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Results of Combination Treatment in Patiens with Rectal Cancer
Kořínek, Petr ; Kubecová, Martina (advisor)
Colorectal cancer is a problem of all civilized countries. Czech Unfortunately, Africa is in the incidence of these tumors for morethan ten years on the first areas of statistics, of all oncological diseases in our country is 13 to 14%. (1) Every year there are more than 7000 new cases andmore than 6000 patients in the tumor dies. It is the most common malignanttumor gastrointestinal tract. It is the second most common cancer in mennow after prostate cancer and in women after breast cancer. (2)Mortality from colorectal cancer growing slower than its incidence. This positive trend is likely caused by the start of screening programs. Internationalclassification divides these according to anatomical localization of tumors in colon carcinoma(C18), together they states tumors rektosigmoideálního connection (C19) and its ownseparate tumors rectum (C20).
Secure data connection over an insecure public network infrastructure
Kořínek, Petr ; Halbich, Čestmír (advisor) ; Vasilenko, Alexandr (referee)
In the theoretical part, the short history of the formation and functional description switched networks. I devote a lot of attention to network protocols used in the practical part. Composition body frames and packets, especially content of their heads. In the practical part deals with the design of the physical model of interconnections and configuration of its active elements. Following are tests of functionality and a maximum load of line with the current state of measurement CPU routers. Evaluation of tests, I set the appropriate configuration elements. I performed tests achieved data throughput solution 75Mbit / s. The benefit of this work are the possibilities arising from the use of throughput protocols on the second layer.
Algorithms for segmented wavelet image transform
Kořínek, Petr ; Průša, Zdeněk (referee) ; Rajmic, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis deals with wavelet signal transform with the intention of image signal. First part of this work contains the basic methods for signal processing. Fourier transformation and principles of wavelet signal transform is discussed, the fundamentals of segmented discrete-time wavelet transform (SegDTWT) and the segmented discrete-time wavelet 2D signal transform (SegDTWT2D) derivation are described as well. Main purpose of this thesis is in the segmented discrete-time wavelet 2D signal transform (SegDTWT2D) concept and its implementation which can work with two dimension signal.

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7 KOŘÍNEK, Pavel
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