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Perception of space and orientation in the countryside in the Czech middle ages (12.-14. century)
Klimek, Tomáš ; Žemlička, Josef (advisor) ; Semotanová, Eva (referee) ; Bolina, Pavel (referee)
The work deals with perception of space and orientation in the countryside in the Czech Lands from the beginning of the 12th century till the end of the 14th century. In the first part the author describes concrete aspects of perception of space in contemporary cosmological concepts. He defines the distinction between medieval view on space as a set of concrete places and the modern concept of absolute and unmarked space and analyzes reflection of concrete features of the medieval model in the texts from the Czech environment. As a part of analyzes of the space heterogeneity the author further deals with reconstruction of perception of woods as one of the types of medieval countryside. Historiography often attributes special position to woods in imagination of contemporary people. The author analyses existence of literal cliché presenting woods like hostile environment in narrative texts from the Czech cultural environment and the result is confronted with conclusions from interdisciplinary studies dealing both with the task of proportional representation of woods in medieval countryside and with it's development and with ways of economic use of woods. On this bases along with the interpretation of results from a specific analyzes of books of interrogation statements the author comes to the...

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