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Design of the RC slabs of the flat house
Reinoha, David ; Požár, Michal (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is a new two-storey production building with an administrative part on the second floor and a production space on the ground floor The bachelor thesis deals with the static assessment of selected main bearing elements of the whole building in details for building permit. The main vertical supporting structure here is peripheral ceramic masonry, which is bounded by iron-concrete wreaths at the level of each of the two floors. The building is roofed with wooden nailed roof trusses placed on an in to wall-anchored wooden beam. The main supporting horizontal structure forming the ceiling between the first and second above-ground floors is made up of prefabricated Spiroll ceiling panels, which are placed on the stiffening wreath 1NP. The foundation structures are made of a monolithic concrete waist and consequently of a prefabricated lost formwork.
Design of the single span bridge in the town Uherský Brod
Kutálek, Jiří ; Svoboda, Adam (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis aims to design a new version of the loadbearing structure for the existing bridge structure. The design was processed in two options, from which the beam solution superstructure with short cantilevers for catching at-rest earth pressure was chosen. The design and the assessment of the structure were made according to valid EN standards. Structural design was made by hand(-done) calculation with the assistance of SCIA Engineer 18.1 software. The thesis includes drawings and visualizations of the new loadbearing structure.
Design of the single span bridge in Vražné
Juřenčáková, Jana ; Svoboda, Adam (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The subject of bachelor thesis is a design of single span bridge in Vražné. Within the scope of thesis there are three studies of bridge. Cast-in-place concrete slab super structure was found appropriate and further calculations were assessed. Length of span is 15,00 m. Internal forces were provided by SCIA Engineer and checked with manual calculation. The supporting structure was assessed for the ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state. Calculations were made according to valid standards and regulations.
Design of the single span bridge accros the road I/53
Hučík, Jan ; Olšák, Martin (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the design and analysis of bridge across the road. Three variants were designed. The structure was designed as a one-span frame bridge with a parabolic haunch with of span range of 35,1 m. The calculation of load efects eas made in software Scia Engineer. Both design and relevant drawing documentation of the bridge deck and pillar.
Design of the circle concrete tank
Šimek, Ondřej ; Chalabala, Jiří (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The diploma‘s thesis deals with the design and assessment of prestressed cocrete tank of biogas station at ultimate limit state and also at serviceability limit state, according to ČSN EN 1992-1-1: Design of concrete structures. Specifically, the design of wall of the tank and foundation slab. The text part contains general information on the desing of the structure, static idealization of the structure, type of load and method for calculation of inner forces. Attachments contain drawing documentation and structural analysis, which completes the text part and solves in detail said structure.
Design of the bridge structure across the street
Váša, Jiří ; Pinkas, Karel (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of the motorway bridge over the II / 464 road between Butovice-Bílovec. For the bridging design four variants were made, from which a variant of the slab with longitudinal extensions was selected for further processing. The design assessment was performed for the ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state according to valid standards. Determination of internal forces was performed on the model developed in Scia Engineer 18.0.
Design of the continues bridge structure
Škarda, Jan ; Krejčík, Vladimír (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The subject of this master thesis is the design and analysis of bridge construction on the crossing of relocated road III/11812 over the future extension of the motorway D4. The geometrical road design of the sugested relocation is predetermined. 4 variant solutions are designed, one of which is selected for subsequent detailed solution. The selected variant is designed as a slab-girder continuous 3-span beam bridge with span lenghts 20.00, 34.50, 20.00m. The load-carrying structure is connected to pillars by notched joint and to abutment by pot bearing. Calculation of load effects was made with software Scia Engineer 18.0 and the analysis was done in cmpliance with current service and ultimate limit states standards.
Temporary strengthening of road bridges
Suza, Dominik ; Kaplan,, Věroslav (referee) ; Pukl,, Radomír (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
Bridge strengthening is frequently associated with costly, long-term reconstruction. In some cases the bridge load capacity is sufficient for standard traffic, but requirements for an extremely heavy vehicle can exceed the maximal bridge load capacity. These vehicles normally weigh hundreds of tons. Moreover, well-known bridge strengthening technologies are not efficient and economical for this special load case. This doctoral thesis presents a short-term bridge strengthening method using a temporary support structure for the assistance of the existing bridge carrying structure. Although this strengthening method is rather old, it is rarely known. Approaches from 1980, are still often used, rely on simplified principles and approximation models. This approximation causes restricted efficiency of the strengthening system and creates a mathematical model that is not necessarily safe. The introduced new short-term bridge strengthening theory is based on monitoring of real bridge structures and temporary support structures during the crossing of extremely heavy vehicles. A mathematical model, which represents behaviour of real structures suitable, is introduced. The major effects, which have the greatest influence on this strengthening method are discussed. Further more a safety hydraulic element invented at Brno University of Technology, which can be used with the strengthening system is shown. The application of this system ensures required boundary conditions and therefore it guarantees the proper usage of the strengthening system.
Design of the Underground of the Flat House
Pfeffer, Lukáš ; Pinkas, Karel (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
This thesis presents design and assessment of reinforced concrete structure of the basement in a residential house according to both ultimate limit state and servicebility limit state given by standard ČSN EN 1992-1-1. The thesis specifically analyses floor slab with beams, the most loaded column and part of outer wall. Internal forces were provided by software SCIA Engineer and the plans were drawn in software ALLPLAN and –isb cad-.
Design of the point supported slab of the house in Olomouc
Velešík, Marek ; Požár, Michal (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the design of the point supported reinforced concrete slab of the apartment building on Litovelská street in Olomouc. The slab is situated above the ground floor. Static calculations are based on internal forces of the computational model created in software SCIA Engineer 17.01. The correctness of computational model was verified by the method of summary bending moments. The main focus of the thesis was design procedures and assessments of point supported slab according to Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures – Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings (ČSN EN 1992-1-1). The control of the design of reinforcement was performed in software SCIA Engineer 17.01.

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