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Evaluation of the impacts of tourism projects in LAG Šumavsko
Kotousová, Eliška ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Klufová, Renata (referee)
This diploma thesis aims at evaluating the impacts of specific tourism projects implemented in LAG Šumavsko. The main theme of the thesis is to focus on the achievement of the objectives of the projects, their subsequent sustainability, functionality, sense and their perception by the applicant and local citizens. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on defining basic concepts, terms and areas related to the evaluated projects. In the practical part of the work, attention is first focused on LAG Šumavsko, further there are described the resolved projects and their subsequent evaluation. The basis for the evaluation of the projects was the conducted interviews with the applicant and selected people from the public. Key words: tourism, local action group, projects, regional development, Šumava
The influence of tourism on the UNESCO sights Cesky Krumlov and Telc
Machová, Petra ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Klufová, Renata (referee)
THE INFLUENCE OF TOURISM ON THE UNESCO SIGHTS ČESKÝ KRUMLOV AND TELČ Abstract My thesis is direct at identification of positive and negative effects of tourist industry in historical centre of Cesky Krumlov and Telc after 1992 when the cities were written on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. At the same time thesis analyzes current condition these historical sights. In the first part of thesis is analysing technical literature that is applying with problems of tourism. In the following chapters is thesis focused on attendance, demographical changes and the management of tourism in the individual destinations. The most beneficial part of this thesis may be considered chapters analysing tourist's portals, accommodation and restaurant facilities. The next, chapter of field analyse of selected areas and controlled interviews with chosen participants of tourism and public administration. Key words: Cesky Krumlov, Telc, UNESCO, tourism, impact (effects), development
Senior tourism
Slavík, Lukáš ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Klufová, Renata (referee)
This diploma thesis analyzes the senior tourism, its development, status, structure and perceptions of accommodation facility owners. We used leisure development and the evolution of older people (55 years and 65 years) for the theoretical framing theory. We also used development funds and the theory of subjective and real age for better explaining the actual trends. The methodology of thesis was based on a survey, informal interviews and email survey. A questionnaire survey was conducted on two levels. The first aims directly at senior citizens (240 respondents) and the second at the owners of accommodation facilities. An important source of information was informal conversation among the elderly. These interviews helped to clarify and to explain phenomena that were discovered in surveys. Another source of information was planned as a telephone poll of travel agents. However, for fear of misuse of data and retaining its "know-how" there were no results and this method of information obtaining was avoided. A very important source of information were reviews of Czech and foreign literature. Finally, I used and Internet sources. The objectives of work include efforts to determine how the senior tourism is structured, whether it helps to balance the marginal tourist season. An additional goal was to try to...
Proposal Possibilities of Touristic Deconcentration - A Case Study of District Český Krumlov.
Zárubová, Alena ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Klufová, Renata (referee)
4 ABSTRACT The aim of this thesis is to draw attention to the process of concentration in tourism.Various locations within the monitored area have different potential for tourism. This aspect leads to a concentration of tourists and services to certain centers. In the area of interest there are two attractive location for a tourist city of Český Krumlov and Lipno dam. These two sites are the frequently visited places, both in southern Bohemia and in the whole Czech Republic. However, the area has a hide potential for the development of alternative forms od tourism. The intent of this thesis is based on the available data and information to evaluate the process of concentration of tourism in the case of Český Krumlov district and propose appropriate tools to deconcentration of tourism and the use of peripheral sites. Keywords: concentration of tourism, alternative forms of tourism, Český Krumlov, Lipno dam

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