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Theory of archetypes and using of symbols during branding of insurance companies in Czech Republic
Krejčí, Ondřej ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Karlíček, Miroslav (referee)
Theory of archetypes is one of several methods how to find the direction for building and managing of brand. This theory is based on theories C. G. Jung. Main objective of this thesis is to find out how companies on Czech market are using archetypal identity. And whether they have urge to use archetypes or similar approaches. In this thesis are also mentioned other theories, methods and methodologies, which helps with building and managing of brands. Practical part of this thesis is about branding of insurance companies. Main element of this part is quality research, especially interview with experts, which have lot of experience with branding and archetypes. Next part of thesis is focused on analysis of communication strategies of largest insurance companies on Czech market and on analysis of rebranding ING to NN in 2015.
Vliv POS na prodeje: LEGO Nexo Knights kampaň 2016 v hračkářstvích
Kinštová, Veronika ; Král, Petr (advisor) ; Karlíček, Miroslav (referee)
In today's highly competitive and cluttered marketing environment it becomes increasingly harder for brands to differentiate themselves form others. This is especially pronounced in the retail space. Shopper marketing is a discipline that focuses on shoppers and their needs to create a unique shopping experience and thereby increase in-store communication effectiveness. Keeping in mind the challenges of marketing to children, LEGO aims to communicate to its shoppers as well as consumers through the platform of in-store its core values of creative play, fun and learning. The thesis discusses the effectiveness of LEGO shopper marketing, specifically the engagement elements it uses in various channels. The aim is to test and evaluate the impact of these materials on the target audience and sales as well as define the hierarchy of LEGO in-store communication materials. In the theoretical part shopper marketing concepts, shopper beaviour and marketing in the toy industry are discussed.
Market Orientation and Customer Relationship Management
Frejková, Daniela ; Karlíček, Miroslav (referee) ; Stávková, Jana (referee) ; Světlík, Jaroslav (referee) ; Chalupský, Vladimír (advisor)
The doctoral thesis is concerned with Market Orientation (MO) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). MO and CRM have been under permanent focus of both theoreticians and practitioners in recent years as they are considered to be important for long-term business success. Surprisingly, these two strategic concepts have been examined separately. What is missing is research that would systematically analyse the possible interdependence between MO and CRM. The main aim of the doctoral thesis is to evaluate the existence of interconnections between MO and CRM. This doctoral thesis has been prepared on the basis of secondary research, as well as primary research activities. Both qualitative and quantitative methods have been applied in order to obtain a more complex view on the topic. The main primary research of this thesis was conducted through a questionnaire survey among aerospace companies in the Czech Republic. The hypotheses were tested so as to support the partial objectives, as well. The findings constitute a valuable contribution to broaden the knowledge of MO and CRM. The doctoral thesis has revealed that MO and CRM are interconnected. A tool for CRM measurement was proposed, and the level of MO and CRM in the surveyed companies was determined. The barriers to the implementation of MO and CRM were identified, yet the actual application of these concepts in practice of companies has remained an issue. The conclusions and recommendations were formulated and the contributions to the theory, practice and education were highlighted. The findings offer the possibility of further expansion of research.
The Effectiveness of Subliminal Advertising
Sotáková, Martina ; Karlíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Starostová, Adriana (referee)
Master´s Thesis aims to find the answer to the question whether subliminal advertising is able to influence consumer behaviour and make him to choose the specific product. The first, theoretical part, deals with literature review which focuses on the issue of subliminal advertising. In the second and third part, it concentrates on the description of methodology used in studies of aforementioned topic and definition of statistical methods used for evaluating the experiment. The practical part of the Master´s Thesis concentrates on realisation of the experiment verifying the effects of subliminal advertising. The purpose of the experiment was to determine if pictorial subliminal priming of bottle of specific brand of mineral water is able to influence the choice of consumer. Experiment was conducted on students of University of Economics, Prague and consisted of subliminal priming of participants by Poděbradka bottle. Afterwards it was investigated whether participants, opposed to those who were not subliminally primed, chose subliminally primed mineral water in the higher extent. The experiment determined that subliminal advertising of brand of specific mineral water did not affected the choice of participants and their intention to drink this mineral water. At the end, Master´s Thesis indicates limitations of conducted experiment and recommends alignment for the future research.
Optimization of Customer Service with Respect to Profitability and Customer Satisfaction: Case study of Hilti
Jindrák, Jiří ; Karlíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Radil, Jan (referee)
The Master's thesis focuses on customer satisfaction and its relationship to profitability, which is becoming an increasingly more relevant topic of daily discussion among the managers across all industries. The search for an optimal strategy that would lead to a consequent increase of both could be compared to a search for the "holy grail" or to an invention of the "perpetuum mobile" of business. The overall goal of my thesis is to design a strategy that would have the abovementioned attributes and would lead to an increase of profitability and customer satisfaction for the Hilti Czech republic and its after-market service. The theoretical part reviews the general academic literature connected with the topic. The practical part focuses on the company Hilti AG - a global premium provider of building construction tools and consumables in B2B segment, and examines especially its after-market service department. The first section of the practical part analyses the outcomes of the qualitative expert in-depth interviews with managers across different business units and departments and with real customers. The second part of the practical part proposes concrete steps that will lead to an increase of profitability and customer satisfaction.
Digitalni marketing a social media v "crowd-funding" kampani.
Malec, Etienne ; Král, Petr (advisor) ; Karlíček, Miroslav (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to investigate the key success factors in the digital marketing approach used for campaigns done on crowdfunding platforms, and how it will change influence the decisions of the crowd to invest in a project. Regarding the structure of this thesis, we will firstly explain in details what are the roots of the crowdfunding, describe the different type of platforms and in which context they are used. In the second and third part, we will see how crowdfunding represent a boost for the entrepreneurial initiative and how digital marketing is influencing the process of a raising fund campaign. Finally, thanks a research that has been conducted on 46 respondents, we will analyze the behavior of the crowd regarding the marketing approach used by crowdfunders. As findings, we can state that a crowdfunder must establish a project with a substantial quality content that will pull the crowd toward the project, and choose the right approach in selecting an adapted crowdfunding platforms and rewards.
The Risk of Vampire Effect in Advertising
Kuvita, Tetyana ; Karlíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Král, Petr (referee)
The concept of vampire effect in advertising appears to be underresearched by marketing specialists. In the race for getting attention of target audience advertisers often use special attention-getting devices. This in turn exposes them to a higher risk of creating a vampire effect when the core message about the brand or a product is eaten up by such devices. Therefore this study provides deepeer insights into the vampire effect occurences. A deductive approach is used. First secondary literature review on preconditions of vampire effect occurrences and various types of vampire effect is covered. Primary data collection and analysis is performed next. This part is narrowed down to researching vampire effect risks when using celebrities as attention-getting device in printed advertisement. Research tools of this study include an eye-tracking device and a survey of 72 students from the University of Economics in Prague. The research concludes that a significantly higher risk of creating a vampire effect exists when using an unrelated attention-getting device. Marketers are advised to use related celebrities if choosing to stick to the attention-getting device approach. However, the concept of "relatedness" should be effectively pre-tested prior to advertising campaign start.
Key factors of decision making process of medical tourists in the Czech Republic
Šebestík, Ondřej ; Karlíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Roun, Vlastimil (referee)
This thesis analyzes parts of decision purchasing process and reveals the most important criteria for medical tourists in the Czech Republic using questionnaire research method. Survey was conducted in cooperation with clinics and medical tourism providers in the Czech Republic. Based on the research, key decision factors are costs, experience and quality of surgeon and patient's reviews of the clinic. The thesis also provides suggestions on application of results in clinic's marketing communication.
Internet marketing in tourism – case study Hastrman Boat Rental
Kronďáková, Ivana ; Hanzlík, Jan (advisor) ; Karlíček, Miroslav (referee)
The theory part of the thesis discusses internet marketing, its development and specifics. In addition, it discusses individual tools of internet marketing and measuring of their efficiency. The practical part focuses on using internet marketing in tourism, using as a case study Hastrman Boat Rental. Marketing activities of the rental place and of its competitors are analysed. On the basis of the theory findings acquired and the analysis made, a marketing strategy is proposed for the selected company.
The Importance of Managing eWOM in the Hotel Industry
Horák, Tomáš ; Karlíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Pearce, Chris (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to investigate the effects of different hotel response strategies to negative user-generated electronic word of mouth on online travel guide sites and subsequently to identify managerial implications that would lead to an effective online review management in the hotel industry. Three basic response strategies to a negative review were identified: no-response strategy, defensive response strategy and accommodating response strategy. An experimental research method with 240 respondents proved that accommodating response to a negative review has positive impact on customer's perception of a hotel. The most negative perception was observed by the defensive response strategy. The results of this experimental research were confirmed in a Mann-Whitney U-test.

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