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Tony Blair and moral arguments in foreign policy
Handl, Vladimír ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Váška, Jan (referee)
For ten years he spent as the Prime Minister, Tony Blair led Great Britain in no less five then military operations, more than any other Prime Minister in the modern history. Neither of these operations was strictly speaking in British national interest and thus Tony Blair had to use other than the usual arguments to legitimize Britain's participation. He therefore started using moral arguments. Usage of these became much more acceptable during the nineties due to the changes in the international arena, this thesis looks at which moral arguments Tony Blair used during his tenure as the Prime Minister and how he used them. It analyses his arguments used to legitimize operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo.
Deployments of World War I History in the Medium of Video Games
Šindelář, Jakub ; Matějka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
The thesis is a comparative case study, that applies the typology of deployments of history of S. A. Metzger and R. J. Paxton on the World War I video games Battlefield 1 and Valiant Hearts. The objective of the thesis is to compare the studied games and to evaluate the usefulness and limitations of the applied typology as an analytical tool. A. Chapman's analytical framework for the formal analysis of historical video games is used as a methodological guideline. The "texts" of the video games serve as the main data source, complemented by the use of Let's Play videos, that allow a deeper level of analysis in certain areas and offer a glimpse of how historical representations and narratives are being consumed. Results show that both games present a rich and critical view of the World War I history and that they offer space for representation of marginalized groups. The game Valiant Hearts, unlike the game Battlefield 1, has a strong anti-war message and tells its story from a transnational perspective, emphasizing the Franco-German reconciliation. The game Battlefield 1 celebrates the combat heroism of the soldiers of individual nations and avoids completely the portrayal of civilians and the impact of the war on their lives. The World War I in this game is likened to the Second World War and it...
Attitudes of Czech Political Youth Organizations towards the EU
Kříž, Václav ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Váška, Jan (referee)
The presented diploma thesis focuses on the attitudes of selected youth political organizations in the Czech Republic towards the European Union and the process of European integration. It takes in account the fact that youth political organizations can be identified as agents of political socialization as well as it is possible to study them within the broader term of political participation (to study their influence on attitudes and opinions of their members). The analysis concerns selected eight Czech youth political organizations, Mladí sociální demokraté (the Young Social Democrats), Mladí konzervativci (the Young Conservatives), TOP tým, Mladé ANO, Mladí zelení (the Young Greens), Mladí lidovci, Mladí křesťanští demokraté (the Young Christian Democrats) and mSTAN. The theoretical basis for the analysis is Euroscepticism, specifically the typology of C. Flood and S. Usherwood is used. This typology, with six possible positions, is linked to six scenarios of possible development, based on the five scenarios presented by the European Commission in 2017 as part of the White Paper on the future of Europe and its further direction. Compatibility of both scales is tested. The necessary data collected via questionnaire survey. The thesis concludes that youth political organizations are relevant...
Queen Elizabeth II as a symbol of British national identity from 1997 to 2017
Bartoňová, Kristýna ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Váška, Jan (referee)
Britská panovnice Alžběta II. je nedílnou součástí britské národní identity, a to dle odborných názorů i dle oficiálních stránek britské vlády. Ovšem způsob, kterým se podílí na udržování britské identity není dostatečně popsán. Proto se tato bakalářská pr panovnice Alžběty II. v udržováním britské národní identity. Analyzuje, zda a jakým způsobem se panovnice podílí na udržování britské národní identity. Nejprve rozebírá přibližuje složitost tohoto pojmu a směry, kterými lze národní identitě přistupovat. Pokračuje definicí britské identity. Dále, na základě odborných studií a názorů, stejně jako na základě názorů britských žurnalistů a obyvatel představuje hlavní oblasti a složky britské národní identity. Tímto způsobem stanovuje oblasti, ve kterých by se panovnice měla při udržování národní identity pohybovat. Těmito oblastmi jsou politicko ideologická identita národa, kulturní identita a společná historie a paměť. V , zda je panovnice Alžběta těchto oblastech činná a jakým způsobem udržuje a posiluje jednotlivé složky identity. Analyzuje, jakým způsobem panovnice reálně o tuto identitu pečuje. Jsou monitorovány jednotlivé události, kterých se panovnice účastní, jednotlivé proslovy a styl jakým je Spojené království prezentováno na charitativní činnost. Díky poznatkům z analýzy královniných činností je v...
Euroscepticism and Fragmentation in the British Conservative Party 2015-2017
Svobodová, Markéta ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kudrnová, Johana (referee)
The main goal of a bachelor thesis called Euroscepticism and Fragmentation in the British Conservative Party 2015-2017 is to analyse fragmentation in Conservative Party caused by different opinions on how to deal with the European question on four main events that occurred in those years. It also attempts to answer whether and how the party Euroscepticism has changed. The events used for the analysis are the general election in 2015, the referendum concerning the British membership in European Union in 2016, the intra party election in the same year and the general election in 2017. Thesis includes theoretical part, which covers several typologies concerning factions and Euroscepticism. Based on the theoretical part were laid out three research criteria. The first criterion examines the external manifestations of Euroscepticism on party manifestos on which are compared statements concerning the European Union. The next chapter criterion examines the internal manifestations of party Euroscepticism and fragmentation. They are analysed based on the behaviour of factions and politicians between 2015 and 2017. The last criterion maps the manifestations of Euroscepticism and fragmentation on the intra party election of a new party leader. Before each analysis comes a description of examined subjects....
Tresčí války: Island jako (ne)předpokládaný vítěz
Karkoš, Daniel ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the Cod wars, a series of disputes between the United Kingdom and Iceland. The disputes were triggered by Iceland's unilateral extention of its territorial waters. It was caused by Iceland's fear of foreign fishermen's negative impact on local economy and culture. The disputes are unique, for the warring parties were partners within NATO. The disputes are nevertheless mostly interesting for the fact that their end was rather unexpected. Every time victory was on Iceland's side. This thesis investigates, what the reasons for such an outcome were. The investigation is done by an analysis of Icelandic national interests, devided into three categories with help of relevant theories of international relations. The outcome of this analysis is an identification of Icelandic advantages.
Great Britain and Free Trade. Analysis of British parliamentary debate in the context of TTIP negotiations
Heyzl, Martin ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
Bachelor thesis Great Britain and Free Trade, Analysis of the British parliamentary debate in the context of TTIP negotiations deals with the stances of major British political parties, the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and to lesser extent also the Liberal Democrats, towards the free trade and the TTIP protocol. The thesis first examines the relationship of individual parliamentary parties to international and therefore free trade. The next chapter describes the TTIP protocol, which was to be a free trade agreement between the European Union, of which Britain is a part, and the United States. In subsequent analysis of parliamentary debates in 2013-2016 the thesis examines stances of concerned political parties towards the free trade and the TTIP protocol. In the course of this thesis I had worked with the research question in following wording: "What are the reservations and possible limits of Great Britain in promoting free trade - in a comparison of the three main concepts of British politics that can be traced to the example of TTIP?". In the discussion and the subsequent conclusion the work answers this question, which are the limits of the support and possible reservations of the British political parties to the free trade and the TTIP protocol, and also why the parties have a...
British Political Parties and Immigration Theme in Their Brexit Campaigns
Tenchurina, Liliia ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Váška, Jan (referee)
Before, after and during the Brexit referendum in the UK immigration has been one of the most popular topics, which politicians discussed in their campaigns. Some of them were supporting the immigrants from the EU, arguing that they were bringing up the economy in the country, helping out the NHS and public services, and supporting the image of the multi- cultural society in the UK. However, others were saying that immigrants were stealing jobs, making unemployment rate higher and salaries lower. Immigration is still a very sensitive topic in the British society, ever since Brexit happened. This master thesis deals with the Discourse analysis of five main British political parties and the way they talked about immigration in their pre-Brexit speeches and campaigns. The main focus of the research is on understanding, whether immigration was indeed as important during the Brexit debate and also whether some of the UK's political parties tried to form a negative image of immigrants in British society. The analysis bases on the Political Marketing theory and is done by collecting the data out of the primary sources (such as speeches, campaigns and web-sites of the parties), and using the qualitative analysis on them.
Analysis of attitudes of the majority population towards immigrants at the level of selected countries of the European Union
Vavřička, Ondřej ; Jelen, Libor (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
This thesis focuses on attitudes of the majority population against immigrants on the national level. In selected countries of the European Union, these attitudes are analysed with the goal of confirming causality between heterogeneous make-up of the population (in terms of proportion of foreign-born residents in the population) and the degree of xenophobia of the majority population. The work is based on the concept of contact hypothesis and assumes that the larger the relative size of the population of foreign-born residents is, the more positive the attitudes of the majority population are. Attitudes of the majority populations are studied on two levels. First, through the opinions of the European Social Survey 2014 respondents, and second, by the election results of populist radical right-wing parties, which are typically associated with firm anti-immigrant policies. While the levels of xenophobia expressed by the ESS respondents partially fits the expected model, the connection between results of relevant political parties and the percentage of foreign-born residents in the population was not proven. The contradictory results of both analyses are attributed to a so-called "modern racism". Keywords: xenophobia, immigration, radical right, contact hypothesis, Europe
The Scotish higher education system
Hauser, Jan ; Rovná, Lenka (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
The Scottish higher education system is historically completely separate from other systems within the United Kingdom. Today, it is shaped by the Scottish Parliament and Executive and it is usually considered to be one of the most important devolved matters. At the same time, the Czech higher education system is in an urgent need of a reform. It is necessary to describe how should the reform look like and it is therefore very important to study different higher education systems in the world. There are several reasons why to study the Scottish system in particular. Both the Czech and the Scottish nations are relatively small, both the societies are basically slightly left-wing oriented and sceptical towards the introduction of tuition fees. The main question is whether the Scottish higher education system could serve as an example for the Czech reform or whether the Czechs could be at least inspired by some of the aspects of the Scottish system. The paper describes the European and British context, it briefly looks at the rich history and traditions of Scottish higher education and analyses the Robbins era, which became the forming period for today's situation. This historical view is followed by the analysis of the current state and developments in the area of Scottish higher education, including the...

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