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Image Viewing and Manipulation Tool
Hauzar, David ; Štanclová, Jana (referee) ; Kalibera, Tomáš (advisor)
Image processing comprises many useful techniques for fixing and correcting of digital photographs, such as noise filtering, sharpening of images, color balancing, and many others. The aim of the work is to design and implement a portable tool that would allow easy integration of existing implementations of such techniques, providing its users with a unified and easy to use interface. The tool offers basic functions for image browsing, viewing, and processing. The advanced functions include image bending - manual combining of photographs of the same object taken with different exposures into a single photograph with higher dynamic range. The tool makes it possible to apply some of the operations to a group of images. These operations are image rotation, image rescaling, and median filtering. The extension mechanism of the tool includes support for adding new image processing operations, applying operations to a group of images, extending the range of supported image formats, modifying and extending user interface of the program.
Locating Performance Changes in Source Code
Olšák, Libor ; Adámek, Jiří (referee) ; Kalibera, Tomáš (advisor)
In regression benchmarking, it is often complicated to locate the source code modification which caused a performance change detected by a particular benchmark. Manually examining all modifications and resolving if some specific modification has caused the performance change in large projects can be timeconsuming. The thesis analyses possible methods for making that examination faster; focusing in more detail on two of them. The first is to have software that can understand the source language and can resolve which modification can potentially cause performance changes. For example, modifications in comments can not affect performance. The second is selecting source changes that were executed during the test. As a proof of concept, the methods are implemented in Mono Regression Benchmarking Suite. In this master thesis, more solutions how to increase time efficiency of the search are discussed and the two noticed above are implemented.
Framework for the automated and semi-automated testing of software components
Foltýnek, Tomáš ; Kalibera, Tomáš (referee) ; Majerech, Vladan (advisor)
This work is a research on Test-Driven Development (TDD), the existing literature about TDD and techniques used for implementing TDD with particular focus on the system NUnit ( The primary goal was to design and implement system suitable for testing software modules, which would be backward compatible with NUnit 2.2. The designed system should implement support for testing modules that run in parallel environment, performance testing and detailed analysis of errors in modules. The work includes a console application that allows running selected tests in automated fashion. Test results as an output of this application are stored in the XML format suitable for further processing. The work also includes a GUI application that gives users interactive access to tests. This application offers a list of available tests, lets users to run selected individual tests or their groups and presents results of running tests in the graphical form. The work should include the user guide, technical specification of the designed system and the source code of all implemented modules in the language C#.
Performance Testing Tool for Web Applications
Wartiak, Rastislav ; Děcký, Martin (referee) ; Kalibera, Tomáš (advisor)
When developing web applications, meeting performance requirements is vital to customer acceptance of the applications. Therefore, performance testing is an important part of their development. This thesis focuses on the implementation of a performance testing tool that would cover the functionality needed to test web applications, would be comparable with commercially available tools, would have the ability to generate load defined by scripts, and would offer functionality that is not widely offered by such tools, such as automatic request headers generation or variable script branching. The desired functionality was derived from the analysis of selected web applications, and the implemented tool is capable of simulating users interacting with these applications. This was proved by the creation of series of tests on Slovak Cadastral Portal and RUBiS benchmark site, whose results are included in the thesis.
Tuning Virtual Memory for Performance
Hocko, Michal ; Kalibera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Yaghob, Jakub (referee)
Most of the current operating systems implement virtual memory management and provide only a virtual layer for the user land. It is known that the performance of some applications (especially memory intensive) is influenced by the current use of physical addresses specified by virtual memory mapping performed by the operating system and is not fully deterministic. The problem results in both sub-optimal and non-deterministic performance. This thesis focuses on the user space approach to virtual memory tuning for an application with special requirements. The Linux kernel was modified to provide a simple interface for the user space, which enables a process specific physical memory layout manipulation on strategies implemented as kernel modules. We have implemented CPU cache sensitive strategies and shown that this can improve both the optimality and determinism of performance for some applications.
Visualization of trajectories of cars estimated using mobile phones signal levels
Danihelka, Jiří ; Bureš, Tomáš (referee) ; Kalibera, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis covers the issue of location and trajectory displaying of a car or another object which were determined only on the basis of cell phone signal levels. Localization algorithms, information about the transmitter's positions and a signal propagation model are used to determine the location. A part of the thesis is the Guesstor Client program that displays the results of localization algorithms in a well arranged graphic form, makes it possible to compare the accuracy of different localization methods and allows us to follow the trajectory of automobiles in real time. The Guesstor Client program connects via a remote method invocation protocol the program Guesstor Server which contains the location algorithms and manages the measurements database.
Network Repository for Performance Evaluation Results
Ondroušek, Pavel ; Kalibera, Tomáš (referee) ; Tůma, Petr (advisor)
For performance evaluation of software systems, benchmarking is used. Benchmarking generates a large amount of output data, which is necessary to store, process and evaluate it. Network Repository serves as a repository of benchmark results. The goal of the master thesis is to design and implement the data storage with a support of various result types with the possibility of the format configuration. Stored results can be processed, evaluated, or used as a source for plotting. As part of the master thesis, the design and implementation of a general framework for benchmark storage and evaluation is developed and a sample configuration for the selected benchmark result data format is established.
Chemical laboratory
Kreibichová, Lenka ; Kalibera, Tomáš (referee) ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor)
The subject of this work is to implement the simulation of chemistry laboratory. The result is speciffied for user, who would like to test, how it works in a chemistry laboratory without entering the real room. In the virtual laboratory you can use test tubes and řasks of various shape, insert chemical matters, warm and old them, mix the contents of the flasks and watch the reactions. The important merit is the ability to set the series of instructions, that interactive help user to go through the chemical experiment.

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