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Use of music therapy to adapt children to nursery schooling
Včeláková, Markéta ; Tichá, Alena (advisor) ; Kmentová, Milena (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on music therapy and related activities that were used to adapt children to nursery school. The theoretical part describes children adaptation and music therapy in general - history, definitions, methods and effects on pre-school children. The practical part contains a methodical list of music therapy activities that were applied on two and three-year-old children. The conclusion of my thesis indicates that repeatedly using specific music therapy activities makes adaptation less problematic.
Music Activities and Development of Graphomotory
Nevoralová, Eva ; Kmentová, Milena (advisor) ; Volavá, Iva (referee)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the use of musical activities in the development of graphomotoric skills of preschool children. The theoretical section is focused on harmonising of music and movement on the level of gross and fine motoric skills. This diploma thesis analyses the musical aspect of the Czech version of the Good Start Method. The practical section presents new lessons developing graphomotoric skills with a central focus on musical and instrumental activities. The thesis provides a report on the aims, methods and progress of the field research in the preparatory classes of primary school. Part of the process is basic research into the received tempo of two songs from the Good Start Method. KEYWORDS Good Start Method, musical activities, musical skills, graphomotoric skills, gross motoric skills, fine motoric skills, rhythmic feeling
Musical activities in the bilingual kindergarten
Pouzarová, Tereza ; Kmentová, Milena (advisor) ; Bělohlávková, Petra (referee)
ABSTACT This bachelor's thesis deals with musical activities in a bilingual kindergarten with a special focus on singing. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first theoretical part primarily compares the differences between German and Czech children' songs. It also describes specific aspects of musical activities and their role in acquiring a language, speech and communication abilities. Later follows clarification of the language and communication importance among pre-school children. Furthermore, in form of suggestions we discuss the conception of bilingual and multilingual communication between parents and a child. Also, within the theoretical part there is a section regarding contemporary legislation, terminology and institutions which deal with that problematic. The practical research comprises of formulating the research aims and used methods and of describing the sample kindergarten and the process as well as the results of the active research that focused on realization of musical activities. The thesis sets several aims. Firstly, it surveys what type of musical activities are suitable for a bilingual kindergarten environment and how to effectively engage the children in these activities. Simultaneously, it studies which of the languages (Czech, German) supports the children's...
Use of recorder for speech development of preschool children
Martínková, Jana ; Kmentová, Milena (advisor) ; Hurníková, Kateřina (referee)
The following master thesis covers the use of the recorder and music activities as part of logopaedic prevention by preschool-age children. The theoretical part describes the general knowledge about speech, malfunctions of communicational skills emphasizing developmental dysphasia and dyslalia. The major part deals with music therapy and recorder and describes them as tools of logopaedic prevention. The practical part analyses data gained from the own action research and includes an in-depth case history of a boy suffering from developmental dysphasia. This part focuses mainly on analysing the impact of diverse musical activities with children within preschool music classes. The analysis also covers children's good practice of breathing habits as well as their melodic and rhythmic perception.
Music and dance in kindrgarten. Design and implementation of author's music-dance project
Adamusová, Marie ; Hurníková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kmentová, Milena (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to theoretically evaluate and practically prove that children in kindergarten are capable to listen to classical music carefully and to express it with motion, if they are properly guided and motivated. This thesis also provides the theme for kindergarten teachers how to work with classical music to teach children to perceive it as a gift and develop love for music in children. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part is theoretical and it summarizes the most important findings concerning music and movement. The second part is practical and it consists of a project closely related to the research. Results of the research clarified the fact to what extent parents perceive the importance of music, movement and dance and how they endorse these aspects. The main objective of this thesis was fulfilled by the implementation of the project "It was said once in nature."
Music therapy in kindergarten
Šírová, Michaela ; Tichá, Alena (advisor) ; Kmentová, Milena (referee)
This work deals with the subject of music therapy in a special kindergarten for the children with combined disabilities. In the theoretical part it clarifies the concept and principle of music therapy and characterizes the types of disabilities that occur at researched clients. As a research method were used observation and interviews with three music therapists from the institution. KEYWORDS Music therapy, preschool education, special pedagogy, group music therapy,individual music therapy, professional assistance.
Timbre and Phonemic of Pre-school Children
Zvolánková, Michaela ; Kmentová, Milena (advisor) ; Kodejška, Miloš (referee)
This thesis deals with the timbre and phonemic hearing concerning kids with normal language development. It contains two main sections presenting a theoretical outline and a practical research part. The theory discussed opens the question of the phonemic and timbre hearing development with the preschool kids. I am considering current and previous educational materials familiarizing the reader with the timbre and phonemic hearing regarding the preschool kids. The practical part describes the objectives, methods, process and the results of the basic field research that checks the level of timbre and phonemic hearing at preschool children with normal speech development. The aim of this work is to establish a link between phonemic and timbre hearing. KEYWORDS timbre hearing, phonemic hearing, auditory attention, normal speech development, development of musicality normal, test methods

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