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Same-sex registered partnership in the Czech Republic - institutionalization and changing attitudes of the society
Keltošová, Jana ; Vávra, Martin (advisor) ; Dudová, Radka (referee)
5 Abstract This master's thesis analyzes a family as a crucial element of each society. It also depicts its functions and presents possible forms of interpersonal relationships. The Czech Republic is one of the countries in which it is possible to identify existence of several forms of interpersonal relationships - a concubinage of heterosexual and same- sex couples, married couples and people in a registered partnership. Personal attitudes have been evolving over time and the Czech Republic is no exception. The change of attitudes and points of view towards homosexuality and its gradual acceptance have been present within the Czech society for decades. These changes finally led to legalization of the registered partnership in 2006. Even though the Czech modern society is trying to eliminate discriminating attitudes, homoparental families still do not have the same legal certainty and social security as heterosexual families with children do. Inequality as per current Czech laws exists even between a marriage and a registered partnership. The Czech Republic needs to take steps in order to guarantee equality of all family forms. The empirical part of the thesis provides an analysis of the Czech sociological surveys in order to identify to what degree the Czech heterosexual majority tolerates and accepts the...
Louisiana purchase
Keltošová, Jana ; Opatrný, Josef (advisor) ; Robbins, David Lee (referee)
The main purpose of the thesis is to illustrate a process of gradual development of America's diplomatic relations and skills which consequently led to the Louisiana Purchase. This land acquisition has been effected by a culmination of a series of events on two different continents. Therefore, the Purchase was not an act of signing, but an act which defined the state's existence, recognition, and acceptance by other nations. It is not sufficient to be aware of the events taking place shortly before the Purchase and therefore the paper presents political, diplomatic, industrial, and commercial reasons of England, Spain, and France which gave rise to the United States. The thesis is divided into respective centuries with their most important events and outcomes of the mutual negotiations between the three above mentioned Europeans powers. The moment when the English subjects became independent, later declaration of Independence, and the French Revolution are the examples of important milestones which eventually resulted in the land acquisition. However, it is not correct to think that once the problem of the area is settled, the future steps are a lot easier to take. Only then the issues such as the application of law, subjugation, and later development of the state become very significant and...

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