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Factors Influencing the Purchasing Behavior of Consumers
Korecká, Martina ; Hajdíková, Taťána (advisor) ; Kincl, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis is focused on the analysis of individual factors that influence purchase behaviour of the consumer. The work will also evaluate effectiveness of marketing tricks used in a selected commercial chain and evaluate the aggressiveness of marketing practices from the perspective of shoppers. The aim of work is to propose recommendation of communication within the distribution channels.
Conscious and subconscious response of customer to marketing communication
Kovářová, Veronika ; Kincl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Novák, Michal (referee)
This Diploma Thesis analyzes the customer´s perception of the conscious and subconscious response. The goal is to find out how visual marketing communication affects consumers in the form of product placement appearing in the film in comparison between conscious and subconscious response. Respectively, whether the customer responds to some subconscious incentives and whether he is aware of this fact. The theoretical part describes the relatively new marketing direction Neuromarketing, its techniques, benefits and limitations. It also includes literary research describing the stimulation of the customer, specifically his subconscious, for the purpose of marketing success. This is complemented by ethical attitudes of experts. The next part describes the eye-tracking analysis, which is complemented by interviews. The results in the form of heat maps are supplemented by the knowledge gained from the personal interview and interpreted on the basis of the theoretical knowledge.
Analysis of mass media communication of selected manufacturers of cola-based drinks on Czech TV market
Menšíková, Šárka ; Novák, Michal (advisor) ; Kincl, Tomáš (referee)
This master's thesis is focused on the analysis of mass media communication of three manufacturers of cola-based drinks, which are Kofola, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of mass media communication, to map the progress of marketing campaigns on television and to compare activities of key players in the category of cola-based drinks on Czech television market at the period 2010-2015. The thesis contains theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part contains of literary research and there are also described main areas associated with this thesis such as advertising or mass media planning and there is also summarized the situation on television market and market of soft drinks. The second part of this thesis is devoted to analysis of mass media communication of selected manufacturers of cola-based drinks in the Czech Republic. At the beginning of the practical part there are described all used methods, based on data mining of the set of advertising investments which are available from the company Nielsen Admosphere, a. s.
Analysis of mass media communication on air transport market
Pešová, Kamila ; Gunina, Daria (advisor) ; Kincl, Tomáš (referee)
Bachelor thesis in the theoretical part describes mass media communication and individual types of mass media, with the most focus on television advertising, which is key in this work. There is also defined marketing communication services, air market and airlines whose data are described in the practical part. In the practical part are processed data for 2010-2016. The work focuses on time series analysis, describes the development of ad timing within ad layout during individual years and within daytime layouts, and attempts to capture the evolution of ad slot length.
Display negative emotions and their impact on the perception of advertising messages
Pištěková, Karolína ; Kincl, Tomáš (advisor)
This Diploma Thesis analyzes the negative emotions and their impact on the perception of advertising messages. The goal is to find out how the negative emotions in the advertisement affect the individual and whether and how they perceive their perception. The theoretical part deals with different approaches to the definition of emotions and their measurement. Literary research discusses case studies and research conducted in this field, including the conclusions that follow. Part of the theoretical part is the approach of the term neuromarketing and its importance in the area of marketing communication. The methodical part discusses selected methods of data collection. The results are displayed using fixation and heat maps and are supplemented by respondents' testimonies.
Analysis of the competitive environment on the babysitting market
Kubíčková, Klára ; Novák, Michal (advisor) ; Kincl, Tomáš (referee)
The foundation of this thesis is a personal business plan for a babysitting agency. This agency will enter the market as a new entity. In order to do so, it is necessary to explore this business market in a great detail. The analysis of such market should provide information which will then create the foundation for both strategic and operational marketing decisions. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the current state of the babysitting market and its main competitors in Prague in order to create a competitive strategy and marketing program for a new business. This analysis was done through the methodology of competition analysis using the process of competitive intelligence. Data have been collected in many different forms, one of them being semi-structured interviews. Ethics have been taken into consideration while doing this research. The outcome of this work is a competition strategy and the 6Ps marketing mix, which include the competition advantage.
Cultural Differences on Web
Pelíšek, Jiří ; Kincl, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis applies the theory of cultural differences in the web environment. Several dozens of selected websites from various national cultures are evaluated and analyzed. Differences in the web design and marketing communication are studied depending on the culture. The evaluation is based on cultural models of social psychologist Geert Hofstede and anthropologist Edward T. Hall. Research sites are selected from nine cultural clusters according to the Inglehart-Welzel cultural map, based on the World Values Survey data. Other site surveyed includes the world's largem producers in the industry. The authors of this study build on and developed work of Aaron Marcus and Emilie Gould in the web design of Cross-Cultural Strategies for Web Design (Armando Calabrese et al., 2012). The objective of this diploma thesis is to analyze whether cultural differences are manifested on a selected group of websites.
UX analysis of Eye-tracking of Web Faculty of Management of Prague School of Economics
Trtík, Dan ; Novák, Michal (advisor) ; Kincl, Tomáš (referee)
The main objective of the thesis is eye tracking executions user experience analysis of the websites of the Faculty of management VŠE. The thesis brings insight into the area of eye tracking and its use in marketing and optimizing websites, definition of terms related to the understanding of eye tracking and explanation of its operation. A signifi-cant part is devoted to the author's survey conducted with respondents research and observation placed on the website.
Fairy tale motifs in advertisements
Novohradská, Lucie ; Šimůnek, Michal (advisor) ; Kincl, Tomáš (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on appearance of fairy tale motifs in advertisements. In the first part it introduces terms such as fairy tale, archetype, semiotics and their connection to advertising. The aim of the thesis is to examine the connection between fairy tale and advertisements, to describe why the fairy tale motifs are used and to identify the benefits for the advertisers. The second part is based on semiotics analysis of chosen printed advertisements with the motif of Little Red Riding Hood. It examines different usage of the same fairy tale motif in various types of advertisement and its interpretations.
Analysis of Marketing Communication of Business Chains on the Czech TV Market
Žarnayová, Klaudia ; Gunina, Daria (advisor) ; Kincl, Tomáš (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is focused on analysis of mass media communication on the market of retail chains in the Czech republic. The thesis consists of the analysis of colors and emotional appeals found in the TV commercials that have been published through the Czech channels. The literary research is based on general knowledge about the mass media communication, psychological aspects and emotional appeals used in TV commercials. The metodological part describes the main methods and processes for the research of the TV commercials. The practical part of the thesis consists of an analysis of colors and the application of their emotional and psychological meaning, which they cause to consumers through the televison commercials. The conclusion includes the results of the analysis and recommendations for their implementation.

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