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Reduction of noise of the railway vehicles in line arcs
Navrátil, Václav ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
reducing noise, noise in railway transport, management of application of products for modification of adhesion
Engineering design of the hydraulic press for bearings for bikes
Vichr, Tomáš ; Brandejs, Jan (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concerns design of a bearing replacement device in the motorcycles wheels. The aim was to develop an affordable and reliable home appliance. In general research are defined the imperfections of commonly available devices on the market. Based on that are designed three conceptual proposals as a solution of these problems. The most suitable one is chosen and the critical crucial points are verified as well as the production price.
Animation of the stress-strain behaviour of helical springs
Gabriel, Tomáš ; Klapka, Milan (referee) ; Hartl, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to the creation of educational animations depicting issues with the design of helical springs. Thesis contains collection of the necessary materials, describes the animating process and presents the final results. Main topics of the work are the stress across a cross-section of a loaded spring, fatigue and natural frequency of an oscillating spring.
Analysis of the effect of friction modifiers composition on adhesion and noise in rail transport
Suchomel, Ondřej ; Galas, Radovan (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is experimental study of influence of composition of water based friction modifier on adhesion and sound pressure level. Experiments are carried out on twin-disk device. Introductory experiments are conducted to determine the conditions for further experiments. The experiments of the individual components follow, and the various friction modifier compositions are tested. From the results, it is obvious that a significant influence on the reduction of adhesion coefficient and sound pressure level has solid lubricant.
FEM analysis of carriage for top drive system of drilling rig and its modification
Plachý, Jiří ; Čížek, Petr (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with FEM analysis and optimization of carriage for top drive system of drilling rig Bentec 350 AC and it is defined as a development contract for company MND Drilling & Services a.s. Intensive drilling leads to damages and repeated occurrence of fatigue cracks on carriage especially along edges of welded ribs in their heat-affected zone. The aim of this thesis is to draft construction improvements of carriage which leads to elimination of damages. Realization of this modifications depends on correct definition of boundary conditions, analysis of damage occurrence as well as verification of carriage drafts with finite element method.
Methodology for remote diagnostic of the automotive shock absorbers
Halama, Jakub ; Dočkal, Aleš (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the application of acoustic methods for evaluating the technical condition of the shock absorbers. Analysis of acoustic radiation during damping operation leads to the definition of a new non-contact diagnostic methodology that can determine the condition of the shock absorbers. The first part of the thesis focuses on the noise radiation of the shock absorbers, which is caused by discontinuous dumping. Further, the methods for the noise source localization available at The Institute of Machine and Industrial Design are described – with their functionalities, advantages and limitations. Based on all the information, an appropriate method is selected and used in the experimental part of this work. Then, aeration and removing the full volume of oil with damage of the shock absorber tube are caused (induced) on several types of the shocks. Noise radiation is measured by a microphone array and by a sound meter; the acoustic maps, frequency spectra and the synchronous filtration graphs are calculated from the measured data. From the differences in the acoustic radiations of each shock condition, a suitable diagnostic criterion for a specific shock absorber is defined. The final part discusses obtained results. Based on these results, a general diagnostic methodology, applicable to any type of shock absorber, is formulated.
The design of compression part of Braysson engine
Hodás, Ladislav ; Mazůrek, Ivan (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
This master thesis deals with design of compression part of Braysson engine which is instrumental to energy producing. The first part addresses generally the problem of Braysson cycle and briefly sums the knowledge about compressors. The next part focuses on the projection of design itself. It contains proposals of various possibilities of solutions, choice of optimal variants. Individual parts of the machine are described and design and control computations are provided. The final part contains evaluation.
Mechanical design of experimental collimator
Toman, Ladislav ; Macháček, Ondřej (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the mechanical design of the correction collimator, which is used for the axial rotation of the optical assembly, and also with the mechanical design of the device for height positioning of the auxiliary telescope of correction collimator. The bachelor thesis is divided into six main chapters. These chapters deal with the principle of the optical systems functionality, the principle of the correction collimator functionality, there are also mentioned types of correction collimators, there is description of the problem, individual proposals of the two preparations, their analysis, selection of suitable variants and their design solutions. Drawings of individual parts and assemblies are part of the bachelor thesis.
Animation of the structural behavior of rod bolted joints
Farkaš, Richard ; Klapka, Milan (referee) ; Hartl, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with the investigation of the force-deformation behavior of prestressed crankshaft bolts, kinematics and dynamics within the crank mechanism of the four-stroke spark-ignition engine. This issue is illustrated by animations intended for educational purposes.
Animation of force relations on power screw
Jonáš, Tom ; Klapka, Milan (referee) ; Hartl, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with creating animations in program Cinema 4D. The animations show what forces are generated during nut movements along the moving bolt, also show self-locking conditions and geometry between forces. These animations will be used for educational purposes for students, for a better understanding of the issue, and for a better idea of spatial distribution of forces. The thesis describes the software environment and the process of creating particular animations.

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