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Hydrological drought in headwater areas of the Ore Mountains
Vlach, Vojtěch ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Kliment, Zdeněk (referee)
Changes in the hydrological cycle are one of the expected impacts of climate change. Until recently, Central European mountain ranges have not been considered to be affected by water scarcity. Nevertheless, recent years have suggested an increasing risk of drought occurrence also in these regions, which have a major impact on the water supply to rivers that drain them. The master thesis deals with the evaluation of hydrological drought in the headwater areas of three catchments in the Ore Mountains for the period from 1967 to 2018. The main aim is to compare the of hydrological drought characteristics in the catchment areas of upper Svatava River, upper Rolava River and Načetínský brook based on available hydrological and climatic data. In connection with this, the work aims to detect the long-term trends of drought occurrence in selected basins. Furthermore, the emphasis is given on the evaluation of natural conditions, especially the historical and current land cover changes in the study catchments. The results point to a significant change in the seasonality of the occurrence of hydrological drought in the second half of the studied period, when the streamflow deficits concentrate between August and October. Furthermore, increasing trends in deficit volumes were found in the catchment areas of...
Variability of hydropedological characteristics of soil type in the catchment of Tetřívčí brook
Kozáková, Jana ; Kliment, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Šefrna, Luděk (referee)
This thesis deals with the evaluation of hydrological properties variability of soils in forest catchment Tetřívčí brook in the source area Blanice based on selected hydropedological characteristics with respect to soil type, vegetation cover and character of slope. The selected hydropedological characteristics are maximum capillary water capacity, full water capacity, soil infiltration capability - infiltration rate and cumulative infiltration and retention potential of soils. In sum of seven soil subtypes found in forest (coniferous, deciduous and mixed) and meadow (cut and non-maintained) and on the different slope (three categories) were studied in the catchment area. This thesis is built on bachelor thesis, which dealt with the variability of hydropedological characteristics in the experimental pair comparison basins of Tetřívčí and Zbytinský brook. In the thesis were used mainly the measured data obtained from repeated field campaigns in pre- selected sites and data from the database of experimental catchments of Zbytiny. In the selected sites were made soil probes, soil samples were taken using Kopecky cylinders and infiltration measured by a single-cylinder infiltrometer. By laboratory determination and calculation, selected hydropedological characteristics were obtained. The results were...
Rainfall-runoff relations in the Klabava catchement
Kadeřábek, Michal ; Šobr, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kliment, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis deals with rainfall and water runoff regime in the catchment area of river Klabava. The aim of this thesis is to find changes in the rainfall-runoff regime during the period of observations (1950-2014) and if so, were these changes caused by climate changes or human activities. The research part includes description of rainfall-runoff process and Klabava catchment area description. In the applied part there is an analysis of precipitation - runoff regime for long-term time series of average and minimal annual, monthly and seasonal discharges and annual, monthly and seasonal precipitations using single and double mass curves and statistical tests testing absolute homogeneity, relative homogeneity and trend (by Mann-Whitney-Pettit, Alexandersson, Mann-Kendall tests). The tests were performed by freely available software AnClim designed for these purposes. Mann-Kendall test was performed by MULTMK/PARTMK available as a MS Excel macro for free. Plus, there is basic discussion of floods in Klabava river basin and flood seasonality. The homogeneity tests haven't found many changes at all, most of the detected changes concern the minimal runoff time series. The precipitation annual amount was detected with a raising trend, while the runoff time series seem to have no trend at all. Achieved...
The influence of changes of land cover on connectivity of fluvial processes in catchment
Kofroňová, Jitka ; Langhammer, Jakub (advisor) ; Kliment, Zdeněk (referee)
The connectivity of fluvial processes or hydrological connectivity are terms often used to describe internal linkages in landscape that intensify/reduce water and sediment fluxes as well as the substances they contain. It is based on the concept of landscape connectivity defined, in particular, by fragmentation of landscape and barriers that obstruct the movement of material. While researches focusing on water erosion or runoff focus on the volume of different fluxes, connectivity reveals new information on catchment functioning as well as reactions to various types of stimuli, and thus represents a more complex phenomenon. This master thesis informs about the topic as a whole, it describes the main forms of its modelling and specific influences that have major impact on presented results. Three approaches of modelling were tested. The main concept lies in evaluation of the index of connectivity, firstly, with approach proposed by Borselli et al. (2008) and implemented in software ArcGIS and secondly, in software SedInConnect 2.0. The third approach is modelling connectivity in software LAPSUS 5.0 that belongs to landscape evolution models. Modelling in LAPSUS proved that using even this indirect method for evaluation of hydrological connectivity is a suitable approach. Selected area for modelling...
Changes of rainfall-runoff regime in the Šumava/Bohemian Forest region
Fiala, Ondřej ; Kliment, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Matoušková, Milada (referee)
CHANGES OF RAINFALL-RUNOFF REGIME IN THE ŠUMAVA / BOHEMIAN FOREST REGION Abstract: The goal of this thesis is the evaluation of changes in rainfall-runoff regime in the Šumava region from time and spacial point of view. The thesis includes research and applied part. The research part is dedicated to the methods of evaluation of runoff changes and their possible causes in the Šumava region. In the applied part there is an analysis of precipitaion - runoff regime for long-term time series of average annual and monthly discharges and also annual and monthly precipitations for selected gauging stations in Czech, German and Austrian part of Šumava using absolute and relative homogenity tests and Mann - Kendall test for long-term trend. The results of this thesis showed significant changes in rainfall and runoff seasonality. One of the main aims of this thesis is the identification of possible orographical effect or the difference between windward and leeward part of Šumava. In conclusion the achieved results are evaluated, discussed and compared with subject publications. Key words: absolute homogeneity, land-use, Mann - Kendall test, runoff, basin, discharge, relative homogeneity, season,precipitation, trend, Šumava

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