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Slovák, Jiří Elíša ; Jeřábková, Edith (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
This work touches sensitive questions about the sense of life during pilgrimage of fiction figure. Significant for a search like this is individual’s revolving around his own axis with an outcome as feelings of vanity leading to emptiness. Mind then phases between madness and bitter self-awareness. As a conclusion figure resigns for his ideas of his own prominence. Turns to God where he finds satisfaction in softness and humbleness of heart.
Instructions to Create Art
Šindelářová, Alice ; Jiřička, Eva (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
The work summarizes the ideas concerning human creativity, the desire to create and the expression of art. I researched creativity in my family. Personally, I met all the members of my immediate family and we worked together. Then I organized an event at my cottage where we all got together and everyone had the task of creating something on their own and then together in the whole group. So I decided to conceive the work itself as a text screenplay and a description of events which happened and what the family members had to talk about before and during our family meeting. The issue is above all, it is their unclear understanding of my intention to carry out the event itself and then a clash of views on art and the common creation that took place in the garden. For the presentation itself, the participant is seated with me at one table and I read the screenplay of the event. The work is a confrontation of my family's amateur view of art with a view of mine as an art student.
Why nobody wants anything from me.
Hurych, Martin ; Dolanová,, Lenka (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
The work focuses on subjective experience in urban, public environments. I use the principle of material and non-material exchange as a device to establishing communication, sharing my own thoughts and experiences with strangers who want something from me. I create a sound work from open and immediate communication with others. The primary intention was to relativize subjective, diary notes and notes by letting them read on the street by people who approached me and said they wanted me to do something. Reflections and experiences of respondents were added to the text. All readings were recorded in the form of audio recording, which is further post-produced.
Piskova, Olena ; Klímová, Barbora (referee) ; Gabriel, Michal (advisor)
The thesis is a continuation of my subject, "Why?", Also includes the theme of man and the environment. I started to be interested in the controversial topic of genetically modified organisms, genetic engineering. I found a personal story in it. Now it is difficult to comment on the extent to which these researches are important, but we shouldn’t stop there.
Kašparová, Tereza ; Čermák, Aleš (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
Collection of material in which my interest in "porous" surfaces appears, in this case about temporary imprint in human skin. I want to develop these imprint in an analog image.
Garden of Gardener
Jelen, Viktor ; Daněk, Josef (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
Video reflecting the relationship of the verbal artwork and its visual interpretation.
Krajobraz odrazu
Tesařová, Anna ; Helia De Felice, Jennifer (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
Work concerned in landscape and motion in landscape. I want to focus on the way how am I mirroring in landscape and how is landscape mirroring in me. In the proces of work there will be actions reflecting these themes (occasionally with other people or just by myself). These actions will be recorded (in a varied ways). Later I will proceed from it to make the final series of scenes from those records.
Documentary about Du Du
Willertová, Aneta ; Bačíková, Alžběta (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
Du Du is pouring itself a tea.
Goodbye piece
Preťová, Nikola ; Brody, Ondřej (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
In my master thesis named Goodbye piece I explore food and fine arts as two individual creative processes. I notice the differences and similarities between them and based on my finding I create an installation artwork and text documentation.
Tour Guide
Bartoš, David ; Javůrek, Tomáš (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
Thesis exhamines the role and purpose of lie in post-truth age in the life of individual person as well as in the life of sociaty. The action oscillates between performance and happening, through these media author and in the same time tour-guide presents his own and his family and friends lifes.

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