behaviour of children in cyberspace
Gal, Alena ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
(in English): The virtual world is becoming more a part of our reality nowadays. Even children are coming into it and they are losing the ability to distinguish between the real and the virtual world. The virtual world is then an absolutely natural thing for them, including the advantages and risks that it brings. The aim of this master thesis was to collect present opinions and views on the conception of specific primary prevention in the area of cyberspace, and to analyze the currently offered programs from certified organizations for schools in Prague. The basic question of research is: What kind of topics do these preventive programs deal with? The method of this research was based on data collection through document analysis, semi- structured interviews and observation. The results show, that the most developed and complex topics in current practice are cyberbullying and netolism, leading to prevention of potential risky use of social networks and safer use of internet. When the goals of preventive programs are expressed enough specifically and sufficiently and with respect to the child, then it mostly focuses on cognitive aspects of the personality. Based on the research at the end of the thesis, there are formulated recommendations for the implementation of other primary prevention topics in...
Effect of Long-term Residence of Individual in Children's Home to His Moral Development
Šusta, Petr ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Havlík, Radomír (referee) ; Miklošíková, Miroslava (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ARTS DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION PhD programme studied subject - education DISSERTATION ABSTRACT Vliv dlouhodobého pobytu jedince v dětském domově na jeho morální vývoj Effect of Long-term Residence of Individual in Children's Home to His Moral Development Mgr. Petr Šusta Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Jaroslav Koťa Prague 2018 Abstract and keywords The dissertation thesis elaborates on the effect of the long-term residence of an individual in a children's home to his moral development. The dissertation thesis includes theoretical and empirical parts and the aim of the thesis is to find and eventually describe differences in the level of moral development of children and teenagers experienced with a long-therm residence in a children's home and subjects without this expirience. It has been gained and collected results of the original research in accordance with the methodology of Lawrence Kohlberg in cooperation with children from the children's homes and children from usuall families as control group. There are elaborated these topisc in the theoretical part of the thesis: institutional foster care in the Czech Republic, methodological research issues of the level of moral development in accordance with the theory of Lawrence Kohlberg. The empirical part of the dissertation thesis defines...
Facebook profile page analysis of a student of Waldorské lyceum secondary school
Vopatová, Eliška ; Valenta, Petr (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
The following text deals with the usage of the social media Facebook by high school students. The theoretical part contains basic information connected to the media and Facebook, high schools with the emphasis on Waldorf schools and the overview of the adolescence. The practical part of the thesis contains analyses of two Facebook profiles complemented by surveys. The object of the analysis is a high school student and a student of Waldorf high school.
Sociocultural handicap in elementary education - case studies
Proutkovský, Roman ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the socio-cultural disability of elementary school pupils. The aim of the thesis is to define the investigated phenomenon and to identify it in the real school environment. This is a theoretically empirical work, where the theoretical part deals with a socio-cultural handicap, primary and secondary socialization and part of the text is dedicated to family and school. The text deals with some selected theories and their representatives. The research part is a qualitative research using in-depth interviews and case studies of elementary school pupils.
School system in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
Frühbauer, Jan ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis is about the system of education in the years 1939-1945 in the territory of the former Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, it describes how the system of education and schools gradually changed from the beginning of Protectorate until the end of the Second World War. It is focused mainly on general, bourgeois, apprentice, vocational and grammar schools. It combines historical milestones with changes in the education system, as they were influenced by the propaganda and Board of Trustees for the Education of Youth in Bohemia and Moravia, led by Emanuel Moravec. It focuses primarily on official state education. It is sourced from the literature and memories of the witnesses. The purpose is to summarize all the important information about the functioning of schools at the time.

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