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Identification of Relevant Tire Traces in Traffic Accident Place Based on their physical characteristics
Bilík, Martin ; Kovanda, Jan (referee) ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
The thesis deals with the possibilities of identifying the relevant tire traces at the place of a traffic accident based on their physical characteristics. Braking traces on the road are one of the most important objective elements for accident analysis, their easy and accurate detection is very important for accurate accident assessment. With the increasing technical equipment of vehicles, especially with the introduction of newer generations of braking assistance systems, traces left by the tires become almost invisible to the human eye. It is therefore highly desirable that their detection should be not only as accurate as possible but also as easy and fast as possible, not only for forensic experts, but especially for members of the traffic police departments. In line with the development and introduction of new safety and assistance systems for vehicles should also be the development of means and methods of providing the basis for technical analysis of traffic accidents. Reality shows that the procedures, even if still functional, are practically identical for several decades, are dependent on the subjective capabilities of the documenting person. An essential element of the work, compared to the previously described measurement procedures, is the use of modern methods and devices at the highest known level of knowledge. The aim is to find and verify a simple, accurate, subjectively least influenced detecting method for tire traces on the road. A series of measurements confirmed the possibility of using the thermal camera at the technical level usually available at the place of the accident, under limited atmospheric and time conditions. In addition, laser-induced plasma spectroscopy and rLIBS were used. This method of detecting spotless tire treads can be marked as a minimally feasible documentary and at the same time as fast enough, based on the measurements made and the intended removal of defects of the instrument in the development phase of the prototype.
The methodology of using digital tachograph data for forensic engineering purposes
Zeman, Petr ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Drahotský, Ivo (referee) ; Doupal, Emil (referee) ; Libertín, Josef (advisor)
Control authorities and experts in their practice come across digital tachographs. Digital data is an important source of relevant input data and informations needed for in depth road accident analysis. In practice, it is possible to encounter an existing negative phenomenon, an unauthorised access to and fraudulent manipulation of the tachograph´s data. False data has a major impact on the results of the accident investigation and analysis. Control authorities and experts should be prepared for such cases. This thesis describes the different types of manipulation of Digital Tachograph records and the ways of their detection. Tachograph manipulation is a nowaday issue. It is very important to deal with this problem. For the reasons mentioned above I have set up a Data Control Procedure Standard for control authorities and experts and drafted technical requirements for future generation of tachographs.
Analysis of BMW Cars Marketability on the Czech Market
Mališová, Linda ; Krejčíř, Pavel (referee) ; Kledus, Robert (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with analysis of sales of BMW vehicles on the Czech market. The production of the currently produced cars was described and analyzed the most commonly sold models. For these models, historical developments have been further analyzed, and its changes have been described in terms of vehicle technical level. On the basis of these evaluations, the price development of the individual models was assessed, as well as the comparison of the price of the sale price to the new price compared to the amortization scales in accordance with the Methodology of the Expert Standard No. I / 2005
Methodology of electromobile and hybrid vehicle valuation
Kosek, Roman ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Panáček, Vladimír (advisor)
Thesis Methodology of electromobile and hybrid vehicle valuation focuses on these types of vehicles and their specifics in terms of valuation. It attends to the current state of technological advancement in this field, the structural differences from conventional vehicles and the current valuation methods. The aim is to propose a methodology for the valuation of this types of vehicles and its subsequent application to concrete examples.
Systems approach to determining the environmental damage during the transport of hazardous chemical substances
Schüllerová, Barbora ; Božek,, František (referee) ; Balog, Karol (referee) ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Adamec, Vladimír (advisor)
Current status of the environmental damage amount determination is mainly focused on the long-term consequences of negative factors, such as transport and industry emissions. Significant damages however, could be caused as a result of short-term effects, such as events with leakage of the hazardous chemicals. These situations are caused by accidents during the hazardous substances transportation, when the material is leaked as a result of faults on the vehicle or during a traffic accident. Damages that are subsequently being dealt with, in most cases reflect only the costs associated with the liquidation and remediation of the affected area. However it is important to note that since the inception of the damage until the return of the environment to its original state, if at all possible, there are many changes increasing other related costs associated with their solving. An example is the inability to use the functions that the damaged area provided. The aim of the thesis was therefore thoroughly analyze the current state of determining the amount of damage to the environment, to analyze appropriate methods for the unification process in the framework of expert activities and propose a systematic approach to improve the determination. The proposed procedure was subsequently implemented in a software tool that should be available for the needs of experts.
The amount of damage determination in cases of defects and failures of flexible pavements road structures
Špaček, Petr ; Jůza, Petr (referee) ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Stehlík, Dušan (advisor)
This thesis is focused on possibilities of financial valuation of flexible pavements surface layers conditions, in connection with whole life cycle of the pavement and certain possibilities of their maintenance and repairs, in cases of defects and failures from forensic engineering point of view. There were carried out analysis of the topics connected with judging of flexible pavements surface layers defects and failures related to forensic investigation in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad. In this thesis there were created pricing models of the certain construction works which are related to repairs and maintenance of flexible pavements. Within the possibilities of the author, there were compared market prices of the particular construction works in selected regions with the prices according to generally used pricing systems in the Czech Republic. The goal of this thesis is to create unified methodology for amount of damage financial valuation in cases of defects and failures of flexible road pavements surface layers for forensic engineering practice in the Czech Republic.
Estimation of the technical level of FORD vehicles for valuation purposes
Valešová, Jaroslava ; Tylšar, Vladimír (referee) ; Kledus, Robert (advisor)
he paper analyzes the current production of Ford cars and analysis in terms of development of their technical level. It was created parametric comparison of currently produced vehicles on the market. For the most common models of the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo is compared to change the technical level over the last 10 years. On the basis of these evaluations was created basis for determining the coefficient of technical level. A further assessed changes in exchange values for the most common models for 10 years, and their comparison with the corresponding amortization scales in accordance with the methodology Valuation standard number I / 2015 and so were consistently reflected changes in technical standards for older models.
Analysis of highest and best use of buildings on the BUT grounds in Údolní 53
Valchová, Jana ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the valuation method called analysis of the highest and best use, called HABU. In the theoretical part are explained the basic principles of the method, its parts which are: legal permissibility, physical possibility, financial feasibility and maximum productivity. In practical part this method is applied to the selected location of premises BUT on Údolní 53.
Methodology of real estate market segmentation for the valuation process
Ševčík, Marek ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Cupal, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with the methods of the real estate market segmentation in relation to the valuation process. Following the application part, which is an analysis of the real estate market in the city of Brno. On its basis procedures, that can help the expert with dividing real estate market into individual segments, are described. And also gives recommendations on how to deal with the information obtained.
Analysis of the highest and best use of a former warehouse area in Brno
Bíza, Petr ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the highest and best use analysis (HABU) of property. In first chapters there is mention about current legislation, theoretical terms and methods of property valuation in Czech republic. The next chapter describes a methodology for the highest and best use analysis. The analysis itself was applied to real case, specifically to a former storage area of the construction company, which is located in Brno - Maloměřice. For this area were designed scenarios of possible use and four of them were chosen using tests of HABU analysis. In the end, one of them was chosen which is being considered the highest and best use for this property.

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