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The Hotel Velichovky
Kužela, Jan ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
This diploma’s dissertation is on project of a new hotel building with three aboveground and one underground floors. This study starts at the building stage and focuses on the construction details and energy demands of the building. Also included is a fire safety solution for the new hotel building. The layout and architectural desing is according to the investor´s requirements, with respect to applicable laws, regulations, standards. Traditional materials are designed for the new building, taking into account the latest developments in the construction industry.
Agricultural Complex for PD Šalgovce
Manduch, Dávid ; Soudek, Pavel (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is a project documentation of a farm. It is a new building of stable for cow breeding and other buildings necessary for the proper function of the farm. The farm is located in Šalgovce, district of Topoľčany. The project documentation consists of administration building, milking parlor and a stable for cows. All objects are single building objects. . A base - administration building is the brick object with two floors. On the ground floor there is a lodge, a rest area for employees, cheese production area and a farm store. On the second floor there are offices. The milking parlor is the single building object with rooms necessary to secure stable operation. The stable is designed for a maximum of 172 cows.
The Commercial-administrative Center in Chomutov
Konárek, Lukáš ; Soudek, Pavel (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
Diploma thesis deal with New building of The Commercial-administrative center in Chomutov. The Center has common basement and overground part is created from three separated buildings. These buildings are designed to create an atrium between them and sidewalk follow-up to adjacent sidewalks. Western building has two above ground floor, which they offer administrative place. Other two buildings are one above ground floor. They have place to shop, light refection and toilets. In basement of the Center there are a technological background and parking places. The remaining parking places are located on the terrain in the northern part. Construction system of the building is monolithic reinforced concrete. Roof is flat and single-skinned. Architectural building solution is created in software Archicad 21.0.0 Component from the company Graphisoft. Building physics is processed in group of software’s from the company K-CAD spol. s.r.o. In the specialization is the Diploma thesis dealing with study of roof panel. Panel is modeled in software RFEM 5.14 from the company Dlubal software s.r.o. The study then deals with the evaluation of the stress in the board from the most unfavorable combination of loads, the design of the reinforcement and the assessment of the reality of the proposed slab thickness, which was determined in the framework of study work using empirical formulas.
Winery Sekt Jan Petrák
Zrníková, Kamila ; Myslín, Jiří (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
Based on the architectural study of AG33 studio, this bachelor’s thesis on theme of family winery Sekt Jan Petrák was created. The bachelor thesis develops the architectural study up to the Building permit documentation and Documentation for execution of the project. The plot is situated in the centre of Kobylí, in the South Moravia Region. There is currently located a terraced house and an production building which does not suit current demands of the owners for housing nor for production of wine and sparkling wine. The requirement was to create a new house and production building with preservation and utilization of the existing production building, as well as appropriately placed product shop and tasting space. The mass solution of my design is based on the original terraced houses with gutters to street of South Moravia. The house continues to existing buildings in size and shape of the roof. By contrast, the public part of production building is turned gable wall to the street, and combination with courtyard entry closes the line on terraced houses and continues in looser buildings. In addition to the modification of the traditional housing type, the new entrance elements are morphology of windows and hidden gutters. The gable wall of the public part is glass fronted and creates dominant, easily identifiable element in the street view. Materials are chosen simple and clean, with reference to the production function of the building. White plaster, exposed brick, black tile roofing and zinc coated façade elements and flashing are predominant.
Newly-Built Semi-Detached House with Business Premises in Brno
Ondrejčík, Matúš ; Soudek, Pavel (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the design of new family house with business operation in Brno and elaboration of project documentation for realization of the building. The object is designed from one part as a two-storied two-generation house and in the second part as a one-storied business operation. A part of the house is a garage for two cars. Both parts of the building, business operation and family house, are covered with a flat roof. The house is constructed from ceramic blocks. This object is designed for a row buildings. It is placed in a gently sloping terrain. The building is located in the flood area of the river Svratka.
The Rekonstruktion of Vyškov Rectory
Sigid, Pavel ; Sznapková, Radka (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is based on architectural study made in winter semester of the third year of bachelor study program on the topic “Renewal of Vyškov rectory”. The point of this architectural study was to discover suitable urbanistic, mass, functional and aesthetic solution for the existing rectory building and the site nearby. Northwest from rectory is designed a new building – coffe-bar and northeast a new building of spiritual centre for create unity with place. Existing rectory building is completely renovated. Mainly serves accommodation for dean and chaplain of the parish, guests, administrative work, meetings with and of the believers, renting commercial spaces, daily living for handicapped people. New building of the coffe-bar is summer running and serves a background for staff. New building of spiritual centre serves as a sacred garden, chapel and healer workplace. All of the buildings are surrounded by renewed public space and park, for better connection with Vyškov town centre. The work is divided into documents, constructional study, constructional part of the project documentation for construction and architectural detail.
Café club BIKROS FAVORIT Brno - Komárov
Valach, Lukáš ; Hrabec, Josef (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The theme of the bachelor thesis is the proposal of the Café club Bikros Favorit at Hněvkovského street in the Brno-Komárov district. The aim of this work is to create an architectural and urbanistic concept whose function will be of great benefit to the users of the area and the racetrack and to the general public. It is a three-story building with flat roofs. The terrace, which allows access to the starting hill, is covered and walked all over the area. Access to this terrace is also possible outside the ramp, which borders a starting hill from one side. It is created by leaning against the northern wall in a certain part of the building. The building then becomes a part of the racetrack. The whole structure is designed from simple shapes in the form of a block. The flat terrain did not complicate the laying of the building on the land. On the south - west corner there is a café for perfect view and connection to the cycle path. The proposed pre-space responds to the local road and cycle path along the Svratka river. Entrance 1st ground floor can be divided into two parts. The larger are the club spaces, accessible from the east side. From the long central corridor, we have access to bicycle storage, bicycle service, cleaning rooms, women's and girl's cloakroom and sanitary facilities, and four identical dressing rooms and hygiene for men and boys. At the end of the corridor we find stairs. The second part includes a café - coffee & snack bar, accessible from the south. The main area is adjacent to the toilet for visitors (men, women, immobile), a cleaning room and a smaller warehouse. There is also an area of staff and supply - cloakroom and hygiene, garbage storage, food and beverage storage and preparation that is connected to the bar. Individually accessible from the outside are the infirmary and the technical room. 2nd floor offers a club for leisure or social events and meetings. There are also a small kitchen and the coach’s office.
Center winery Nemcicky
Ondrová, Klára ; Velička, Jaroslav (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of Centre of Winery for the Modré Hory area. The proposed building should respect the surrounding environment, and attract tourists in the same time, by architectural form, urban planning and design. The plot for construction is located near the village Němčičky u Hustopečí on the hilltop of Nové hory. Currently, vineyards are being restored, which almost completely cover the whole area. The object of the wine center includes a canteen for tourists, a tasting room, a cellar for storage of bottles and technical and hygienic facilities. Production component is it's own electric energy cumulator. Using a renewable wind source. Part of the proposal should be the overview tower, making the site more attractive. The object does not process grapevine, it only archives bottles and works as a showroom and stop at a wine-growing cycle path. It has a simple rectangular ground plan with a sloping roof to cover the entry part and to shield the large glazing. On the ground floor there is a café with a background, a tasting room, hygienic facilities, a brick cellar and technical rooms in the basement. The facade of the building is covered with Siberian larch wood. A viewing tower is located at the west side of the building, almost at the top of the hill. The tower has a cylindrical shape and measures almost 14.5 m. It is also clad with wood of the same type. The production of electricity is provided here by 9 vertical wind turbines located along the northern boundary of the building on the artificial wall.
Newly-Built Apartment Building in Holíč
Smolinský, Patrik ; Soudek, Pavel (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The content of this bachelor thesis is the design of a new apartment in Holic. The building has 3 above – ground floors and a partial basement. In 1st floor are two apartments designed as a berrier – free, in the 2nd floor are two apartments and in the 3rd floor is one apartment. The vertical supporting structures are designed from clay masonry, in the basement of the concrete formwork. The building will be covered by flat roof. The design documentation has been prepared according to valid legal and technical regulations.
Newly-Built Terraced Apartment Building in Velké Meziříčí
Pokorný, Patrik ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis elaborates the project documentation for the construction of building. Project of apartment building with huge tarrase in each apartment units. Building is located on the outskirts of Velke Mezirici in the area of new resident developement with view on the whole town. Terraces on the south side are connected to living room, kitchen or bedroom. Private zone is located on the north side of building. This project emphasizes on roominess of the most frequented habitable rooms which is living room with kitchenette. Architectural design of building in cube shape with the sequence of terraces creates the appearance of a giant staircase. On the north side is located porch which is recessing into the building.

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