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First experiences of Act No. 45/2013 about crime victims in practice of assistance providers
Kořínková, Ivana ; Válková, Helena (advisor) ; Hulmáková, Jana (referee)
(in English): The aim of the work was to describe the experience of the providers of assistance to victims of crime with the use of the law in their practice. The experience and the views of the providers were obtained in the form of a questionnaire survey. As a source of data for addressing service has been utilized to view all registered entities providing their services to the victims of the crimes on the web site of the Ministry of justice. The work was focused on the practical application of selected provisions of act no. 45/2013 Coll. and from its results revealed that providers in your practice are finding that the provisions relating to particularly vulnerable victims, are defined too narrowly. Also the communication between the provider and the police is not yet ideally set.
Volunteer Motivation to Quality Work in Profit and Non-profit Organisations. Analysis and Comparation of Organizations and Volunteers.
Pešková, Markéta ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Kořínková, Ivana (referee)
5 Abstract The dissertation thesis occupy by defining of volunteering characteristics. There are some questions about what the volunteering should be and what shouldn't be, what is volunteering motivation and what is volunteering background in Czech Republic. Afterwards it is occupy by of volunteering management for purposes of quality management, specifically in recruitment, education, audit and evaluation, risk management or quality standard defining. There is a research of managers and volunteers from profit and non-profit organisations about their access to volunteering and to each other. Afterwards there is an analysis of interviews and their evaluation. The conclusion contain some description of new phenomenon of volunteering in Czech environment and there is also evaluation of its' practical impact.
Evaluation of Volunteers'program "Volunteers in Hospital"
Bílková, Marie ; Šafr, Jiří (advisor) ; Kořínková, Ivana (referee)
1 Abstract There are many areas where we cam meet volunteers in the Czech Republic. One of them is public health care where programme "Volunteers in Hospital" is being developed more than ten years. Volunteers Centre "Motýlek" cooperates with Faculty Hospital Brno since 2003. My work was focused on two spheres. Firstly, I surveyed opinions, experiences and attitudes to volunteering activity as a part of evaluation research on. Volunteer`s programme in Faculty Hospital Brno. Volunteers, coordinators of volunteers centre, health care stuff and contact persons were involved in this questionnaire survey. I analyse data from the survey and prepared evaluation report for volunteers centre. The second sphere was aimed on testing and review of methodology for evaluation researches. I was interested if this evaluation tool recommended by Ministry of Health is possible to consider as a usable tool for measurement of efficacy of volunteers programme in hospitals. I planned not only to test this methodology but as well to propose its modification. Key words: Volunteers, volunteers centre, management, evaluation research, questionnaire survey, analyses
Patient and personnel satisfaction with volunteer program in hospital Teplice
Berkyová, Zuzana ; Kořínková, Ivana (advisor) ; Trpišovský, Milan (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis "Satisfaction of patients and personnel with a volunteer programme in the hospital of Teplice" is to monitor the situation of programme "Volunteers in hospitals" in the hospital of Teplice and to ascertain how the programme is successful and its weaknesses and strengths . This work can be relevant not only for coordinators of volunteers in Teplice hospital but also for the hospital administration, because it monitors to what extent the programme is contributing ,how the programme is being developed and how it helps with decision making about its further development. The first part of the thesis is theoretical. It consists of chapters which deal with an historical evolution of volunteering in hospitals not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, legislation aiming at this phenomenon, the description of the personality of a volunteer and other staff working in volunteering. The practical part deals with research methods, the selection of the sample of respondents and the analysis of data gained from respondents during the research. Respondents of the research are personnel and patients of Teplice hospital, which runs a department specialising in volunteering. The third part of the graduate thesis is based on the results of a quantitative research with the respondents...
The volunteers in Thomayerova s hospital - how the medical staff perceives them
Vaculíková, Zuzana ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Kořínková, Ivana (referee)
This diploma paper concerns volunteering in a hospital. In the theoretical part of the paper, we will explain pivotal notions related to volunteering in Czech Republic, we will present historical context of voluntary activity and define today's legal framework. The second chapter is devoted to concrete programme "Volunteers in hospitals". The mentioned programme describes in detail its gradual implementation in Czech hospitals. The empirical part aims at finding out how the medical staff of particular departments of Thomayerova hospital in Prague perceives the volunteers and the volunteer programme. Both qualitative and quantitative methods (focus group, individual interviews, questionnaires) were applied to the research. Combination of both approaches contributed to compact and complex conclusion. Key words: volunteering, volunteers in hospital, volunteer centre, medical staff, hospital.
Volunteers motivation for work in health organisation
Heřmanová, Bohumila ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Kořínková, Ivana (referee)
The theme of the thesis is focused on volunteering in health organisations in the Czech Republic. It consists of two parts. In the theoretical part definitions of fundamental (key) conceptions of volunteer and volunteering are describe, followed by study of special volunteering programme known as " Hospital volunteering". Using qualitative research methods, the aim of the second/empirical part of the thesis is to investigate motivation of volunteers performing in hospitals and another health organisations. With regard to collected data some contribution of the thesis may be seen in order to help coordinators in recruiting and maintaining of volunters in above mentioned programmes.

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