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Ensuring Privacy for Patients in a Common Department during Selected Nursing Procedures
Abstract This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of privacy of hospitalized patients whose health status does not allow them to perform hygienic care and bowl movement. The aim of this work was to find out how nurses in the common hospital departments ensure the privacy of patients when performing hygienic care and bowl movement, and what obstacles prevent them from ensuring sufficient privacy. Some nurses also had the opportunity to express how they could improve patient privacy. The qualitative research was conducted in one of the district hospitals of the South Bohemian Region in four common departments: the Internal Department, the Surgical Department, the Department of Neurology and the Aftercare Department. The research was conducted through an interview and was attended by eight nurses, two from each department. As a complementary method, a participant observation that took place in the above mentioned departments during my practical training was chosen. The results of the research revealed that nurses provide sufficient privacy when performing hygienic care and bowl movement when the patient is able to be transported to the bathroom or toilet. In case the patient undergoes hygienic care and bowl movement in the room, his privacy was not fully ensured, with some exceptions. According to the nurses, the obstacle is the insufficient number of social facilities that are part of the rooms and the lack or complete absence of screens in the wards.
Municipal Revenue Prediction
The name of this thesis is Municipal Revenue Prediction. Income communities or their revenue capacity, are an important factor landlord and also subject to financial decision-making communities. The aim is to propose a procedure for determining the revenue capacity of the municipality and its revenue prediction process. The first part is focused on defining the basic concepts related to this issue.V methodological section describes the methods and procedures which are then used in next part.Practical part is focused both on the village Rudolfov compared with a selected sample villages, and on the actual prediction selected tax revenue. At the very predictions are then created different scenarios, which significantly affects the level of income of the municipality.
Transmigration of children to institutional care as trauma
Kloudová, Dana ; Pazlarová, Hana (referee) ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor)
V dnešní době se stále častěji objevuje kritika ústavní péče o děti a objevují se snahy tuto péči zlepšit. Není pochyb o tom, že dítě vstupující do ústavní péče prožívá značný stres a to se projevuje na jeho chování a ovlivňuje ho to i v dalším vývoji. Měla jsem možnost poznat dvě ústavní zařízení, Dětský domov Nymburk a Ústav sociální péče Milovice. V těchto zařízeních jsem mohla pozorovat děti, které zde pobývaly. Zabývám se otázkami: Jaké jsou reakce dětí na vstup do ústavu? Jaké techniky a přístupy pomáhají pracovníkům zmírnit nepříznivé projevy při vstupu dítěte do ústavu? Abych poodhalila odpovědi na tyto otázky navštívila jsem výše zmíněná zařízení a vedla rozhovory s jejich pracovníky. Položila jsem jim šest základních otázek, které jsem rozvinula o další individuálně dle odpovědí pracovníků. Těmito rozhovory jsem chtěla potvrdit své hypotézy. Rozhovory se uskutečnili v první polovině roku 2007. Cílem těchto rozhovorů bylo zjistit jakých negativních projevů si všimli pracovníci ústavů u dětí, při vstupu do ústavů. Jak dlouhá je podle nich adaptace dítěte na ústav. Co podle nich pomáhá při zmírňování negativních projevů při vstup do ústavu u dětí. Potvrdili se obě mé hypotézy. Z rozhovorů vyplynulo, že hypotéza o nepříznivých reakcích na vstup do ústavních zařízeních je pravdivá a přes veškerou snahu...
Search of the most suitable method of estimation of output gap for the czech economy
Kloudová, Dana ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Mirvald, Michal (referee) ; Lukáš, Ladislav (referee)
By monetary policy decisions, central banks use output gap to keep macroeconomic variables at their natural levels. A substantial disadvantage of this variable is the fact that it is an unobservable variable which is very problematic to measure, although it is possible to estimate it with various methods of estimation. This thesis aims to find the most suitable method of estimation for Czech economy. Thirteen methods have been chosen for this aim: linear trend, quadratic trend, HP filter, band-pass filters, robust trend, univariate unobserved component model, two types of production function, two SVAR models, multivariate HP filter and multivariate unobserved component model. Own estimations have shown that estimated trajectories of unobservable states were not identical. For own selection of the most suitable method of estimation, quantitative (ability to forecast inflation ,a growth of product and data revisions by selected national and international organisations) and qualitative criterions (qualities of methods of estimation, transparency and easy application) have been selected, where emphasis was put on quantitative criterions. Results of this thesis will show that the most suitable method of estimation output gap for Czech economy is multivariate unobserved component model.
Analysis of households consumption in Czech Republic
Matějů, Tereza ; Kloudová, Dana (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
Abstract This Bachelor's thesis is focused on analysis of households consumption between 1995 -- 2013 and aim of this work is to expose relation between households consumption and gross domestic product. The Author uses database of Czech Statistical Office and reveals that households consumption is the most significant part of expenditures on final consumption and gross domestic product. Households consumption is also very stable part of gross domestic product and therefore households consumption shows small fluctuations during defined period. The amount of funds has mostly increasing progress.
Marketing costs influence on a particular group-buying website
Flídrová, Barbora ; Kloudová, Dana (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
This thesis examines a solution to the problem of measuring advertising effectiveness. Using econometric analysis influence of marketing costs on daily turnout is quantified. Analysed data were provided by a certain group-buying website and include information on revenues, marketing costs and number of visitors from June 2011 to July 2014. Econometric analysis proved to be a perfectly applicable method for measuring marketing results, both exogenous costs variables appeared to be significant and their positive effect on daily revenues was confirmed. Results obtained in the analysis enabled the group-buying website to optimise its marketing mix by spending its marketing budget more effectively.
Pension reform in the Czech Republic
The name of this bachelor´s thesis is Pension reform in the Czech Republic. This bachelor´s thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is concentrated on the basic information about Czech pension system, which currently consists of three pillars. The first pillar is represented by the mandatory basic pension insurance and it is based on PAYG system. Pensions, which get participants in this pillar, are guaranteed by state. The second pillar is voluntary and it is managed by pension funds. Each person before reaching the age of 35 has a choice if he entries into the second pillar or not. The third pillar is characterized as a voluntary complementary pension insurance with state contribution. Participants have a possibility to receive state contributions only if they save at least 300 Czech crowns and more monthly. The second part is focused on the survey conducted by questionnaire, which 160 respondents participated. The questionnaire was aimed to find knowledge of respondents about Czech pension system and reform, which came into force last year.
Compilation and analysis of Beveridge curve for the Czech Republic
Vávra, Jan ; Kloudová, Dana (advisor) ; Slaný, Martin (referee)
This thesis focuses on interpretation of Beveridge curve for Czech Republic. It offers an overview of theoretical background of the curve and applies it on interpretation of empirical data for Czech Republic. On the curve there are apparent business cycle loops and development of Czech labor market.
Estimating of potential output in the Czech Republic and its relationship to the business cycle
Svatošová, Ludmila ; Kloudová, Dana (advisor) ; Chytilová, Helena (referee)
Potential output is used as the indicator of the business cycle. The aim of this study is to compare the results of different methods used for estimating potential output and verify the hypothesis that potential output or rather the output gap can serve as a reliable indicator to determine the phase of the business cycle in the Czech Republic in the years 1996-2012. 6 different methods - linear trend, Hodrick-Prescott filter, Baxter-King filter, Butterworth filter, Kalman filter and the production function have been used to estimate potential output. The output gap was determined based on the estimated potential output. The comparison of the results of all methods has confirmed the same development trend of potential output. All the methods for estimating potential output, except Butterworth filter, have showed that their results are good indicators of the business cycle in the Czech Republic.
Can We Consider Inflation as a Suitable Indicator of Inflation?
Kloudová, Dana ; Hudík, Marek (advisor) ; Mičúch, Marek (referee)
Output gap belongs to standard indicators of inflationary pressures used in central banks. The aim of this paper is to find the answer to the question, whether we can consider output gap as a suitable indicator of inflation for the Czech economy. First hypothesis, which we analysed is that we can estimate output gap only with uncertainty. For confirmation or refutation of this hypothesis we used ten models of estimation of output gap. The second hypothesis is that output gap can be used as suitable indicator of inflation. For testing of this hypothesis we chose gap model from Coe, McDetmott (1997) -- with the level of output gap and the change (difference) of output gap. All tests confirmed, that central bank can use inflation as a useful indicator of inflation.

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