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Time in photography
Kubiková, Darina ; Klusová, Katarína (referee) ; Gravlejs, Ivars (advisor)
The content and theme of this thesis is the expression of time in the photographic medium. I'm looking for a way to memories that I don't remember. The result is photo manipulation.
The Manual
Klusová, Katarína ; Houser, Milan (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
A mixture of symbols, authorities and theories that man need´s to absorb nowdays, is source for many confusing manuals, how to deal with our life, make decisions, or which political party to vote. Exactly the same time, these symbols of authority and theories are an essential part of our culture and education, and that they are looking for inspiration, information and explanations. Sometimes I dream that my source of information is nothing more than nature and its observations. In a utopian world without information provided by them I watched the world at my own pace, subsequently walking from one information to another.In the real world from different disciplines, which explore the universe in great detail, vast quantities of information flows, which the ordinary man in his level is not capable scientificly understand. For instance, when I read about Hawking's paradox, I can imagine how it's probably meant, but I don´t understand the calculations, and resources .. Well anyway, I add this information to my concept of understanding space and black holes. I perceive universe through intuition and its fragments-specific expression of the universe- I perceive through reason. The first series is a picture of my view of the universe by means of symbols - codes that people agreed use- to communicate the inexpressible. Universe is still on the eyes, and whenever I start to deal with its sub-parts, I can recognize its wholeness . Other pictures are formulation and development of selected key topics of the universe (according to my personal priorities).At this point, my work is mainly based on switching between a total and detail. What happens to the "collection" image, and affects other images detail. The last image of the series is once again the image of the wholeness . The spiral development to the second floor above the first image. Projecting the universe through me will be images transformation. Picture, even it is symbolic and symbolizing, is forming to kind of logo. Moreover, It occurs the same logo as a symbol of the universe mirroring by my being. Universe in the universe. Microcosm in the macrocosm. My individuality in the universe. Fractal.

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