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Juvenile men serving imprisonment and support for self-esteem
Černá, Monika ; Baštecká, Bohumila (advisor) ; Martinek, Michael (referee) ; Keřkovský, Pavel (referee)
Presented thesis entitled Juvenile men in their sentence of imprisonment and their self-respect support tries to find out the possibilities of self-respect support by juvenile men in their sentence of imprisonment. The work is divided into three parts. The first part, including two chapters, deals with a theoretical scope of the theme on the basis of specialist literature. The first chapter determines a term of self-respect, compares its different definitions and presents self-respect in spiritual context. It concentrates on juvenile imprisoned men self-respect and secondary prevention programmes offered by prisons. The second chapter summarizes practical possibilities and sources of self- respect support. It explores the usage of elements of secondary prevention of delinquency and pastoral care. It summarizes possibilities of self-respect support of juvenile imprisoned men and difficulties in work with a target group. The second part presents a qualitative research made by the author in the period of two years, primarily in prisons. The research activities (group and individual interviews, documents' analysis) were aimed at discovering factors that endanger self-respect of sentenced persons, and also realistic ways of support. The research summs up the analysis output and shows its role in the...
State and Church in Calvin's Thought: Sovereign Powers in Cooperation
Matulová, Lucie ; Keřkovský, Pavel (advisor) ; Gallus, Petr (referee) ; Macek, Ondřej (referee)
My doctoral thesis focuses on the church-state relationship in Calvin's thought. His model of the church- state relationship shows both powers to be sovereign, but at the same time in cooperation. The aim of my thesis is to verify the similarity between the progressive and ecclesiastical power of the state in terms of its institutionalization. Man is under twofold government (secular and spiritual) the attempt to separate these two governments is not only possible, but even desirable. They are not mutually incompatible, for God reigns in both. The concept of the Church moved from the invisible realm into the visible one with a solid organizational structure. The true Church is recognizable by its key features: the pure preaching of the Word of God and the proper administration of the sacraments according to Christ's will. Church and state administration have proved necessary for human survival. Calvin tries to reduce the danger of absolute power in both governments. Ecclesiastical power, which was originally connected only with the power of the keys, developed into three branches. Similarly, secular government was divided into three parts. An important topic for Calvin is his conception of the law. Christ liberated man from the tyranny of the law so that he could freely follow it. Man has civic duties,...
Christian existence in the world according to D. Bonhoeffer and present evangelical diaconia
Kysela, Roman ; Halama, Jindřich (advisor) ; Keřkovský, Pavel (referee)
This diploma paper (work) "Christian existence in the world according to D. Bonhoeffer and present evangelical diaconia" is concerned with Bonhoeffer's relationship to the world and significance and results of Christ's incarnation for Christian relationship to the world. It looks for an answer whether Christian existence is divided in two contradicting areas. In the following chapter the work is focused on Bonhoeffer's concept "of the world come of age" and the part of the part enlightenment in this process. It also deals with the death of God and his disappearing from human life in view of D. Bonhoeffer and F. Nietzsche. The idea of the of the overman and its interpretation is also explored along with the development of Bonhoeffer's faith in eternally young, strong and victorious God to faith in God who is weak and suffering. Last two chapters are aimed at Bonhoeffer's notion of worldliness and nonreligious Christianity and his attitude to diaconia. The work also deals with the development of evangelical diaconia and searches if there are some features of worldliness and nonreligious Christianity in it and how it touches individual Christian existence. The aim of the work is to prove that Cristian existence fully takes place in the world and is not divided in two contradicting areas. It also wants...
Theological and Ethical Aspects o Assisted Suicide
Břendová, Veronika ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Keřkovský, Pavel (referee)
This Diploma Thesis deals with main theological aspects of assisted suicide. It represents particular arguments of discussion on this issue and undergoes them with theological-ethical assessment. This Thesis firstly shows individual concepts concerning the human dying issue and represents individual tools for argument of protagonists and antagonists of assisted suicide. These arguments are afterwards presented to theological ethics for its assessment. Theological ethics is one of the possible view on this issue. It offers relevant tools for proper assessment, decision and behaviour endeavoring for fulfilled human life. It also takes into account different areas of theological ethics, ie. individual, interhuman and social. This Thesis shows the necessity of humanly dignified forming of life of incurably ill and dying people. It is done mainly by support and development of palliative care. Human proximity, community, complex care and comfort are the main ways of the nursing care of uncurably ill and dying people who ask for doctor assistance for suicide. Regardless the ethic ratings, it is necessary not to abandon the patient in this extreme situation but to keep supporting him and accompany him, which is according to the commandement of love. Powered by TCPDF (
Guilt, Purification, Forgiveness
Slezáková, Veronika ; Keřkovský, Pavel (advisor) ; Halama, Jindřich (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the conceptions of Guilt, Purification and Forgiveness. Based on the study of the writings of Karl Jaspers, Božena Komárková, Martin Buber and Helmut Weber, the thesis comes to an understanding of the issues of guilt, forgiveness and purification in both philosophical and theological terms. Furthermore, this work introduces other issues that relate to the chosen topic, for example, the concepts of Repentance, Penance and Conversion. Thanks to the acquired findings, I want to come to an understanding of the concept of guilt in Bernhard Schlink's novel The Reader. This thesis is concerned with Schlink's comprehension of guilt as well as with the foundation for reconciliation with guilt that Schlink outlines. Powered by TCPDF (
Religious Hatred - Case of Northern Ireland
Nedbalová, Dagmar ; Keřkovský, Pavel (advisor) ; Halama, Jindřich (referee)
Tato bakalářská práce se týká problematiky nesnášenlivosti v Severním Irsku, jež bývá vykreslována jako konflikt příslušníků odlišných křesťanských denominací. Jejím cílem je dopátrat se příčin konfliktu, poukázat na politické, ekonomické, sociální a náboženské faktory, které stojí za současnou nedůvěrou a násilím v regionu, charakterizovat náboženskou nesnášenlivost jako problém, který nespočívá "pouze" ve věroučných různicích, a navrhnout několik myšlenek, jež by mohly přispět k nalezení cesty ke smíření. Práce popisuje jednotlivé fenomény vzešlé z historického vývoje, které dodnes "vyživují" severoirský spor, nastiňuje soudobé trendy v životě severoirské protestantské a katolické komunity, zamýšlí se nad vlivem nábožensko-politické propagandy v soudobé lidové kultuře, českému čtenáři zkouší situaci přiblížit zamyšlením se nad paralelou v jeho vlastních dějinách a pokouší se zamyslet nad možností budoucí ekumenické spolupráce. Vzhledem ktomu,že svýjimkou "obecných"dějin nejsou českojazyčné zdroje příliš bohaté, tato práce si klade za cíl nastínit komplexnost severoirského konfliktu a také doporučit zahraniční literaturu, jež se touto problematikou podrobněji zabývá. Powered by TCPDF (
"Global Ethic and Bahá'u'lláh's World Order (an evaluation of two ethical models)"
Pilecká, Kristýna ; Keřkovský, Pavel (advisor) ; Štampach, Ivan (referee) ; Machálek, Vít (referee)
The Dissetation explores the issues of peaceful World Order visions which are outlined by two religious- ethical programes.The first one is the the Global Ethic Project designed by Swiss Theologian Hans Küng The second one stems from the Bahá'í Faith, which originated in Íran in the middle of the 19th century. Both programs focus on ways of improving the present circumstances of human society on a global scale by means of using ethical principles on a global level.The Dissertation examines the ethical- religious guidelines of the Global Ethic and the Bahá'í Faith. It strives to clarify a way to implement their intentions and strategies, which are considered to be a framework for a vision of a peaceful World Order. At the same time, it pays attention to the universality of humanitarian principles, which both of the models infer from religion. Observing the universality of the ethical-religious principles deduced from the world's religions in terms of "humanum" in relation to a "divinum" is considered to be a normative criterion implicating progress in terms of global society improvement.The first part of the Dissertation deals with the historical background while describing the trajectory of the origins of both programes for a new peaceful World Order.The second part disscusses the norms of statements...
Confessional neutral State as Consequence Rightly comprehend of Secularization
Hrudka, Jan ; Keřkovský, Pavel (advisor) ; Halama, Jindřich (referee)
The object of this work is the denominationally neutral country. Work it occurs through "proper understanding" secularization, an understanding of the phe-nomenon of secularization as secularism world in its social structure and social relationships. In the first part follows the concept of the state as intended Swiss reformer John Calvin, while largely draws on the work of the American legal historian John Witte and the background of the Lutheran and Calvinist Refor-mation, mainly explores especially Calvin's understanding of the polity. The second part deals with the Czech environment and through the first Czechoslo-vak president and influential thinker and statesman of the 19th and 20th centu-ries, Tomas Garrigue Masaryk tries to map the transition from theocracy to democracy, or from an absolute to a democratic conception of the state. Secula-rization itself and denominationally neutral state this thesis deals in its third part, dedicated to the life and work mainly largest Czech Protestant philosopher Bozena Komárková when over her eye on civil society gets to the separation of church and state. In conclusion, offers possible solutions, how should the re-lationship of the state to the Church and the Church to the state look like and what should be their role. The target of this work gives to recognize...
Animals as a Tool Used by Mankind
Jonová, Kateřina ; Halama, Jindřich (advisor) ; Keřkovský, Pavel (referee)
I've chosen Animals as a tool used by mankind as a topic for my thesis. The reason to choose this topic is my closeness to it because of my education in fields of ecology and ethics. I presume, that it would be interesting to connect gained knowledge from ecology and my current study of bioethics. The aim of my thesis is to find out, discover, explain and prove, whether and to what measure is it justified to use animals in favor of a human. I would like to try to describe most important aspects of this topic in my thesis. I'd try to answer to this aimed goal through collected information from worldwide and local authors. My thesis will be structured in three main parts. First part will be aimed on animal rights, in a second part, there will be desribed in which ways we use animals and in a third part there are stated ethical and theological aspects of this problem.

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