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Russian youth slang; creative use of language by young.
Khilai, Iana ; Kitzlerová, Jana (advisor) ; Rajnochová, Natalie (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on compairing youth slang of two age groups: 14-17 and 17-24 yers old. The thesis consists of a theoretical part and practical part, which is accompanied by supplements. An integral part of the thesis is to focus on problematiques of meanings of argot, jargon, slang and youth slang, reasons of its using. The individual chapters are dedicated to slang's history in Russia and its sources. The main part presents an analysis of the results of a questionnaire among schoolboys and schoolgirls, students and working young people.
Untranslatable from Sorokin
Borůvková, Karina ; Kitzlerová, Jana (advisor) ; Stranz-Nikitina, Veronika (referee)
(in English) The present thesis titled "Untranslatable from Sorokin", is applying both theoretical and empirical approach. Particular attention is paid especially to translations from Russian to Czech language. This thesis focuses on common translation problems while working with books of Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin. The introduction to the theoretical part of the present study is devoted to general theoretical framework of translatological analysis of specific translation problems. In next step the most common difficulties are defined and systemized in several groups like author's neologism, foreign language lexicon, etc.. Empirical part of this thesis focuses on solving of particular translation problems and its analysis. These problems are also explained using examples from works of Vladimir Sorokin. The main goal of the thesis is partly to simplify understanding of Sorokin's books, but mainly to ease the work for translators. Various ways of dealing with difficultly translatable or completely untranslatable parts of Sorokin's books can then also help translators who translate another works from different authors.
Literary Terms and Techniques in Translation
Bogatova, Polina ; Kitzlerová, Jana (advisor) ; Stranz-Nikitina, Veronika (referee)
This work in the field of the translation theory, extending to the translation practice, focuses on exploring literary terms and techniques, that participate in the construction and poeticisation of the literary text. Very often these terms make problems in the process of translation text from one language to another. The aim is localizing (with regard to its contextual involvement), analysis and subsequent selection of the most appropriate translation solutions of these terms. The work focuses on the translation of these literary devices not only in plan of Slavic languages (Russian, Czech, Slovak), but also takes into account the aspect of non-Slavic languages (English).
Low Lexicon of Contemporary Russian Prose and Its Possible Translation into Czech
Vysoký, Josef ; Kitzlerová, Jana (advisor) ; Stranz-Nikitina, Veronika (referee)
The main aim of the thesis is to discuss a task of translation of low lexicon (esp. vulgarism) from Russian into Czech. Low lexion discussed in the thesis is based on texts of contemporary russian prose written by V. Kozlov. At first we compare both national languages especially their sociolects and specific layer of vulgarism. This layer is then analyzed in Russian and in Czech, which allow us to understand common and different fields in it. There is no direct equivalent in Czech to russian mat (a layer of highly expressive lexicon in Russian). According to functional equvalence we can show the way, how to substitute this lack of expressive lexicon in translation to Czech.
Comparison of drama The Storm and libretto to opera Katya Kabanova
Zoubková, Lenka ; Kosáková, Hana (advisor) ; Kitzlerová, Jana (referee)
(in English): The topic of this thesis is The Comparison of Drama The Storm by Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky and Libretto to Opera Katya Kabanová by composer Leoš Janáček. It summarises the creation, the premiere and the reception of both pieces of art, shortly describes the story, the main characters of the original work of art. Then, the thesis studies the circumstances of the creation of libretto, seeks the answer to the question why Leoš Janáček chose to write an opera based on drama The Storm. The main target of the thesis is the comparison of the story and the characters of both pieces of art with the focus on main character Katya Kabanová. In the end, the thesis tries to answer the questions why the libretto was changed as opposed to the original piece of art, what was the meaning of those changes and what influenced the author to make them.
Anglicisms in Programs of Czech and Russian Commercial Radios
Kaplanová, Oksana ; Rajnochová, Natalie (advisor) ; Kitzlerová, Jana (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to show, on the basis of selected words, how the borrowed Anglicisms are used in the Russian and the Czech language. The goal is to familiarize the reader with neologisms, in particular with their creation and adaptation in the two languages. On the selected fifteen words we show how the borrowed words are used in both languages and how their integration to the language is similar. In the thesis we have shown the significance of Anglicisms in the languages and the possibilities of their derivatives and adaptation to the given system of the language. The main result of the thesis is a list of words which enables us to observe linguistic tendencies of borrowed words in the past decades. This list enriches the reader with borrowed words that are not so frequent for the reader to know them. The results which we have accomplished will enable us to focus on further research concerning this issue in the future. Key words New vocabulary, foreign words, neologisms, anglicisms, borrowing
Gallicisms in Russian language
Pelikán, Simona ; Kitzlerová, Jana (advisor) ; Stranz-Nikitina, Veronika (referee)
PELIKÁN, Simona, Bc.: Gallicisms in Russian language [Master Thesis]. Charles University. Faculty of Arts; Institute of East European Studies. Master thesis instructor: Mgr. Jana KITZLEROVÁ, Ph.D. Graduate degree designation: Master (Mgr.). Praha, UK, FF, ÚVES, 2016. Pages 116. The subject of thesis is to analyze the issues of gallicisms in Russian language. It focuses mainly on the frequency of gallicisms in Russian during the various stages of historical development from the first contact of languages to the present. The aim of this work is to determine as well as explain the French influence on Russian vocabulary, explore today's language situation and demonstrate acquired knowledge on selected lexical units grouped in the final analysis of the thesis. In introduction, the work is devoted to the characteristics of historical relations between Russia and France. It concentrates particularly on the important milestones in the historical development of Russia limited by the reign of specific sovereigns. The thesis then describes the theoretical knowledge of linguistic borrowings and loan words in Russian. It also defines the specific attributes of French loan words in Russian language and their level of adaptation. In the section devoted to the analysis of selected gallicisms, the work generalizes...
Compound nouns in Russian in comparison to Czech
Vaňukova, Jevgenija ; Giger, Markus (advisor) ; Kitzlerová, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with compound nouns. The aim is to theoretically specify composition in Russian and in Czech. The thesis explains the basic concepts related to composition. Afterwards we made an analysis of selected compound nouns from dictionaries of neologisms. Powered by TCPDF (
One of the Sorokin's untranslated books
Biarozkina, Karina ; Kitzlerová, Jana (advisor) ; Stranz-Nikitina, Veronika (referee)
The subject of bachelor thesis is work of Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin. This thesis focuses on translation and common problems associated with it. It's divided into two coherent parts. First one is devoted to the translation alone and second contains my personal commentary, both to the original and translated text. Goal of this thesis is to highlight author's specific style of writting and his expressions, thus creating preconditions for the possible future translation of selected book. Keywords Translation, translation analysis, translation method, Russian literature, Vladimir Sorokin, Goluboje salo
Terminologies expressing complex social hierarchies in Russian and Czech
Michajlova, Michaela ; Giger, Markus (advisor) ; Kitzlerová, Jana (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of terminology expressing complex social hierarchies in Czech and Russian, which is examined in the examples of military ranks. The aim of this thesis is to create parallel Czech-Russian military terms and examine them in terms of their word formation, especially systematism, motivation and etymology. The thesis also includes a brief historical overview of the development of Czech and Russian military ranks. The following sources were used in this thesis; general and specialized lexicological literature on word formation, general and specialized dictionaries, publications and articles of the authors dealing with the issues of milatary terminology. The primary method in this thesis is a confrontational analysis which should lead to the conclusions of the specific Russian and Czech military terminology representing social hierarchy. Key Words Terminology, Hierarchy, Word Formation, Etymology, Military Ranks. Powered by TCPDF (

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