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Simulation of the human vocal fold vibrations – sensitivity to the material parameters
Vampola, T. ; Horáček, Jaromír ; Klepáček, I.
A 3D finite element (FE) fully parametric model of the human larynx was developed and used for numerical simulation of vocal folds vibrations excited by a prescribed intraglottal aerodynamic pressure. The complex model consists of the arytenoid, thyroid and cricoid cartilages. The vocal fold tissue is modelled as a three layered orthotropic material and the FE contact elements are used for modelling the vocal folds collisions. The principal and shear stresses on the surface the vocal fold tissue are computed in time domain.
Modelování vibračních vlastností lidských hlasivek
Vampola, T. ; Horáček, Jaromír ; Klepáček, I.
A 3D finite element model of the human larynx including the vocal folds was developed. The model enables to take into account phonation position (tinsion and adduction) of the vocal folds by positioning of the arythenoid and thyroid cartilages. Anisotropic properties of the three layers of the vocal fold living tissue (epitel, ligament and muscle) are modelled respecting the material nonlinearities with increasing prolongation of the tissue in longitudinal direction. The motion of the vocal folds is numerically simulated for a prescribed subglottal pressure loading the vocal folds by a periodic function in the time domain. the generated motion of the vocal folds seems to be qualitatively similar to a vibration mode known from clinical measurements.
Shape of the human vocal folds in a defined phonation position
Horáček, Jaromír ; Švec, J. ; Klepáček, I. ; Vetešník, A. ; Veselý, Jan
The paper presents experimental investigation of aerodynamic shape of the vocal folds measured in a defined phonation position with excised larynges. The vocal fold vibrations were excited by airflow and monitored acoustically, by means of laser vibrometry, pressure transducers and stroboscopy techniques. Method for casting laryngeal cavities for determining the vocal fold shape was developed. By the optical topography and the electron scanning microscope the shapes of the vocal folds were analysed.
Measurement of the vocal-fold vibration
Horáček, Jaromír ; Švec, J. G. ; Veselý, Jan ; Vilkman, E. ; Klepáček, I.
The study presents the measurement set-up and selected results of experimental investigation of various dynamics and phonation characteristics of human vocal folds. The experiments performed with excised larynges were focused mainly on study of non-li or vibration effects and on creation of plaster castings of the larynx in a defined fixed phonation position.

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